: You know they are just skins. So they are not forced to have a direct relation to the lore, even Harrowing skins. **Ravenborn Leblanc** is the best example for this and I keep bringing her up. She has 0 relations to Shadow Isles (atleast visually), but she is still representing a more dark and mysterious fantasy of LeBlanc. It wasnt a Rioter but I read a comment a few days ago, saying that the Kat skin could possibly represent something like a Banshee? Which is imo quite the nice idea. I mean spirits and other otherwordly beings can take more human forms (*cough* Evelynn). And to get back to the RB LB example : Harrowing skins dont automatically mean undead, pale zombie-spirit-something-thingy. I mean look at Officer Vi (spooooooooooooooooooky) If its the inconsistency of the "skin theme" : Well, do **Underworld Twisted Fate** and **Underworld Wukong** look alike? :)
Why are you mocking me? Ah, well, sorry, I drew too many examples. No, Harrowing skins don't automatically mean that-- they tackle different themes each year. I just find it deviates too far from the Deathsworn skins being released alongside it. I felt an unfair exception was being made for Katarina to show off some skin, and it made me think of that comic. If I phrased my post this way to begin with, it would've been a bit more clear and not sound so hostile.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Death Sworn Katarina!
What bothers me is that her skin doesn't match up with the likes of Kalista, Deathsworn Zed, Underworld Wukong, etc. She's just pale. Also, unlike the Soulstealer and other Deathsworn skins, she has very little maroon cloth. Most have some drapes or trousers of that color, but she has very little. Shadow Isles skins are my favorite! I just hope this one can be a bit more consistent. https://i.imgur.com/KWy6Bsg.png


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