: He's melee. You aren't. He's not supposed to be able to stack 4 ferocity and have that much hp. I played rengar ADC in season 3 with like an 80% winrate because people would play against me like this. You have to be agro and shove the wave, or be passive and freeze on turret. Either way, he can't take advantage of his bush range, and he gets no farm. Lane's won. lmfao. {{champion:107}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Whoops, sorry I took the time to leash my jungler instead of just being in lane. My bad.
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: Beekeeper Singed Delay
Thank god. I just went against that singed skin and every time he got close, it would completely destroy my frames. I appreciate not putting it to live like this.
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: Hmm I'll check with BelugaWhale to see if the mana drain portion is intended or just an oversight, the reduced damage on W is intended though.
I would like to note that this is super important to me, because Muramana is one of the only 2 items that gives on-hit damage while not giving attack speed. (the other one being zeke's) Buying an on-hit item for Urgot that doesn't waste the attack speed feels really nice, as long as my mana doesn't literally vanish. <3


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