: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
I don't think anyone's addressed the issue of Titanic Hydra having the same name as the OTHER item with Hydra in its name. Maybe it's just a thing to get used to (like saying "rush Shurelya's" instead of "rush Talisman") but it just bothers me. As for the interactions: does Sterak's Gage work on (dead) Sion? Does the proc carry over to his dead form if he dies instantly? If you somehow manage to time the proc after his death will it proc due to Sion taking damage while dying with his passive? Also: Titanic Hydra's Cleave/Crescent is a cone as opposed to a circle, any specific reason why? Does the cone lifesteal and not apply on hit effects like Ravenous Hydra's Cleave/Crescent? Finally: Do we have any recommended item lists being changed as a result of the addition of these items? I'd assume some of them would be core on some junglers (and the "juggernauts" being updated as well) but it's a bit annoying having a new item and then forgetting about it because it's not on any recommended list (looking at you, Zeke's Harbinger.)


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