: Tahm breaks Gnar
hi, I just want to add the fact that gnar has only a little frame were he can ult while being mini as you make it sound like it unlock his ult forever. also, I don't see any other ultimate locked champions but yas and I don't think it could unlock it as with Gnar's ult because yas would have no target that are airborn to ult to ( unless it makes him able to ult the whole team wich would be really wierd) but I didn't test it.
: Possible Galio Shield Bug?
Even If galio's w (Bulwark) is called a shield, it only gives bonus m res and armor to the target while healing galio. It doesn't give any shield like janna's or karma's and that's why you don't see any white bar. That being said, I agree with you on the fact that it can hard to understand if you're new to the champion or to the game and the description could be something like ''Galio put a protective aura on an allied champion or himself for 4 seconds...'' I wish I helped you and have a nice day !
: Bug Animation Walking Garen
Hello! sorry, I understand that english may not be your main language( it's not mine at least), but i'm not sure to understand what you mean. Are you tring to say that when you move garen he don't seems to have any animation but his model moving ? if yes, I know things like that happen randomly from time to time for pretty much every one with every champions ( i'm not sure if it client sided or server sided tho because sometimes everyone can see it ( remember ascention rengar guys ?)) have a good day {{champion:55}}
: Fiddlesticks Ult in Base [Doom Bots]
well I suppose it shouldn't happens because if you read the tooltip it says that it spawn only where you have no vision( at least I think but I may be wrong )
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: Tristana E (possible bug)
NA too that's why i'm not sure if it is a bug or not
: Rengar Q give att speed
It would be wierd if this is not a bug as riot changed his Q to kill his backdoor potential ( riot dont like back door strat and everyone know it )
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: [Vel'koz - Vladimir - Aatrox] BUGS.
To me, the wierd thing with Aatrox there is not that he revived with a 8 second on his passive but more that you killed him when he was invulnerable. (also, get rid of the R in CDR as it's Cooldown. Not Cooldown reduction ;) )
: [Akali] Missing pixels on Shadow Dance buff icon
Yeah I know I wanted to post it some times ago but I always forget it. thanks posting it .Also the bug is still there on the live clien ( just to say )
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