: We're not removing legacy content
I'm not completely sure, but it seems I'm missing a legacy Ezreal skin and have Black Alistar in my account.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Jhin!
Haven't had a chance to try him out yet, but you may want to fix that title {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}}
: Where is the new tower on TT going to be? Just near the middle?
Hi Moobeat! I'm guessing they're gonna be close to the mid jungle entrances bot lane. Not sure how it's gonna work out for top though..
: Cross Map Consistency Pass
This looks REALLY fun!
: 'Hexakill: Twisted Treeline' (with BANS!) featured game mode now live on the PBE!
Hi. I would love to try it if the timer for the PBE login didn't count backwards... (I like the new ban change)
: I was playing elderwood bard in a custom game, and was fighting a malpite. i hit him with a couple meeps and he started to run. he then paused, i tried to finish him with autos and he just disappeared, he didnt flash (had no flash) and he didn't recall, but he showd up a minute or so later in lane at full health as if he had just recalled in 2 seconds while taking damage. I also flashed to him to get in range for the autos.
This was most probably lag
: Some "Bugs" I have found yet: - No joke/taunt/laugh sounds + no sounds on critical hit - targetable during magical journey + sheen doesnt proc during magical journey(sheen and gauntlet tested) - Bots can't use the maagical journey portal (they try to do but they just stand in front of it, doing nothing) - no description in champ overview and abilities page - the visual thingy of magical journey is sometimes wrong placed - no splash art for elderwood bard (not sure if bug or not, i am new on PBE) That's it! PS: Using Windows 10 if that matters!
Sounds should be added in the next few patches as they always are Descriptions are typically added at the end of the cycle (Around 2 weeks from now) Splash arts typically come late in the cycle as well Rest seem like bugs! :3
: 975RP price is perfectly acceptable! Look at the feedback, everyone wants pink particles. :/ And just changing the color seems like an easy thing to do.
: Won't buy. 10 min more work to give her pink particles.
How do you know it would take 10 mins?
: Ok, Riot KateyKhaos I have to ask this... I understand why Riot feels the need to release a decent number of cheaper skins (750RP) per year. I get it. But in a situation like this - where everyone feels she should have pink particles - you're purposely decreasing the overall quality of the skin JUST SO YOU CAN SAY "See, we released some cheaper skins this year! There's something for everyone" and it just seems silly to us. There'll be enough SKT/TPA no-particle skins... Does anyone honestly believe people will be happier with the fact it costs 225 RP less then they would with cool pink particles? ESPECIALLY since {{champion:1}} Annie is an old chapion and so many of Annies skins use the default particles. PLEASE LOOK AT ALL THE FEEDBACK from everyone. Players are unanimous on this. We're not even asking for NEW particles just a simple color shift to pink. Please talk to your team about this. Make them see reason.
4 of annies skins don't have particle changes, the other 3 do.
: It's a great looking skin, especially the care bear Tibbers. All kinds of adorable! I think it would be well worth the price increase if you gave her particles a bit of an update (most of Annie's skins already use base particles - kinda boring) - you could do a lightish sort of pink (think a not dark looking version of goth Annie's particles) maybe with some little pink hearts that shoot out with or trail the fire. The skin is good as it is with her base particles but a particle update would make it fantastic. Just my feedback on it!
I think everyone would agree that particles would make this skin so much better, but Frostfire, Goth, and Panda Annie all have particle changes. Prom Queen, Red Riding Annie, Frankenstein Annie, and Reverse Annie are skins that do not. It's still technically most, but by one skin.
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: The combination delay is what will not work for him. Lets say you Q, then you have to walk close for the AA proc, then if the enemy is getting close you use the W. in theory it sounds great. Except that the time to walk up, proc, then wait for the w stun is probably enough to get you shredded. And the shield is pathetic. It'll protect for like a single auto...which mages don't really care about much. I hate the focus going away from E. it is/was such a neat skill. you have to carefully time and aim it, but when it did hit, it was awesome. so crap right now. Now its just Q+aa. I've been trying him against bots to get a feel of him and he feels boring.
The thing is that his E is particularly to strong on Live, since it does long range high AOE damage. They needed to cut some power to add it onto his passive, allowing him a larger power budget late game, where he lacked it. The Q on live is particularly the same , but don't be surprised if the shield values are increased. Remember that power should not be placed all on one ability, it makes the champion very binary.
: I would really really love cassiopeia's q to no longer be auto-smart casted. I know I'm not alone in hating smart casted abilities, please change it. There are options to change keybindings to smartcast everything very easily, no need to have anything smart casted as a default.
I don't know if you really want to do that. I know some people think it would be better to have it not be auto smart-casted, but I'm pretty sure you'll change it back when you try it. I guess I can't really speak for you, and I guess the option would be ok, but I feel the option won't be used.
: Well I just played a couple games as the reworked Cassio and got a few comments to share. First of all I have a huge sentiment for her as it was a first 6300 (back then) champion I ever bought. Noxious Blast- nerf is very significant, Cassio used to be able to chase opponents at early levels with the speed boost she gained, now it needs to be maxed first for the chasing to be effective while it is not efficient enough to max it first cause you will lack damage then. Also speed nerf makes her more vulnerable to ganks as the only hard CC Cassio has is her ultimate. Miasma- I like the slow but did it really need to get a lower AP ratio? Especially that Q has been nerfed aswell Twin Fang- Damage increase is too big IMO, it should be more balanced between Q and E and now it feels like Twin Fang is the only source of damage, the passive healing and mana restore is nice but still id prefer the old one. Petryfying Gaze- also significantly lower damage now, especially at higher lvls. Although new Cassiopeia seems to be a monster lategame she's struggling to get there and now will have one of the worst earlygames of all mages, late might seem promising but she lost a lot of her teamfight potential as all of her aoe skills has been nerfed and a single target one got boosted. For me this isn't much of a neccesary changes, there are way too many champions that need rework much more than Cassiopeia. Personally, I say NO.
The problem with the PBE is that a variety of skilled players are all mixed up in Q's, causing extremely snowbally games. If you do the math, Cass actually does more AOE damage then before... late game. Yes, its an early game nerf. I feel they made the passive power hard to access, but when fully stacked, provides everything the old kit had but more. I feel its too difficult to get too and it provided TOO much power, so i feel it should be balanced to a slight increase in early game potential while nerfing late game passive power.
: That passive feels unwieldy as all hell. It seems like a bonetooth necklace, but as a passive instead of a trinket? It also seems really arbitrary. At least it's not another double passive like Yasuo or whatever the hell Azir has. I don't have any real problems about the rest of the build apart from maybe the reduction in damage from her Q. I really enjoyed using well placed Q's to screw over the enemy, as opposed to 'E-E-E-E-E-E I'm skilled!' So having it focused on spamming one spell on the keyboard is kinda annoying. Also, are you going to do something about Cass scripters? It makes me really annoyed that they exist.
Her Q is still very much important to the Kit. Trust me, you still need to land it, or you won't be spamming E. You can argue that the poison on the Miasma is good enough to spam E (Which it is, just like on live) but you need the movespeed buff from Q, especially with this mobility creep. I'm guessing you haven't played her on the PBE yet? It's some early bully lost, but an increase in damage on ALL OF HER ABILITIES late game, even the Q.
: > I can definitely see how it reads like that, but I encourage you to reserve judgement until you can play around with the usability changes to her E-- It's my feeling that they make a bigggg difference in her damage potential. > > But, I hear you. We may have over-nerfed the numbers here. I'd like to highlight that these changes are an early pass, and are likely to be tweaked as this proceeds. As she spends more time on the PBE, we'll learn much about the impact of these number changes and act accordingly. > > Thanks for your response! maybe with the AP she gets from her passive,the damage is still good,but i have to check you have nerfed the damage because of her utilities?? i think 30%CDR is not necessary because with current itemizazion it won't fit any build. i did some calculations with this build {{item:3111}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3026}} having 615AP on live and 800AP on PBE Considering combo R+Q-3xE her damage late game is almost the same (3132 Live and 3145 PBE) but this is on single target. Even late she's doing less AoE damage Early game she lost damage,CD (until you arrive at 150 stacks) and also speed on Q If you want to nerf early damage is ok but slow and speed must be better at early levels too and ultimate damage must be buffed late
The thing is the numbers are implying her AOE abilities hits the entire enemy team. The damage loss ACTUALLY FELT is significantly reduced by the fact that realistically, she won't be hitting everyone will all her abilities. If she manages to hit a 5 person ult with a 5 person miasma, I guess it may be felt. You need to remember that her power budget has been moved across her passive and the mana return on her Twin Fang. Also, a lot of the damage loss is returned when she reaches the passive cap. It's a huge AP multiplier. She pretty much gets increased utility on top of increased damage she doesn't have as free of access as she currently does on live, allowing them to invest more power into the kit.
: Oh, I like this. I've attached a screen shots for curious parties
Even helpful on the forums, good ol' Moo :3
: I have a few questions. It says victorious ward, is this the same victorious ward given to us last season and if so will we retain our victorious ward from the previous season if we don't participate in any teams? And if yes to that can we get the triumphant/conquering ward along with our already owned victorious ward?
Well, first of all, it would be the 2014 Victorious Ward. If it happens to be same we currently own, they cannot be taken away from us. The other wards will be given as well as the Victorious ward. EDIT: Turns out currently, the other wards are just evolutions of the lower tier ward. So, that means, they'll probably be Gold, Plat, Then Diamond Colored/Styled. You only get one of them though.
: SKT T1 Zed Death Mark
seems like a good idea and a simple task. Hope they do it!
: What technical challenges are there to doing this? Will bot AIs continue to function properly even in the stranger scenarios that can arise in custom games, like (throwing numbers out here) 2v4?
I was thinking the same thing. Reading their original thoughts on Intermediate Custom Bots, I was under the impression it was a long way off. These seem like fairly early tests and are most likely not being released any time soon. I love the idea of it. All we need now are hard bots :3. Back to your question, I believe they won't be as fluent as the Co-Op vs. AI, but they should seem pretty responsive, just more mechanically sound. They probably have similar coding to the Beginner bots.
: > Syndra's Atlantean skin sounds aren't working completely. I can here her voice and some original sounds, but her watery sounds and basic attacks dont have noise. > > EDIT: BTW the regular threads for live aren't working for me, may want to get someone form that department to look up on that and see if its everyone or just some people Thanks for the feedback Carsyomarker! I'll take a look into Atlantean Syndra, and also pass the word along about the regular threads.
Thanks for replying <3. I've noticed the sounds have been inconsistent throughout games. On one dominion game, I couldn't hear the announcer, but the music and spells were so loud. I do admit, this new engine is a great improvement. EVERYTHING SOUNDS SO BEAUTIFUL, thanks for all your work!
: New Audio Engine Activated On PBE - Round 2!
Syndra's Atlantean skin sounds aren't working completely. I can here her voice and some original sounds, but her watery sounds and basic attacks dont have noise. EDIT: BTW the regular threads for live aren't working for me, may want to get someone form that department to look up on that and see if its everyone or just some people
: New Lich Bane and Sona
I've seen AND have insta-nuked people with Sonas Q, Passive, Lich Bane combo. It does A LOT of damage, but the damage nerfs on the pbe wont completely ruin it, Remember, its testing, if it works out, itll reach live. If sona suddenly becomes unviable, then they'll either buff her or rever the changes and look for a new solution. either way, its getting nerfed.
: Thoughts on new Kassadin (Today's update and some numbers)
Seems they wanted to shift him from "INSTA-NUKER" to more of a tankier DPS small bursts mage (kinda like Ryze, cept more mobile) and emphasize his anti-ap mage niche while removing some of the frustrating gameplay (aka silence) they pretty much put a cap on how many times he can riftwalk but making it cost a whooping 1200 manna after 3 casts. I see they tried to make him chain his 3 second cooldown Nether Blade with his 3 sec cooldown ult to chain ult while restoring enough mana for the next one. Riot will have to make him tankier to make this DPS style work. RIght now, it pretty much feels like he deals half the damage on live, so instead of instanuking an ADC, he brings them to half health, waits 3 seconds for a counterplay, then kills the adc. I guess its healthier, but meh, the new rengar treatment....
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: Possible Ashe's balance - [I would test it!]
I like the E changes, but I don't think she is that weak. She's a difficult champ to balance, so we need to be careful on what we change.
: Xelnath closed Xerath feedback thread?
maybe making the projectile animation bigger and give him a powerful cast animation would fix the theme problem. the stun does feel weird there though. Maybe making it somewhat like his old stun by giving it a pop-able "mark" upon hit would make it feel better for comboing, as you have his new W to land it too, although landing it with the q would be more fulfilling as you don't lose the slow effect from W. that would give Xerath players better reward feelings when playing him. as for is q, the charge up Movement speed reduction could be lowered a bit, but not so much, as it would be too strong of a skill. I'm wondering if he had to stand still to charge it up, but could charge it up faster, if it would feel better.
: His top lane viability went from bad to nonexistent, which is sad for me since that is where I usually took my skarner, but he seems to do better in the jungle than before. The attack speed on his Q helps him clear camps faster and the ranged slow assists in his pre 6 ganks. He seems to have a big problem with mana and survivability early game though. He is easily counter-jungled and shut down early on. However, after several such games I noticed that he still manages to pull back into mid and late game, even after being extremely behind. I ran 4-21-5 masteries, with runes containing attack speed, armour, cooldown, 4% lifesteal and 1.5% movement speed. My build consisted of Spirit of the Ancient Golem, Boots of Mobility, Tear of the Goddess (usually didn't complete the Archangels), Hextech Revolver, and plans for Spirit Visage and Sunfire. Edit: I forgot to mention the loss of his heal. That is the major reason that he was able to compete in top before. I would run AP attack speed and that sustain was the only thing that kept me in lane, and in fights later in the game.
Yes, but really, no one appreciated the heal, as it wasn't as useful as any other champions abilities. Thats why no one really played skarner, because he didn't offer as much as other champs. I did like top lane skarner, but lets face it, he wasn't that good in the first place. His aoe slow should be longer on pbe though
: I feel that Scarner runs out of mana to quickly late game, and i find myself having to back out of fight while having almost full hp because im out of mana and cant do anything. I also am unable To hear any of his voicelines, I dont know if this is the audio upgrade or the rework.
I have the same mana issues too. I think better mana scaling and increased late game mana regen would make that better, although he always kinda had that issue. Thats why Iceborn gauntlet and frozen heart were popular item choices on him.
: I dont normaly post anything on forums, but I have to say a few things. Can we agree that skarner is underpowered? Definately yes because : no competative picks, sub 50% winrate, one of the lowest pick rates in the game. Out classed by other junglers(vi, lee....) No gap closer in "league of mobility", high mana costs, an useless "e" skill, and i think that he is a bit underarmored for a tank. The way i see this rework : Passive : stays the same; Q: a straight up nerf, because i get more reliable attack speed buff that i can't use (because i cant stick to my targets). Good for clearing jungle tho. w: stronger shield and movespeed, not too bad, a small buff; e: still dont get why this skill has a 14(!!!) second cooldown. I mean really, why? Just look at the cooldown on olaf's axes or mundo's cleavers - theyre spammable. If you miss one, you wait a few seconds and hit the next one, no problem. But you miss skarner e, you might as well go back into the jungle. AND the particle moves a lot slowe rhan mundo's or olaf's skillshots. AND does next to no damage. AND costs a lot of mana still. The only way i could see logic in having this skill on 14 second cooldown is if it would be more powerful as a skill in general (for exhample volibears w has about the same cooldown, but its way more powerful as a skill in general). I remeber reading red posts where Scruffy stated that he wanted to change the permaslow into a slow that doesnt have a 100% uptime so you have a chance to escape. Thats fine by me i guess, but the new e not only does not even have 50% or 30% uptime. Its horrible, the slow is weak, does next to no damage AND has 14 second cooldowm, even considering the passive thats just too much. Any pottential to sticking to a target has been killed, especially in the "league of mobility era" R: still awesome like always. Can still be a little hard to get in range without getting peeled off tho. And on top of all that, Base Attack speed lowered by 1%. And all this nerfing is done to an ALREADY underpowered champion that has been forced out of the meta. Im really disappointed riot. This is coming from a skarner main. Please, scrap this rework and listen to our ideas next time. Just look at the skarner post in NA gd. Very few people are happy with this rework. If you want more people playing skarner this is not the way to do so.
I agree with you on some points. I think the balance team was afraid of making the slow cooldown lower due to the spam-ability it would have (although it is a skill shot now, so it may not be that bad to have it be a bit spammable) It does feel really weak, and should be addressed properly. I don't think that just because you don't like the new E, they should scrap the rework. If its weak, lets find a mechanically sound way of fixing it. And what do you guys want, a complete rework or more of a kit touch-up? It's extremely hard to please you people because of how bipolar and spoiled you sound. Some of the GD ides were mechanically broken (yes, ive read them) and would cause more issues then they would solve. I did see some nice kits though, I admit Riot should take a peek at them, maybe they'll get some ideas. Base attack speed lowered by 1%? is that why you wanna scrap the rework? I feel that yes, he has trouble sticking to his target, yes, the E is useless, but can we get a less radical idea then to scrap it? His Q in itself is a powerful ability, but its power is being masked by the fact that he cant get close enough to use it. The current rework still seems stronger then current Skarner, mostly cause the E is now somewhat useful, but I feel all his power is being sucked up because of his passive. Any balancing has to be done according to his passive, which kinda makes him hard to balance. If they had a different passive, they could lower a lot of his ability cooldowns and make them stronger. If they keep the passive, they need to fix the slow. I feel hes in an ok spot on the PBE and that his rework isn't anywhere near a failure.
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