: Make every Skin purchasable with Blue Essences
" PBE is less fun that way, I would love to be able to try out new Skins I might buy in the original Server" You CAN buy the new skins with 1 BE on the pbe? If you're talking about the oddessy skins, those skins were a surprise for the live servers. You can also send a ticket to them about RP and they will grant you it, but it's only a one time use so you cant ask for more. For them to make it 1BE for each and EVERY skin on PBE, it's easier said then done. The idea for making every skin 1BE seems like an easy idea to think of, and they would've done it if it was SO easy. "I and other people get no RP" You can say new pbe players.
: Give us ARAM back
Whats wrong with the live server aram?
: The PBE is a testing ground to make sure stuff works as intended and doesn't crash. It is NOT a playground for children to get free skins. Please read the FAQs before coming here to beg.
"It is NOT a playground for children to get free skins." Calm down buddy, he/she just asking a question. We already know PBE is a testing ground so don't need to get all dramatic. You're just speaking the obvious here.
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: Maitenance when canceling a match found
: Useful information for new PBE players
I sent a ticket about the RP, but they never gave me the 24k RP.
: Option to refund when there is no refunds remaining
I think it really sucks that RIot wouldn't let us refund any of the champions with the RP not working. It would mean new players have to constantly grind their way through to get essence from scratch once we purchase and that's really irritating to do compared to the old players. They should've at least considered the opportunity of making us refund our essence when we want to, unless it complicates the system. I don't know about reporting a ticket towards them because people been saying they get free essence and rp (one time only) but I've done that multiple times and I still have not gotten it when I joined so I gave up.
: Close PBE signups please
True about the amount of toxic players in PBE, but also tilted players who are the same as them imo. Since it is PBE usually my afks are based on the PBE client bug out, not because they just wanted to leave from what I see. On the other hand they should really take the reports SERIOUSLY, not "more seriously" because they were never serious about them in the first place. Though since it is "just pbe" they would rather concentrate on testing the bug reports out rather than the players.
: Bug with Irelia chromas
Do you mean you have the classic skin instead of the chroma?
: I honestly don't know anymore if people in PBE play for RP or to test stuff out... everyday that we don't get the daily RP I find people complain about it, its not like we are here to have free stuff... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} btw i'm fine without the daily RP since I got all the skins {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Says "its not like we are here to have free stuff" = because you have literally all skins {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Obviously you wouldn't complain because you old PBE players have everything to experience and no troubles whatsoever. Just let the new PBE players complain.
: 1 month with no rp
I heard that Riot hasn't fix the RP grant bug in 9-10 months {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Until you people fix the RP grant bug.... like 9 months later... can you do this?
Idk the process of how the RP grant is bugging for so long, but giving out the skins and new reworks after so many months.; they should at least give us an update on the rp grants {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Blitzcrank Q Hitbox & Illaoi E Shitbox montage
The music makes the video. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}


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