: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition!
I dont understand why didn't you make normal lux skin pink, and the prestige version fully yellow. I think the skin would use a little bit more pink in the particles, q for example has barely any difference :P
: So, he's gonna have an ultimate AND a legendary. Thought one excluded the other. That's a first. But ofc, he's Ez...
Ezreals Ultimate is barely ultimate. Its so old its worse than legendaries. Besides hes popular and most other adc's already have a Legendary skin so its about time he got one too, especially for how popular he is.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Ezreal!
IMO (!) His fully stacked passive Hair are pretty bad. Tehy pop uot too much :( Makes me put all my attention on them. Mby if they were a little shorter/smaller? Its just the color difference, the hair are standing out so much. But yea it only my opinion :T Love everythign else tho
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Lux
Hi, a Lux main here, a semi-whale (mby full idk) as well and id like to say only few things ab this skin. First of all, i Love it. Never thought id actaully need a student Lux skin but it fits her prefectly. Much love for this skin. I only hope her Q particle twitching is a bug it looks very weird makes me little sick. Overall particles match the Lunar Revel one (cuz its also fully yellow). Makes me a little sad but the ult saves it entirely. Amazing skin. But i do gotta say, kinda weird that lux and ez and in both htis and star guardian. Dont take me as another one of this "boo-hoo another lux skin taliah no skin yet at all) but i do belive id be niceer to have more diverse set of characters for this. But well as long as we still get a Taliah and Velkoz skinthis year i think its all gonna calm down :') Alos love aht u did to prestige version, thank you for not just recoloring it <3
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pajama Guardians!
I have a smol question tho. Are these "variants" gonna count as acutall skins for champion interms on release? Like lets say Lux gets a "yearly" skin, aka she basically gets one skin per year since shes popular. Do variants count as those skins or are they like u explained esports skin and they wont get in the way of new skins releases? Im askin cuz i rly want new lux skin and idk if i should get my hopes up or down :3c (love all the recent skins btw yall are too good for us)
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
I honestly think 30% is little. Dont want to sound like a beggar or anything but well its a recuycled skin with new model. As a person who likes bying skins i still think its a little bit meh. Raise the discount to 45-50% and im in and mby more people. Again its just my opinion. But (ME SO IMO) i pay for amazing new particles and sound effect and dont pay that much attention to model. This things are great and i support it as its something new BUT i hope you will rething the disctount a little bit :( Please make it bigger its not that great and i want you to make this thing right. 50% or Riot LOL
: How much BE does it cost to upgrade Champion Mastery Levels under the new BE system?
Itll be multiplyed by the amount of 6.5 so while currently it takes 500 for lvl 6 itll take 3250(500x6.5)BE and lvl 7 3900(600x6.5)BE you should mby read the developer updates lul
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