: Legend of the Poro King changes in the works!
Does the King produce these effects each time he is fed Snax of a certain type? For example, can a team launch five waves of icy projectiles by all feeding him Frosted Snax?
: I don't have any feedback yet, I'll try it before I bash it. But can we ping the plants right now? I feel like part of the randomness that no one likes right now is that unlike drake, there is no real planning period for plants. 30 seconds is not enough time to discuss these sorts of things in a game where there's no voice chat. If we could ping while the plant at all phases (growing, alive, dead) that would help out with coordinating around plants easier.
Pinging plants is a great idea, actually. Should definitely be included.
: Can you remove the glowy motion effects from Jade Dragon Wukong?
I liked the old splash for both base {{champion:62}} and Jade Dragon Wukong. But I don't like a lot of the new, "glossy"/cartoon-ish splashes; I really liked Riot's old style and wish that the updates were for quality rather than style.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arclight Vel'Koz
Love, love, LOVE this skin. The voice, the motion, holy light effects - all 10/10. Some of my particular favorites: **W:** Looks way better than I thought it would in-game. **Eyeball:** In-game, I don't normally notice Vel'Koz's eye moving around. It looks pretty cool in this skin with the lens/ring. **Arm rings:** Randomly, the motion of the rings around Arclight Vel'Koz's light-arms (which don't fill the rings) looks cool. Bugs/dislikes: **Arms in bushes:** It's already been noted, but the skin's arms don't dim at all in bushes. **Ultimate:** In the base and Battlecast skins, you guys did an amazing job of capturing the "intensity" of the laz0r, but in this skin, the ult looks kinda...soft? Underwhelming? This has been mentioned by others, and I think the main culprit is the fact that **his arms are made of more concentrated, intense light than his ult** - which should not be the case. EDIT: Upon re-examining, I noticed that the head casing dims when Vel'Koz ults, as [here](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-vsEQaLFKCiM/VLWZtB21XvI/AAAAAAAAhX0/VhEWEx9BAG8/s1600/R1d.jpg), but the tentacles don't. This may be related to how they don't dim in bushes, though I don't know if dimming his tentacles if it will fix the overall issue.
: Azir is rather wordy, isn't he?
All of the newer/recently updated champions have many more VO lines, and say them more often (Jinx has 60+ to Amumu's 12ish). In most cases it's cool, but some are kinda annoying - especially with champions like Twitch, whose voices are audible to other players ("I'm gonna want that back!" gets old after the dozenth Twitch encounter).
: Sions E Shooting Minions/Jungle Monster through
Hasn't been a problem for me so far. Sounds hilarious, though.


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