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: Mac bug when is it solved????
crash since friday night , still crushing at now monday night and urf has been removed ...holly
: Sorry about the bad timing with the introduction of the mac stability issue! Definitely a critical bug that needs fixing, and we are already trying to get a fix in hand so we can get it out asap. Amy is right, since 9.19 won't be going out for another week, the urgency on the fix was lower because we aren't near the end of the patch cycle. So while it very clearly is a stability issue, I made the call to try and give the devs a restful weekend rather than calling them back in just after they had gone home to fix an issue without a clear and immediate solve.
been waiting for the fix for a whole weekend ( friday night to monday !! ) and the URF closed :)
: mac client keep crashing
11 hours passed and still crashing {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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