: You can get champ shards for IP now, so the barriers to getting blue dust are significantly lower. Most champ shards grant ~200 essence, so it'll really depend how skilled you are with the champs.
Open a crate that you can only get ONCE per season per champion (which also can only be dropped once and a while anyway) and get a champ shard I can pick up in the store now for IP instead. That doesn't sound like a particularly good idea. Who would buy crates with money when there's a good chance you'll get something you could've bought with what I assume will be a reasonably small amount of IP? I'm already mad I have a bunch of champ shards I paid money for when I have a ton of IP laying around due to owning all the champions.
: Hextech Annie, crafting and gemstones
What a terrible idea. RNG boxes are fine if you get something guaranteed out of them (Mystery Skins), but who in their right mind is going to fork over excessive amounts of cash just to get ONE skin for one specific champion? To get it otherwise will take a couple years of free play? The other comments here are right; this skin will just be a monument to anyone dumb enough to blow that much money. Disappointing since I love the skin, but screw the method of getting it.
: We need to move the spell away from a "must-pick" before we can really understand what kind of impact it has and that's the goal of this round of changes. Currently we're not seeing a drop in pick rate for squisher champions like MF. If that trend occurs, we'll definitely look into how to solve that problem.
Pick rate =/= how successful they are. I'd be more interested to see how well immobile champions have done since Mark/Dash was implemented. Unfortunately, it's hard to figure out what's reliable data since this is a random mode. Honestly, I wouldn't even care so much about this aspect if it weren't for how incredibly frustrating it is to be running from someone, dodging the snowball, only for it to hit the minion wave coming in and it doesn't matter. Like, when your only counterplay for a low-cooldown super flash is to dodge and HOPE it hits nothing else in the general area as you for a massive free gap closer on a narrow map, it's kind of not fun. How do I play around that? That also doesn't address the complaints about it revealing stealth on mark (sucks to be Akali especially), providing vision for scouting bushes, and having such a low skill cap allowing to jump to minions. Why should it do so much? Even at an increased 40 seconds, that's a little bit much. The cooldown and range change is nice and all. It will probably reduce the amount of people per team running it. However, the intended pool of champs using it get a lot more than what they should out of it.
: I wanted to hop in and share some overall thoughts about Mark/Dash as well. Our goal with Mark/Dash was to create a healthier environment for all champions on ARAM. Due to the nature of a one lane 5v5 map, some champions are naturally going to have stronger kits than others. We wanted to give champions with fewer strategic options viability in the game mode. We can already see the improvements the spell has made because we're seeing higher play rates of some traditionally unpopular champions and lower dodge rates on ARAM. The spell is a bit overwhelming now, so we're committed to balancing the spell. We want to move it away from a place where it's a must-have regardless of champion, while continuing to improve the viability of some our more unpopular champions. Please continue to give us your feedback and thoughts on the spell, we're reading all of it!
> Our goal with Mark/Dash was to create a healthier environment for all champions on ARAM. You've buffed a class of champions while punishing the same set that already gets shit on in Summoner's Rift due to mobility creep. Even at 40 seconds cooldown, if someone lands a snowball on you as Miss Fortune and they have any sort of CC, you're either going to have to burn Flash (which is on a much higher cooldown) or your fate is in your teammates' hands. The same goes for any immobile squishy. They don't even have to be ACCURATE with the spell. They can just hit something in the general vicinity as you, and there's not much you can do unless your champion has some sort of hard CC to counter it as they come in. This essentially made melees with CC almost as smothering as poke champs were. The difference being, though, is that the pokers fall off vs. tanks and tanks just get overwhelmingly tanky. It gets to the point where they can just mindlessly dash in and it doesn't matter because you're a squishy poker that can't run for shit while they have like 4000 health and 250 armor and MR coupled with some CC. If you really want to balance it, a good step to take is to take away the ability to jump to minions (but still have them be able to block it). Maybe also make it have a range limit to the follow up like the second part of Lee Sin's Q. Also, the fact that it gives vision as it travels and also reveals stealth? It does way too much. There's so many champs that it's just not fun to play against Mark/Dash with.
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: While I agree that it's important to avoid overwhelming new players, this mode is supposed to build off of the tutorials. Right now there is little danger of failure, which can lead to cementing in bad habits. The difficulty comes in asking experienced players to test a mode for beginners. Using your Portal example: After beating the game you have dealt with complex puzzles involving portal jumps, companion cubes, lasers, etc. so playing through it again the easy levels with seem obvious to you, but if you have a friend play through it for the first time, they may have trouble with puzzles you would think should be easy for them and breeze through a puzzle you may expect them to have troubles with. Going back to Cantras's comment, yes some ideas might be a bit too far, but aspects like warding and objectives are important and should be taught. Even just a little note about the trinket ward could be a nudge to get players warding more often and learning about map awareness. After all, practice makes permanent right?
I still don't think any of the ideas are too far. It's pushing them towards information already presented to them that they might outright misunderstand or not see. The defensive item is the only one I can see being MAYBE a stretch, but how hard would it be to make it so that, once the player reaches a certain total gold threshold for the game, the game takes note on what bots are in the game and is like "Oh hey, there's mostly AP-oriented bots" and it just suggests as a quest that the player build a Magic Resist item from their recommended defense items? "There's a lot of Magic Damage in this game! Purchase Magic Resistance from your Recommended Items!" Quest text: done lol Or a team-wide quest to kill dragon. That's great! It pushes teams towards working together to clear the quest. "Use your trinket!". Reminds people there's a trinket and to use it like you said. There's so many easy things they could have added to this mode to make it a true learn-by-doing experience and they just wasted it. =/
: Pretty sure they are keeping it simple intentionally to avoid overwhelming players with too much info at once (they talked about this in the [dev blog](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/building-better-onboarding-intro-bots)). Things like warding, advanced item builds, and last-hitting should come later. They are also making the game a bit more slow-paced and forgiving initially (with the bonus XP and bots not coming to lane until you've had a bit of time to adjust to controlling your champion to fight minions). It's good game design to not overwhelm the player with every feature the game has at the start, in order to avoid overwhelming you with everything at once. For example, in Portal, the final levels have complex solutions, involving portal jumps, companion cubes, lasers, and other assorted elements, but if those levels came at the beginning of the game, you would probably never beat them. Instead, they introduce the various game mechanics one step at a time. Just because Riot is releasing Intro Bots doesn't mean they won't be releasing stuff later to help players learn the advanced aspects of the game. And the existing Co-op vs AI mode will still exist, so once players have a handle on Intro Bots, they can essentially "advance to the next level" by playing Co-op vs AI.
I fail to see how anything I suggested is "overwhelming". It's super basic stuff being presented at a reasonable pace. The things you said? Last-hitting and warding? The first is a CORE mechanic to the game. The second is something to nudge players towards to encourage knowledgeable play early on. By all means, it should be a suggestion. I never once said anything about an "Advanced Item Build" either. It's not hard to have a quest say "Build something from your champion's recommended defensive items!". I also think you misinterpret this as being "all in one game". Tutorial quests arise as you play intro games and players will pass them. This is meant to be spread out over a few intro games. By all means, most new players should play something like this mode a few times. That's what the summoner icon incentive is for, too. 3-5 quests per game or something that nudge players towards specific mechanics and gameplay. It would, in fact, be bad design if I were suggesting assaulting the player with info. However, the problem with the current design is the opposite issue; there's just barely anything new covered in the little quests that wasn't already in the tutorial. It's also incredibly bad game design to encourage bad gameplay habits. Imagine if, in Portal, they gave you low gravity for the tutorials and a double jump then took it away. That's what giving people early level 2, increased gold, and bots that just stand there to die will do. This game is somewhat complicated for newbies and it would be nice to utilize this mode to actually explain that sort of thing and take more away from the "outside learning" aspect associated with it. If you think players can't handle simple quests a few times per game like "Use your trinket!", "Use the G key to open up your ping menu and ask your teammates for help", "You should go back and buy something from the shop" (the tutorial already does this one), or "Max your Q first", then this is probably not a game they should be playing... >_> Give people a LITTLE credit. They're not dumb sacks of potatoes. They can handle such little things if presented in a clear manner like the quest system and pop ups in the game. There's such a thing as under-teaching and this does even less than the tutorial. It's pretty pointless in its current state.
: Intro Bots Enabled on PBE
I feel like this mode is...unnecessary in its current state. There needs to be a lot more explanation for this to feel like a "learning experience". The circles beneath enemy bot's feet, for example, need to be clearer as to what they mean, for one. Second, I noticed there was a very gradual experience gain before minions even got to lane. I got to level 2 before we even cleared the first wave. This is a terrible idea if it's intentional. You're conditioning players to believe experience gains are that quick. That and the lack of opponents early...and the lack of opponents attacking them much at all (it felt like they almost NEVER attacked and were incredibly easy to kill just by autoattacking since they didn't really run either). It'll be a bit of a jarring moment to have players suddenly not get that level 2 or have immediate lane opponents or be assaulted when they go into normals or higher level bots. It's a similar reasoning to another Red Post I saw addressing the idea of a Fog of War-free map for new players. It's giving them the wrong information to learn on. If you want to encourage knowledgeable play, you need to also enforce stuff like people placing wards, nudging players towards objectives like dragon once every player on the team hits level 10 or something, and do what the tutorial does and make a quest when a player has 1600+ gold in their pocket to consider going back and spending it. Offer suggestions for what abilities to max first instead of just giving them what the level up at level 1. Quests like "Put a point into each of your abilities", "Try maxing your Q first!","Place a ward in a nearby brush", or "You're taking a lot of (either magic or physical damage)! Try building an item from your defensive items with the appropriate (armor or magic resist)!" would be great. Another thing you might want to look at is giving incentive to completing quests. As it stands, it's just sort of there as a "hey, maybe do this" suggestion rather than a goal so there's nothing really driving a new player towards listening to the tutorial. Maybe do like what you're doing for the ranked teams ward progression and offer players summoner icons for completing quests in Intro Bots. It'll be like an "I survived basic training" badge of honor for new players. Just my thoughts. My suggestions would require a lot of extra work I realize, but I feel like if you're going to create a "teaching mode", it really has to go that extra mile.
: Targeting issues on the new Summoner's Rift
I'm kind of having a similar issue myself with the jungle camps. I think their "clickable hitboxes" shrunk in a few places like double Golems. Not sure if these changed overall and are causing what we think are accurate clicks to misses. If that's the case, then it's just a matter of getting used to it.
: So if I was Plat last season, I can't even duo with my Plat friend until I play my placements... and if I get unlucky and place in silver, I still can't even duo with him??? I don't think this is such a great idea... at least let us duo with whomever for placements or base our "placement rank" on our previous tier (last season).
> Unseeded players who played in the previous season will use their previous season solo queue rank to determine duo eligibility. Unseeded players who have never played ranked will be able to invite Gold, Silver or Bronze players.
: One For All: Mirror Mode Enabled on PBE!
Feedback on this mode so far: Amazing. I will say this, though: the Battle Boost thing is so varied in its worth. If you do it with a champ that only has one skin, congrats, everyone can pick between TWO skins. Ooo ahhh lol that's not really Riot's fault if people are silly enough to do that, of course. Just can totally picture this happening on the live server. I hope this whole Battle Boost system sticks around in some way, shape, or form. Charge a somewhat hefty IP fee or a small amount of RP to rent a skin for a match (or a couple matches if you use RP). You can have a nifty little prompt come up and ask people to rate the skin post-game or even ask them if they're interested in buying it afterwards.
: Kassadin feels OK now
Still not a fan of the Q interrupting channels. Who is that really for anymore? Midlane, your biggest channels are Katarina and Malzahar. He already counters Kat by being able to jump out, and, unless Kass throws that Q right as he gets ulted by Malz, it doesn't really help much. When he starts roaming, it could be somewhat useful on maybe Lucian or a Fiddlesticks drain, but what relevant champs utilize channels anymore? I don't get the point of keeping that on the Q. I'd also be interested on seeing what the game classifies his Q as in order to interrupt them. Riot still hasn't really addressed with these changes why Kassadin is/was so prevalent in solo queue. It's not his damage that was so much the issue. It's in small part that, but it's mostly his mobility. He's retaining that which still makes him this omnipresent threat that can blink over the wall behind you, burst you, and walk away chuckling. I feel like they should've done something to curb that threat. As unoriginal as it may be, they could've made his R like Kat's shunpo with a lowered CD for using it on enemies and a longer one for using it on allies/wards to escape to encourage using it aggressively. That coupled with the mana scalings they pulled would've made for an interesting AP bruiser Kassadin. What do I know, though. I just think you're not going to stop seeing him be this beast until you see the mobility go away. The only other person with a frequent "blink anywhere" ability is Ezreal and using it offensively is absolute suicide since he's usually squishy. Typical Kass builds are going to see him with some more meat on him and his blink is on a much lower cooldown. An offensive blink that's "blink anywhere" is troublesome mixed with his damage potential.
: General Vel'Koz Discussion
I feel his power is a bit too high right now. The burst potential he has, especially late game, is incredible. You're almost always going to get a double proc with a full E+W+Q+R combo. That slowly stings more and more and for free, too. I was just chewing tanks apart. I can understand mana costs being low since his kit is reliant on spamming as is. That means, though, that early game damage should be lowered a bit to compensate. I was just constantly on the offensive and never felt the need to back off due to mana. It was just a non-issue. I got a chalice and it became even less so of one. Being able to spam that much makes him a monster with that free true damage. The saving grace here, though, is that he's just all about harass and burst. He has no real escape and I feel that's what will ultimately should be his real problem...but I don't see it as being effective enough as is. The knock-up is small but it is effective if used well. The Q slow is so significant at 70% slow at all ranks that it's not hard for him to just shuffle out of harm's way. That all being said, he's not too far out of the realm of what I would consider "balanced". He could use a little power trimmed off or at least make you work harder to earn that damage somehow. Then I think he'll be perfect.
: Yasuo feels broken (Not good/bad/OP/weak)
It feels a bit floaty, but if you buff the travel speed any more on E, he's just going to be a monster.
: [Bug major] Yasuos wind wall
Yeah, I noticed this as well. Got the "Error: turret block" message. It's directional blocking so if you screw up the angle, it doesn't work of course. Still, kind of a big bug.
: The support gold items need a few ajustments
I think there's an underlying problem with the jungle that needs to be addressed on top of this. This combo is certainly profitable; lanes are just purely buffed while the jungle falls behind. Making the ability not stack with a fellow Relic Shield/Targon's Brace would be a good start but it's also a symptom to a problem: the new jungle is pretty damn punishing and isn't nearly as profitable. Hell, supports get a constant gold stream from level 1 while junglers need a pocket full of change and a quick B to get that same revenue stream going. Give Hunter's Machete bonus gold vs. jungle creeps, fix the Relic Shield/Targon's Brace abuse, and I think things will return to normal =P
: [Bug] Getting the wrong skin in One for All Mode.
I've been getting no skin at all a lot when I select a skin. It's just "game_character_skin_displayname_(insert champion name)(insert number)" for each instance. Fiora4 was the first time it happened. I also did not vote for Fiora before anyone asks >_>
: 1.5% MS is ok for manaless champs. 10% lower CDR and the 10% longer pot duration is also good. LS + SV and the biscuit is also good for manaless champs. Compared to the current masteries, PBE is actually better. I don't like that there are not that many choices. Except for the defense tree we get the same nearly 100% fixed masteries you have to take in every tree.
I think there's plenty of variety here to accommodate different champions. That tier 1 MS bonus is GREAT for roamers. Heck, it might even be worth dropping a few points in it for slower junglers. That's super valuable. The hybrid penetration is my favorite aspect of any of these, though. It's going to make AA-friendly mids like Ziggs or Annie even more effective at early harass.
: 1v1 and 2v2 produce errors
Same. I'm guessing they're not entirely ready to be played at the moment but are a placeholder for actually implementing it on the PBE soon.
: Talk to us about the new masteries:
That bonus AD mastery is mostly useless. 15 AD if you have 300 bonus AD? Kind of a waste of a point. Let's just do a hypothetical here. With the new masteries, bonus AD per level at level 18, and usual build for a Marksman like Jinx, you'll probably have ~280 AD at full build assuming fully stacked Blood Thirster, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper are your damage items. That's just a meager 14 AD at level 18 at full build for a 3 point investment. I'd rather put it in CDR that helps me early since CDR is hard to get on a Marksman than invest in something that's only going to be even moderately useful at the absolute latest stages of the game.
: Marksman feeling underwhelming
I actually thought that it was nice to see the price coming down for a lot of Marksman items with almost no tradeoff in stats (save for Doran's Blade). They'll probably be fine, especially after we see the new runes and masteries tweaks. Even if they become underwhelming for a short period of time, Riot will catch up. They did with the "League of Bruisers" we saw in Season 3 where some teams weren't even bothering with an ADC, running more bruisers =P It'll be fine.
: Mayor Bug, Nocturne can't attack Inhibs
It's a known issue at the moment. All melee champions are unable to hit the inhibs and nexus. They're working on fixing this already.
: The Afk'ers and leavers.
Agreed, the leavers are getting a little annoying. I haven't played a game lately that isn't at least down 2-3 players. Not sure the new wave of people on PBE was such a good idea...
: [Pathing Line] Pathing line does not show full movement path
I noticed this as well when clicking on a distant location. You get like 1/4 of the path line and then it cuts off from there.
: [Feedback] Will of Ancients PBE Changes
I think the biggest problem here is that, despite the changes to it, it's STILL not better than Spirit of the Spectral Wraith for people like Vlad especially with the new camp. Yes, the spellvamp has been removed and replaced with a "5% spell damage returned as health and mana" SotSW. This isn't nearly as nice as the spellvamp but Vlad can still manage with it. The Butcher passive is still there, it still has the same AP value, same CDR value, and health regen. It's still a suite of stats great for split pushing. It still provides SOME sustain...and, with the new jungle camp on the horizon, a top lane Vlad can still utilize the Bounty Hunter passive fairly easily. Let's be honest, I don't see many mana-based champs running spell vamp items like WotA. The mana regen stat on it is useless. The only reason it's not a problem for the new Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is because it has so much else to offer. Riot needs to make that Butcher passive work on jungle creeps only and swap out that mana regen for something else on the new WotA.
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