: Hello! I've got to say, I freaking LOVE this skin!! i love the purple, the model, the vfx!! it's SO GOOD! But there's a few things about it I find weird 1. her W snare seems to have classic green/teal vfx, and that's not right :x 2. her recall when she turns into ice (?) looks a little weird, can't quite put my finger on it 3. Ulti E I feel could have more snowflakes :P thank you! ^_^
her cape looks a little stiff to me, think that could be it??
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Maokai
I love the bark color Maokai has in this skin, and I dig the shape of his back. That's about the only thing that makes me want to work for it and show it off, though, aside from the recall. The greek robes seems like a weird design choice, as it thematically would clash with Maokai having any true "Mythic" sort of skin, and most other Victorious/Championship skins are heavily armored. I think you ran a bit too far with the silver branch design element. The problem with this skin and pretty much all of Maokai's skins up until Meowkai is that his base abilities look lazy and empty. Perhaps you don't _want_ Maokai's abilities to be too distracting since he isn't typically built for damage, but the little visual room he possesses is utilized poorly and he just doesn't look impressive on the rift. The only ability in this skin that looks like it had some effort put into it is his Q, which is on screen the least. The rune lasts far longer than it should, giving the impression it has some lasting effect (like how Poppy's has two hits); it looks bugged. Even if it were fixed, I'm not sure it would look good? It seems very out of place. The yellows in his W are too bright compared to all the dull and dark colors present in the rest of the skin. They're blinding, and don't look plant-like at all. The accents on his sapling when he throws it in his E look out of place as this bold blue color. The sapling may be wearing a blue toga, but it doesn't take up as much visual room as his body does; the accent will probably look better mainly white with duller yellow sides. The yellow accents added to Maokai's ult look nice, though his runes look boring as ever. The recall is nice.
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Bard Bard, Sejuani Dawnchaser Jayce Brighthammer
I'm ecstatic to finally see a Bard skin that isn't blue!! I also feel a little spoiled since I don't think many new-ish champs see as many skins as fast as Bard?? I'm not a huge fan of the ponytail, but at least his feather hides it often. The main red color might look better if it were a shade duller?? or if it was closer to the meep's red-violet. I'd naturally also prefer to see less blue accents--at the very least consider adjusting them since there's a subtle color difference in his hat being teal but his accents are cerulean. Is there a cheap way to adjust Bard's particle colors without causing the skin to become too complicated to maintain its price? It's hard to tell what exactly is and isn't a lot of work for these skin tiers (for example, Karthus' skin is 975 and is not only a color adjustment but new particles altogether), and I'd dig his normal particles with a slightly oranger hue. On the other skins: it's always nice to see Sejuani riding on some new creature. The lion looks good, though the heterochromia is a weird, distracting touch. I'm also questioning the purple saddle. Jayce looks cool, and I'd probably go for the skin though I don't play Jayce.
: Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread
mostly design criticisms Right off the bat, your art team has a longstanding problem of mismatching art and models. This is firstly apparent in Taric's face; his nose is rounder in his model than his art, and it makes him look ugly. He looks like,, Kristoff (Frozen) but weirder... maybe like the Schnitzel Guy from Hoodwinked. Secondly, there's a discrepancy with his cleavage; his art has the blue part of his robe end just above his belt, but his model has several inches of Blue Robe taking up his chest area. I can understand if you need to make adjustments for animations, though that's a rather big difference. There's the same discrepancy with his Fifth Age skin, as his model has a V-neck but his art is blatantly not. Armor textures in your art are also not accurate to your models which I suppose is a Much Larger problem than I'm implying. Main offender here is Emerald skin's glass-like shoulder armor that is comparatively dull in-game. A lot of armor in general doesn't have the shine in-game that it's supposed to; it looks more like rocks. > sn: I'm confused about where you're going with skins like Emerald Taric (Blacksmith Poppy, ). These types of skins (old, low-effort) were vaulted because you didn't want to sell something of that horrible quality. Why aren't they being un-vaulted as they get renewed? They're sellable, now. I would've bought Bloodstone on pre-rework Taric, but this new look is too edgy for me. That's fine, some people will dig it, but the skin doesn't really offer anything unique. Bloodstone is supposed to be a heavier-armored fantasy, but in the end the armor difference between his classic skin and this is so negligible. Bloodstone looks like a recolor. I think Taric's new bio suits him. That was a good choice and he actually feels like he fits. My only complaint is that the visuals in his kit are primarily space-related. As an Aspect this makes sense, but his gem motif suffers for it. The animation for Dazzle is interesting; it only seems reliant on his arm, so Taric can aim behind himself without turning around. It's so smooth, it almost looks like a bug. I like it. The voice does not match the body. The VA sounds like a decent Ezreal, maybe, but not a Taric. In contrast to his previous actor that sounded much older than he should have, this actor sounds too young. His acting is also bad as his words feel _empty_. The delivery in his quotes is just awful. I specifically think of: "I find all life beautiful... except yours." "I know I'm supposed to cherish all life, but come on." The delivery is so bad that I'd rather Taric didn't go OOC for a moment to make the joke. It's not worth it. I may be ripping the VA for no reason, though; the problem could just be that you asked them to go somewhere that just isn't in their range. "My gems aren't merely outrageous, they're fabulous." This is,, uncalled for. Every rework seems to poke fun at the memetic qualities of each champion and it's... kind of embarrassing? Just let us have it. Also "fabulous" is a low blow (and as an adjective it's not even comparable to "outrageous," so the entire quote feels unnecessary). The VA also butchers the original quote. If we compared Taric's Targon mention to Azir saying "Shurima," Azir would probably win. I'll give you that. And, being Taric, it's fair to say he'd want to talk about himself. But it's bizarre to describe him as the "Shield of Valoran" if he feels this closely tied to Targon in specific. I also get that champion quotes are one of the few in-game ways to describe the lore of the world to the average player, but a lot of Taric's quotes about Targon feel inconsequential ("Targon weeps for you" "Targon is always with me") and weightless given everything special about Mt. Targon is because of someone else's, usually an aspect's, relation to it.
: Hey Cantaloupe Cake - Thanks for the honest feedback. The name Heartseeker/Sweetheart is determined based on the personality of a champion, as opposed to the weapon they wield. *c/p from another reply on this post* - We took in the personalities of both Sona and Orianna. Sona is more passive, and more, well, sweet. Orianna is a robot (does she even have a heart, and if not, is she seeking one?) and would definitely be more aggressive and more of a killer-type than Sona would.
Thank you for the reply. I appreciate being able to understand where you're coming from.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Orianna!
Super confused that this skin received the name "Heartseeker." If that wasn't a line reserved for marksmen, what's the point of the name? Why aren't these simply "Valentine" skins? What does Heartseeker even mean, and what is it's significance to Valoran? Can someone explain to me what the point is of the "Sweetheart" name as opposed to Heartseeker? Was this addressed when Sweetheart Annie was released? Everything's starting to clash and I'm more annoyed by these skins than delighted. I'm upset that both these skins are for female champions, I was hoping we'd receive more in the line of Varus. Please stop making human-appearing skins for Orianna. Winter Wonder was cute because it looked sort of like a puppet, maybe something someone made as a gift. This skin looks way too human for no discernible reason. She is a robot, I want skins for her that are robotic fantasies. Why was Orianna chosen for this in the first place? The skin feels completely random, and it doesn't compliment her. Matter of fact, the entire Heartseeker/Sweetheart design looks pretty tacky overall. It was a certain improvement from Vayne's skin, but it doesn't offer anything aesthetically that I want to play as. They look more like playing-card derivatives than something love related. Varus' skin was cute and quirky because of the Cupid reference. This is actually a design problem spanning all holidays; the designs are all relatively the same and aren't interesting anymore.
: When Officer Vi came out, she was in the same boat as Bard, she only had her launch skin in her catalog. I wouldn't say it reduces the value of a skin - for many the legacy status doesn't mean much to them. I think it's a personal preference. For some, having limited or legacy content means a lot 'cause it's something that not everyone has/can get. For others, they're just interested in having a cool skin. That said, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on this.
Right, but since this is no longer the case, shouldn't the availability be adjusted? What's the point in limiting the availability for skins of a certain type (e.g. Snowdown, Harrowing, etc) if you're not being consistent? I understand that you don't want to leave a champion with only one skin for sale, but once they receive another skin there's no reason to leave the holiday skin available. It seems pointless and confusing to have some remain available if the others aren't. Honestly, my biggest problem with it is that it's disorganized. Legacy status intrinsically raises the value of the content in question. That's supply and demand at work regardless of how a player personally feels. If a player can only buy something one month of the entire year, they're going to be willing to pay more for it. Is that not the whole point Riot places holiday skins in the vault? What other reason is there? In my opinion, the only skins that belong in the vault are old ones--the ones Riot specifically doesn't want people to buy or use. I understand the thematic idea by making holiday skins only purchasable during their respective holiday, but there are so many skins this applies to--and so many skins created specifically for this purpose--that at this point you're limiting your own sales. Sorry about being so late, I've been checking the normal boards but not PBE's.
: Did she have anything to do with Bandle City though? Outside of being a Yordle...
"Florin saw the grim determination behind the tears in her eyes, and requested that the leadership of Bandle City appoint Poppy as the yordle ambassador to Demacia." -- [Lore](http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/poppy/) She _represents_ Bandle City in Demacia.
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Her cute snark is waaaay too reminiscent of Tristana. Her voice is weak. I'm starting to feel like the yordles have a lackluster character direction. I'm confused by her buckler. In the splash, it seems to be a tangible object, but in-game it's shiny and translucent?? Where's the actual buckler?? I dislike the shift from ambassador to... hammer carrier. Her character got incredibly simplified, she sounds like she has nothing to live for. I really dislike how she was somebody really important to Bandle City before, and now she's so alienated that she "doesn't get Yordles."
: Snow Day Bard isn't legacy because it's the first skin post launch and we didn't want to leave him with only one skin for most of the year. We've done similar things like this in the past before - Haunted Zyra and Officer Vi to name a couple.
Officer Vi is still available though, and Vi has several skins now. Doesn't this permanently reduce the value of these skins compared to the others?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Bard!
I guess you guys are trying to do a Penguin Gimmick this year?? That's a cute concept, but I can't help but feel Bard got shafted when every other Snowdown skin with critters has Poros in it. He feels completely out of place. To put this into perspective: I think Winter Wonder Lulu was the first skin to feature a poro, and it already set the precedent to Weird as the poro had wings and was off-model. Next year, _every single skin_ you release has a poro in it and not one of them makes sense. You have: * Purple poros with icicles stuck to their feet ("they're Void Poros! it's creative!") * Ridiculously off-model monster poro * Robo-poro. This one was cute though. Now, with Bard's skin, you have tiny little armless Meeps that do nothing except follow Bard around and disappear when he attacks. It's a perfectly fine situation for on-model poros to appear in a Snowdown skin, and we have penguins instead. Obviously there are a ton of Snowdown skins without poros (there are tons of different winter themes you guys have played with already). I'm sure I wasn't the only one feeling overwhelmed by the poro madness last year because of this. But you've stuck to the Winter Wonder/Snow Day theme pretty religiously now and I don't understand why--when presented with the chance to put a tiny mascot in a Snowdown skin--you skipped out on poros.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Hecarim!
I'm suuuuper glad that the Elderwood line didn't continue Bard's "blue = spiritual" aesthetic because that ruined it for me before. League totally needs more plant champs/skins and I'm glad that's being worked on so soon despite the challenge of blending in with the Rift's colors. Thank you!! I'm also hoping this means we can get more autumn-y colors with more Blackthorn skins. The skin is awesome, definite instabuy for me, and though I hate to say it I feel like it's missing a selling point or two in comparison to other 1350 skins.
: Kassadin Voidwalks in!
The update is good, though not phenomenal. It really looks like a MTU, and in that regard it brings him to the level of quality he needs to be at, but it looks too faithful to his original design. Kassadin is essentially our only look into the void from the outside, and he still isn't telling us much. He always seems to be floating, and it brings a lot of attention to his weird skirt. Is it actually cloth, or is that supposed to be his body now? Especially considering his Deep One skin has tentacles designed on it which, in a skin that had more time invested on it, would have *actual tentacles*, right? It sparks a lot of questions and ultimately makes Kassadin look like he needs a redesign. The color scheme looks like something was just thrown onto him. His particles are nice but when activated they don't look/sound like they deal damage which has always been an issue with Kassadin imo.

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