: I want to say BOTRK is the issue but that mean you take something like 260 bonus damage every AA (Q included) how many HP do you have and what champion did you use that seem weird I don't think Garen can be the reason behind that but I can be wrong.
yasuo {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3082}} and considering brk does % **current** health on hit damage and that I only had 1.2 k ish hp when I started that fight, it seems impossible for brk's on hit to do so much considering they changed how on hit works on his e, I wouldn't be too surprised if it somehow spaghetti coded itself some extra on hit damage in places it shouldn't be in
: his e does not do 3 onhit effects, it does like 16 or so with high atk speed (onhit dmg is reduced but not nearly enough). And your amror gets shrredded after 6 e hits
Again just to clarify, in this situation he **did not** use his E on me, simply q and 2 basic attacks
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: Your question is off topic from this board.
Oh wow, I never would have noticed
: Its like your mage can't get {{item:3165}} which makes the enemy heal for less! Or {{item:3143}} for -20% Crit damage! Or even {{item:3047}} !!!!!! {{sticker:sg-janna}} WHAT ARE WE GONNA DOOOOOOOOOOO
Ehm Why you level 253 ? :blobsweat:
: Stormrazor seems to be working at least **four** me on {{champion:202}} . ER doesn't seem to be working at all: no mana restoration, Essence Flare is neither giving additional damage/ms to Whisper(P), nor refunding non-ultimate cooldowns on AAs.
From what I tested on jhin, it's not working on him either, the movement speed he gets is just from jhin's passive giving him movespeed on crit The only one I tested that worked was Ez who got the movement speed buff
: [Ashe] Infinity Edge True damage applied randomly
Ashe's frost shot doesn't maker her crit It empowers her autos against frosted enemies It scales the potency of that empowerment with critical strike multipliers but it doesn't make her autos crits It also makes it so that critical strikes do 0% bonus damage So it's normal
: Has Ezreal's Q ever been able to crit? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Never, that's why I marked it with a "+" to signify it was intended for it to not crit
: Oh lots of things, the Riot Bonus Points store feature such goods as: - A limited edition digital painting of Ivern, made in paint, by me, not an artist, just 1 color - A reply forum post with at least 5 lines of ascii artwork, not correctly aligned, probably of a panda - Traded at an exchange rate of 1 Bonus Point = 17.865 Internet Karma Points Something for everyone really.
: If you are having connection problems can you post the summoner name you were using and the approximate time (and your timezone) of the game that didn't work and I'll check it out. Bonus points, if you can upload your log file to pastebin.com or something like that. You find your log files under your PBE folder in Logs/GameLogs/<time of the game>/*.r3dlog Also, is it all of your games or just some of them? Thanks guys!
> Bonus points What can he use his points for tho ?
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: > Insert Backlash here
: Adds a snowball,removes 71 champions?Whichever genius came up with this should be ashamed of himself
It's deffinetly going to make it to live, and tons of people are gonna play it the first day, then a ton of people are gonna "drop out" the next day and nearly no one's gonna play it after that, imo
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: RIOT, Do not destroy urf again, PLS.... (Which pool do you choose?)
It's just a special envent for christmas, it's not like they're permanently changing it
: [Suggestion] Better Position for Rune Stats Display
I suppose that would also make the display of big numbers clearer instead of having it overlap with the other numbers next to it
: Mordekaiser Feels Bad to Lane and to Jungle
This seems like something i wanna test for myself so i'll leave it here so that i don't forget I wonder how it would work with fleet footwork, the added lane substain seems nice and the movespeed burst would probably also help him stick, on the same second note i wonder if glacial augment would work, might make him extra stick I don't really have any opinion for now since i haven't tested it yet (i'll do that tomorrow if i don't forget) but feel free to drop your opinion on those ideas if you wanna
: Suggestion: Privileges for Honor Level 4+
Rito likes rewarding sportsmanlike players and all that, but most of your ideas are "bad" for a lack of better word (sorry i suck at words), even as being rewards for sportsmanlike players, they encourage unsportsmanlike behavior (dodges etc) [Whether or not dodges should be accepted if this or that happens is a separate issue], some of your other ideas would probably make newer players (and/or players who can't reach honor 4) feel like the system is unfair because they can't access certain features When choosing rewards for players that deserve rewards it's also important to think about the players that aren't getting rewarded Well, hopefully you get my point of view
: When are people going to stop making threads complaining about toxicity. I see at least 5 of these everyday and they're stupid and pointless. Stop complaining, live servers are just as toxic, and if you're seriously complaining this much then you shouldn't be on the internet. Grow thicker skin. There's also a wonderful feature called the mute button so I think you should probably try using that.
Nah mate, from my experience on pbe and live servers i can say that there's WAY more toxicity on pbe, i've played league since season 3 and since then, not even once did anyone spam chat insulting me, not even once did anyone tell me to kms, but after only playing on pbe for like 2 weeks or something, i've already been told to kms twice and i can't even count the numbre of times one of my teammates randomly started spamming chat saying i was retarded Like, i'm not a kid so i don't actually give a crap, but that clearly shows that there's way more toxicity on pbe Sure there might be other factors such as matchmaking being more "open" and letting me play with / against people in relatively low elo, but mate wat the hek :v
: [Idea] Give runes more color identification in pre-game selection
The idea in itself is a very good idea, but the colors you chose to illustrate feel really "agressive" to me Softer colors might be better imo Idk maybe my eyes are just fuk'd up EDIT : I suck at words so i figured it would be easier to understand what i mean with this : https://i.imgur.com/V5HQ2nh.png
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: How about press the attack? your adc will be able to deal 10% more damage with ur slows that will be easy to proc 3 attacks, I think with ur active q, that can be proc easily, heals on u does not matter, also coin > frost because it will give u more gpm, and you can take minions + mana will help u keep spamming w, cd or ap from frost does not matter or best, you can get shield, as that lil heal from last hit will proc ardent censer and give u lil bit sustain bortk+guinsoo+nashor's tooth is what I'd like to try after those items
Usually my adc already has press the attack, i don't think it stacks, does it ? :v If you keep using all your frost stacks it should give you more gold than coin, also the bonus damage makes for some nice poke, i'm pretty sure both would work doh, but coin would make for a more passive lane Mana is also not an issue with frost since it also gives mana regen The substain from the shield is lower than fleet footwork and you'd be giving up on your poke because of the lack of mana substain, also being ranged, and with less ad than your adc it would be pretty hard for you to lasthit the minion, it would probably be a better choice while facing a kill lane doh i see no real need to go for an on hit build since you're actually support, items like bc / knight's vow / locket seem better if you ask me since they add more utility
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: OT: Riot-Rejected PBE Login Screen Patch 7.22
Hmm, I can't seem to spot the difference
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: interesting but recheck your 1st sentence cause theres a type. also, this has me thinking about vayne w
hehe yeah, thanks for pointing that out :3 Yeah, if it doesn't work on true dmg sources then it'd be a pain for vayne s:
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: Rune descriptions in runes page has a little '}' at the end.
: Yes... a lot to do... riot should invest in pbe, but they don't have profit with 100% free server.
Yeah it's free but thanks to that they have thousands upon thousands of free testers
: What's happen?
If i'd have to guess, i'd say it's a mix of the new preseason changing a lot of stuff and the massive amount of new pbe players
: Blue Essence
Same here, i'm rich now :v
: Problem in the store
have this too. tried reloggin a couple of times but it didnt help
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: Useful information for new PBE players
> PRO TIP: On PBE boards homepage, short discussions by New to see all the latest discussions and bugs reports. "short" I'm sorry if i'm dumb but i believe you intended to write "sort" here
: Wait for it to download everything, then try to buy something with RP, sometimes do not show you with figures the RP you have
I still have like 5 hours for the download to finish lel :3 I'll try it once it's done c:
I recently made my pbe account, and i've received my first 5 BE but i've yet to see any RP on my account I still haven't finished the suspiciously large 15 Gb download so i figured that might be why, is that normal ?

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