: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Thresh
As a Thresh {{champion:412}} one trick I figured I should share my feelings on this skin. I am an idiot who has 10 gemstone saved up just in case Riot makes a mythic skin for their most popular support. I'll preface by saying I’ve been looking forward to a sci-fi Thresh skin for years. Every year I think Project Thresh is coming and since the release of Praetorian Graves/Fiddle I’ve been hoping Thresh would be added to that lineup. Here we are with Pulsefire, not my first choice but it’ll scratch the sci-fi itch. I’ll start with the obvious, the skull is dumb and looks like a bird. I get that other Pulsefire skins are human so Thresh, not being human, has to be a robot but why give him a beak? I think he would look way more badass if he had a similar mask to EOD from Halo 3. It’s like the concept artist looked at High Noon Thresh and said this must be what people want but no horns. Why are his eyes red? Only Pulsefire Shen {{champion:98}} has a scarlet scarf with great accents and pulls it off perfectly. While PF Thresh doesn’t have any other accents to him and the eyes look sickly. I get that you can’t change his silhouette or rig/animations at all but there is a lot going on with the textures. The whole skin looks busy with almost no consistency especially compared to its Pulsefire counterparts. What are the gloves made out of? Probably metal, same as the skull probably. Why are the gloves a weird pink beige that isn’t anywhere else. Why is the white part of his jacket so pronounced and the same white as his skull but his gloves aren’t. His shoulders, gloves, belt, and lantern all have different shade of brass, why? Shouldn’t the brass be close to the same hue. His shoulders have a weird shade of purple that I guess is supposed to be metallic. Why is a scifi robot from the future wearing a jacket? The only PF skin that has a jacket is TF but he has a bowler hat and can pull off a jacket. Maybe every Thresh skin needs a lame trench coat. Praetorian skins pull off being a robot perfectly and Graves {{champion:104}} still has his cap. I wish there was one Thresh skin without a trench coat but I understand a deranged time traveler needs his trench coat. The long thin rectangles that make up his chains and dreads are lazy. His dreads look like a step backward compared to High Noon with no dreads and badass horns. Vanilla Thresh from 7 years ago has cooler chains, I don’t care that they stretch. I would look into not having lame flat planes as chains and more badass lightning hooking machines like Whiplash from Iron Man 2 {{champion:81}} . Like all skins in recent memory the VFXs look amazing, great work. The souls look better than his skull. The flay particles make my eyes water. The hook windup is bright, I’m worried it might be easy to dodge. The lantern looks clickable but more than likely will remain unclicked by my adc. The splash looks well rendered but that pose wouldn’t have been my first choice. Overall will I get the skin in its current form? Probably. I haven’t seen the Prestige chroma but I’ll get that too. 6/10 not the best Thresh skin but I think SSW Thresh is still the worst. PS: Please make the Championship Thresh’s chroma not piss yellow. Kha’zix {{champion:121}} and Zed’s chromas look regal while Thresh’s look yellow.


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