: Delateing mirror lanes on team build
Talon vs. Talon mid. One is gonna use R to start and the other one is gonna use R to escape. But the most anti-funny are the full point-and-click mirror matches like Fiddle vs. Fiddle or Ryze vs. Ryze. With skillshot-based champion you can be "better" early game but with point-and-click is just Ryze W > Enemy Ryze W > Ryze Q > Enemy Ryze Q and so on.
: I don't think dashes are too unbalanced. You just have to out-think your opponent if they have dashes or blinks. I play dashless, blinkless characters a lot, like {{champion:15}} , {{champion:21}} , {{champion:22}} , or {{champion:99}} . Some of these have cc, some don't. Let's say I'm Lux against a Zed mid. Beating him is not difficult, you just have to be more careful. Think through the use of your skills more. Poke him with your Lucent Singularity, which is much harder to dodge. Save your q for when he jumps on you; make sure you use it soon enough that he doesn't kill you and before the cd on his blink comes back up. Then let's assume you're both 6, and he jumped you with his ulti. Your q will probably hit him, he has no dodge. And when it does, take a few steps out of his range and unload everything on him. You'll be low health, most likely, but he'll be at least as low and possibly dead (lux ult does stupid damage). The general idea is to bait them into using their dash cooldown unwisely and then punish them for their mistake. One thing I DO agree with is that hard cc should interrupt dashes. That just makes sense. I've been thwarted many a time by Tristana's stupid rocket jump, hitting her with Morg q just after she jumps and watching her jet off to safety. But otherwise, dashes going through walls makes as much sense as ranged autoattacks going through walls or skillshots going through walls. I don't see a problem there.
Lux is just the champion I play when I have a Zed, LeBlanc, Akali, etc in lane. She's actually one of the best mages when it comes to beat assassins. But think about champions like Vel'Koz or the aforementioned Anivia, who have slower cc and not that high burst.
: Personally, I feel like while that is an issue, it isn't the exact issue around. What I think the real problem here is, well, is {{summoner:4}} **Some specific, instant, flashy blink mobility spell every champion in the game can have** {{summoner:4}} . And pretty much everyone runs it. In fact, if you look at some charts on lolking (and assume they are correct), looking at monthly summoner spell rate for solo queue we see an average of 47.8% of Flash (fun fact; the Flash rate increases with higher tiers (going up to 49%, also indicating that if you want to be better, you need to run Flash). This is data for all summoner spells rate, so double the number to get an actual percentage. Why is Flash an issue? In terms of mobility, it is the best mobility ability in the game. It's instant, it's ground-targeted and it's a blink. Granted, champions have mobility abilities with shorter cooldowns, longer range and/or dealing damage, but none of them is as good as Flash in terms of sheer mobility. Some may get very close ({{champion:81}} Arcane shift, {{champion:55}} Shunpo, {{champion:38}} Riftwalk, {{champion:35}} Deceive and maybe some more), but none of them are quite as good as Flash. Also, they're a part of each champion's kit. We're getting to the real problem now. So basically, if I as a champion with one mobility skill (that isn't spammable) come to gank a lane, the laner can flash and be under his turret somewhat safely. I know this isn't always the case, but it is a lot of times, and it is the thing that makes mobility look worth a lot less than it should be. Let's compare Flash and mobility skills on champions (some more). The thing I need to mention is what each of them replaces. The problem is that Flash is a summoner spell which is way better than all the other ones. Or more like it, the other spells are way worse than Flash. What I think the correct solution to this is not nerfing Flash or anything, but making other summoner spells more impactful, so they are on par with Flash. That way players also get way more options, as right now 95% of time you're thinking "which summoner spell should I take with Flash?" instead of "which combination of summoner spells should I take?". Now, there are many many possibilities for buffing other summoner spells and I won't really suggest any because I don't have any particularly good ideas, but just think about it.
Totally agreed. I'm in the 5% of the community that think that Flash should be just removed. It's too strong compared to every other summoner spell, and that's why it has ~95% pick rate overall if I'm not mistaken. Also, the true function of the spell is to randomly forgive positioning mistakes (it's used arguably 9 out of 10 times to flash away when you has been caught). I think Ghost replaces it pretty well, for champion that must have a mobility spell (like Anivia or Syndra), and the difference is that, with Ghost, you have to be aware and use it before you get caught, but flash is just "Oh, Talon caught me out of position, let's flash away". As I said before, it's used to forgive mistakes most of the times, making it a pain in the *ss when you make a play and the enemy escapes just because "he/she/it had luckily flash at this moment".
: I bet you don't prefer Lux's Q and Anivia's Q are point and click abilities. And yes the assassins are really mobile , as I said I really would like to Riot to buff non-mobile champion to provide slightly more utility than others.
Of course not. That would be too abusive. But there is a real problem with these abilities being actually not-so-useful against mobility champions played by skilled players, and I think RIOT should take some care about it.
: I'm wondering about making champion that have no mobility but don't need it to deal damage or are super tanky. Anivia can be very tanky when she wants to , and her playstyle is unique. I think Riot should make non mobile champions able to deal more damage , to be tankier and to have more utility than mobile ones. Maybe they'll be useless during the laning phase and couldn't spitpush , but in teamfight they'll be so much that a full mobile team only can run against them. Like a new type of champion inserted to change the mobility meta. And yeah I'm sick of Zed and Lee , even if I play them I don't like to jump around , I prefer to die and take one or two kills with me instead of fleeing.
Theoretically mobility is not a problem, Anivia has tools to play against a Zed in lane, but then in practice you notice that no matter what to do, a skilled Zed will be able to wreck a skilled Anivia 90% of the times, just because mobility is too abusive. I main Zed, I have to say this, and it's really easy to win my lane just because, theoretically Lux or Anivia can snare/stun me to take me down until I reach them, but in practice I notice that is too easy to dodge that skills and jump on them with my R.
: The problem with your proposal is that champions that DO get blinks will become so stupidly valuable because nobody in the game can catch them, (think Ezreal). Also, how about jumps? You have to admit that Kha'Zix leaping high into the air and visibly going over a wall is different from Lucian bolting sideways THROUGH a wall. Oh, and I think they already tried to nerf dashes (and jumps) with Azir? Too bad it didn't work.
That's why I said "make dashes" and didn't mention jumps, because I don't know what to do with them: They are dashes but visually they have a different animation. That would be RIOT's decision.
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: so you want a champion with 2 slows and a stun with up to 600 range all on short CD with CDR and/or max rank? Seems a bit unbalanced having that much CC on one champ.
He has not so much damage so he doesn't seem unbalanced. Just a support.
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: Can remove items like there were repurchased.
: Gangplank passive no longer active?
: Wukong's Splash: The Re-Coloring
: Feedback for QUICK SMITE (And the rest of Smite options)
The image is just a placeholder. Every image you will see in new PBE content are placeholders, that's because once they have finished their work with smite(s), they'll add new cool icons for all of them.
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: It would be interesting to see smite become an active but then it wouold give access to non-jungler champions. Imagine if you are an ADC and you decide to grab a hunter's machete to be able to solo the double golems or wight camp and gain an experience advantage in lane. At 400 gold, purchasing a summoner is very strong, even on non-junglers. Hunter's machete on live, while helpiing to jungle, it does not give a strong enough jungling buff to be worth the buy on a non-jungler.
Then you can run Smite as a summoner spell to do the same.
: Smite NEEDS to stay a summoner spell. And I don't think "losing freedom of choice" is a legitimate complaint here. How often did you jungle INTENTIONALLY WITHOUT smite? Should the game be balanced around people who have no idea what the fuck they are doing anyway, or should the game be balanced for the 99.9% of the player base? Just for your interest, if you currently jungle without smite, you are not innovative, you are just stupid. You can go without Flash on certain junglers and take Ignite / Exhaust / Teleport, but Smite has never been up for discussion. No Smite means no objective control, a slower clear speed, higher risk of dying in the jungle, and no objective control, and no objective control. There's literally zero reason why you would NOT want smite as a jungler. So Riot might as well make it mandatory, even if this means you are going to lose your precious freedom.
I was talking precisely about mandatory smite. You can't play jungle properly without smite, you are forced to do so.
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: Shyvana's State and The Current Meta
She does not need to be changed. We don't have to change champions every time meta changes. You are just forcing the meta.
: Leona/Diana Mini-game
I like champion interactions **as long as they don't affect to the game**. I don't like the idea of getting a "bonus" if you kill the rival enemy or so. I prefer an interaction like Cait/Vi vs. Jinx (where you have a buff that indicates how many times you killed each other) than getting an actual bonus like Kha'Zix and Rengar. Why should Kha'Zix be stronger this game just because he managed to kill Rengar? And why does Kha'Zix gain his final evolution but Rengar just increases his sight a bit if he's in a bush?
: Suggestion: QoL change for Tribute passive on Spellthief's Edge and Frostfang (no disable vs pets)
That's unlikely to be intended. Probably it's just like when they forget that Quill Coat allowed you to ward on TT, HA and CS: They just forget that pets are counted as minions.
: Malzahar's Voidlings are untargetable for enemies... why armor buff then?
I'm almost sure that it is a bug. None in RIOT has talked about that and it makes no sense.
: Evelynn Textures
> i'm still waiting with bated breath for a possible VU If they do a visual update to her they will probably kill her identity in favor of a more "child-suitable" theme, that's why I hope they never VU her.
: This isn't new, this mechanic is on old Sion as well, although instead of being attached to his shield ability, it was part of his ad steroid on E. He, along side Veigar, Nasus, and Thresh, are the only four champs with unlimited scaling stats.
Actually AP and souls are limited to 999,999 if I'm not wrong. Just as a curiosity.
: I don't fully understand the akali nerfs
Akali is not OP at all. People just do and will always complain about what it's been played now. I guess RIOT made that change as a "We don't want to really nerf her, so we are gonna change her just a bit and hope people shut the f*ck up about her".
: About Masquarade Evelynn
I own Masquerade Eve in my main account and I love her texture upgrade (it's not a balancing tsssk). Maybe she could be a bit paler but I still prefer the new one to the old one. > they should look more different to have that "legacy uniuqeness" I do not like "legacy uniqueness", for me it just means "You'll notice this texture is old and does not fit with the rest of the game's art style". Pd: Just for comparison purposes, the left image is current live Eve, the center image is the first texture upgrade and the right image is the new Eve.
: Sion Q brush bug
Actually all abilities should work this way. Especially Nunu's.
: Tooltips being less detailed
One or two days ago I was playing Quinn. I wanted to know how much damage my passive was doing, I came to see it and I found that tooltip did not display that. I was like: "I swear I has been always able to see the exact amount". I did not know that they were "simplifying" tooltips. And, ofc, I don't like it at all. If you want to test what an ability does, you just have to cast it once, you don't need to read the tooltip. If you read it, it's precisely because you want specific information like it's duration or damage.
: Current Talon Iteration and Snare > Slow suggestion
: I feel like punishments for this kind of behavior should be more severe on PBE than on the normal server, for a couple of reasons: A) To a much greater extent, being on PBE is a privilege, not a right. B) It disrupts other people from testing bugs, which is what PBE is really for C) PBE is for testing bugs. Why are these people so invested in the games that they start raging? They clearly don't get the point, and probably aren't doing a very good job.
The problem is that some people play "seriously" on PBE like it was their main account, just because you don't need IP/RP to play what you want, with the skin you like, and future content that isn't already on live. These people only play for fun, not to help or at least test new things, so they rage and take the game as serious as everyone on their main account.
: Azir's Soldiers auto attack always enabled.
I'm not sure if I understood you but if I did: The only way you can prevent Azir from attack is via Polymorph (Lulu<3), blindness effects like Quinn's Q won't be useful, since blindness is actually kinda on-hit effect, and his soldiers does not apply on-hit effects.
: 3 days ago, thanks for using search function. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/pVTehEqp-fizz-e-is-broken
This post is more detailed, and nobody in RIOT confirmed that they had actually read the post you mentioned anyway. So this post is useful.
: Warwick Rework?
As DazeInMyHead said, they are already working on him, they have even talked about current kits they are testing, like making his R a skillshot and his... "blood hunter" (?) as a passive. Nevertheless the problem with Warwick is not that he's only about right-clicking (there are many champions that are this way, like most marksmen for example), the problem with him is that he has a very unhealthy, toxic kit that it's just not fun to play against.
: Spell vamp only for ap ?
AD champions already have life steal. Why should we give them more sustain? Nevermore, I guess nobody would build it since you are wasting money on a item that grants you less sustain that you can get via building life steal. That would be like doing an AP item that were "+100% AP, +10% life steal": nobody would build it since, even when 10% life steal is technically good, you are actually wasting gold for a stat that won't give you enough sustain anyway to be worth since your basic attacks at late game still deal 80-90 physical damage. Pd: Spellvamp is meant as a form of "life steal" for AP champions, although it does not actually work: only a few champions can benefit from spellvamp, you won't build any spellvamp on Syndra, for example, even when spellvamp was meant for these kind of champions.
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
Will Anivia get a new splash art soon? PlzplzplzplzplzplzRITOPLZplzplzplzplz. Look at her art, it makes her cry. {{champion:34}} {{item:3070}}
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
Corki looks great :3. But I think LeBlanc's texture upgrade needs a texture upgrade D:
: pls give spacestallion back kthx love, skins team :(
Yeah, but wait before he texture-upgrades (?) the 2-3 skins that Annie has.
: Ranked Restrictions
How do I participate? Calling that fcking Yasuo's mother a hoe? D:
: Could we also get an astral ambulance range indicator when hovering over the passive, please? Currently there is virtually no information provided to tell the player when the effect kicks in. As a result, I constantly found myself running towards my team thinking "alright, any time now, passive..." I can see situations where, if the range on the passive was known, it would be easier to decide whether or not its even worth trying to run over to your teammate. Where currently Soraka is more likely to go ahead and run in their direction, assuming her passive will kick in and get her there in time, only to be disappointed.
Just like Vayne's passive. I think it's a great idea.
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
I wrote a [mega-mini-post about Soraka's rework](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/npegkEtA-thoughts-on-soraka-rework-and-talking-about-tooltips) that I'd like some rioter to see and share his/her/its thoughts :3.
: As someone who played a lot of Soraka for a while and really loves her, I'm really disappointed. 3 heals took me down to half health (not sure how when it only does 10% of health) but regardless that's 10 heals for an ally before you're dead. Feasibly, more like 7 or 8 so as not to risk giving the enemy a kill. I miss her old passive, it gave her wimpy heals a big buff, especially when you had the skill to time when to heal--when someone was low--yet not kill them by waiting too long. The new Starcall... I don't love it but it's fine. I hate the new heal, I think the health cost and the lack of self healing is ridiculous.... She was already limited to heals by her mana, and would have to make a choice between who to heal or to heal at all to save mana. Now, it's "should I kill myself to give this little heal? Or sacrifice my adc"? And I think it's a really weak point of a support to have to sacrifice themself like that... maybe riot intened for this but I really think it's a major nerf. I also don't like her new E. The fact that I can't give my allies mana anymore is really devastating to me... I just don't understand the sudden rework. Why fix something that isn't broken? I can safely say I will never play Soraka again :/ I really hope you guys don't go through with this.
> I just don't understand the sudden rework. Why fix something that isn't broken? I can safely say I will never play Soraka again :/ I really hope you guys don't go through with this. The reason they are doing this rework is precisely that she's really problematic: she was really abusive in solo lanes, so they had to nerf her, and now she's completely underpowered. Maybe you have great games with her, but that's because you are a good Soraka, not because Soraka is a good champion. Also, Soraka's current kit is quite toxic, laning against her isn't hard but it's just too boring and desperating. With the upcoming rework, I feel like laning against Soraka is more interactive and funny. On top of it, she now requires skill to play. {{champion:16}}
: How OP would Soraka be with this buff to her new E?
It seems really weird and it's not adding something new to her. She has enough healing right now.
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