: PBE Urf Garen E bug over 11000 dmg in 3 sec
Yeah, Garen is up-most the most broken in Urf. When people get him and take ghost and flash, it's almost impossible to run from him. I think he needs movement speed debuff when he's spinning.
: Rakan & Xayah Bug Thread
file:///C:/Users/caitc/Desktop/LoL%20Logs%20PBE/2017-02-25T20-02-29_r3dlog.txt file:///C:/Users/caitc/Desktop/LoL%20Logs%20PBE/2017-02-26T08-46-22_r3dlog.txt file:///C:/Users/caitc/Desktop/LoL%20Logs%20PBE/2017-02-26T08-48-15_r3dlog.txt file:///C:/Users/caitc/Desktop/LoL%20Logs%20PBE/2017-02-26T12-27-38_r3dlog.txt file:///C:/Users/caitc/Desktop/LoL%20Logs%20PBE/2017-02-26T12-53-24_r3dlog.txt tell me if this opens up to the logs, if not ill use IMGUR. but these are the most recent!~ These aren't clickable, just open a new tab and copy and paste the link~ ^^! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Rakan & Xayah Bug Thread
I had an instance where I was playing as Rakan and the enemy had another Rakan, so they were both on my adc Xayah and I ulted in, but once I hit more then 2 enemies the screen froze and crashed. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}


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