: I didn't want it to, that'd be OP lol, was just curious over the interaction.
The last phrase was just me saying that the current iteration is likely what you'll see in the future aswell, nothing else :P
: A few points I just wanna say or have comments on from you guys... -How is Morde's ult going to work with PBE timers, is the buff stackable? or does it get override the older buff. -Is Hail of blades getting disabled or maybe nerfed? because IMO that is super powerful and needs to be pulled back a bit, just like your foresight with Lethal Tempo -Sylas getting some URF related downgrades? -Yasuo getting some love, and not going to be seen as a uber troll pick?
Currently, Morde R's ult buff overrides the previous one if he R's a new person before the previous victim respawns. I doubt it'd be changed specifically for this iteration of URF.
: ARURF Available for Testing!
Anything about making a toned down version of Lethal Tempo available, instead of always swapping it to PTA?
: Honestly, I want to thank you for this and I wish you won't stop here. League of Legends really is in need of customization. At first you went the anti-customization route, disabling all custom files, maps, voices, huds and such. If you wish to work on customization, can you please let us reposition HUD as we please? Being able to replace it would be great too. Perhapd HUD skins, announcer packs and stuff like that?
Someone literally gave me reddit gold for finding out how to edit their Minimap to a less blue-tinted version after the switch to WAD made their previous method impossible, goes to show that these kinds of things *are* definitely requested by at least a minority!
: New Color Control and Screen Shake Options
This is very cool! The Eternals-mocking comments are really out of place here under this post, because this is the opposite: QoL improvments for everyone's gameplay experience! And those coming shows how much you *do* care about the playerbase in general. I'll be checking these new color options out on PBE as soon as they're there. I've recently aquired a new 'main' screen for my PC, and now I know how much these kinds of settings **do** matter from personal experience - the tansitioning phase was not easy on the eyes! Since the options do not yet show up in my PBE game client, I assume they'll be shipping to PBE tomorrow or on Monday?
: Yuumi W not granting the correct amount of adaptive force
It checks out when it's post-conversion to AD (922 \*.21 \* 0.6 ~= 117), but either way, it's a bug. Probably just a display bug, but a bug.
: Hm, it's during the champion picks tho. Update: It turned out that it's nor just Katarina. I got Neeko and heard Katarina siad "Is that fear I smell" (overlapping Neeko's voice) she is banned by the other side.
Ah, thanks for the clarification. Yeah that indeed sounds like a bug.
: Possible Katarina voice line bug in new ARAM. When you get Katarina, you can hear additional male voice. Could be new ARAM announcer voice but I think it's Darius's. Both sound played at the same time.
Could it have been the Shopkeeper's voice? Both ARAM mapskins have shopkeepers with VO interactions, unlike all other maps!
: > [{quoted}](name=Caenen,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=GEX2amYY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-19T21:50:30.226+0000) > Additionally, where would be the best place to put all those small-to-gamecrashing Mariner’s Vengeance bugs? (assuming there are any...of course :^) ) Great question! https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/ttcmEPpE-97-aram-master-bug-thread
: Experimental ARAM Changes on PBE
Looks good. If mode-specific balance changes of this kind are locked in as 'here-to-stay', will we get a list of 'changes currently in effect' to each mode that is easily accessible from the client when selecting the mode? Additionally, where would be the best place to put all those small-to-gamecrashing Mariner’s Vengeance bugs? (assuming there are any...of course :^) )
: I made some adjustments in the Iron Inquisitor skin. Hope you like it https://imgur.com/a/n5BxNcY post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Kaylemains/comments/asypp6/feedback_kayle_iron_inquisitor_color_adjustments/
I do agree on the wings specifically, the red colors are too saturated/bright.
: A Part of this bug is Crit. Build crit on kayle, and all her passive "waves" crit. lv 16, full crit, and waves doing 200+ true damage to everyone hit by them. Reproduction: buy any crit items, attack a wave of minions or multiple targets. All enemies hit by her passive will take 200% (or 225%) of the passive damage as a crit. Especially easy to see once she hits lv 16. (80 true damage without crit, 200+ with)
I'd have reported that as a different bug. E damage hits applying on-hit is different from a passive flag 'can crit' being set!
: [Critical Bug] Morde's Ult Crashes the game when killing Morgana OR Kayle
It's Ornn's release all over again! Well hopefully it's caught while still on the PBE this time!
: > [{quoted}](name=Caenen,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=fTAkfvr6,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-21T00:57:57.961+0000) > > Was pretty sure it would work with all morde skins as there's nothing their ults do any differently. But yeah, looks like Kayle just doesn't like being enslaved! check the new thread. Morgana AND Kayle crash the game
Then it's probably something like character inking (or the lack thereof) with Ornn. You could also submit the bug here, btw, instead of its own post: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/nfGeZYXW-kayle-and-morgana-bug-report-thread
: > [{quoted}](name=Caenen,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=fTAkfvr6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-20T23:23:58.627+0000) > > Oh, why of course :D > > First thought, something with transformations, or the model in general, just like with Ornn. But I can't say anything for certain just yet, haven't had time to look at Kayle's assets (to see where its structure goes unconventional), so I can't make any better educated guesses just yet. I might come back to this. > > Tried chatting with Naerlyn to figure out if the passive bug, being dependant on skill points instead of level, might have any impact on it. But he hasn't tested in what way the ghost might keep or lose skill points! > > Also, notable it's Aetherwing Kayle in this case. It works with all Kayle skins and all Morde Skins
Was pretty sure it would work with all morde skins as there's nothing their ults do any differently. But yeah, looks like Kayle just doesn't like being enslaved!
: Kayle and Morgana bug report thread
Just in case it gets lost on the boards ~~like the 3 threads about Nocturne ult breaking after rescripting in the 8.24 cycle~~: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/fTAkfvr6-bug-morde-ult-on-kayle-crashes-the-game
: Hey August just tested her out and she feels pretty fun, my feedback would be that her Q missile feels very slow and is it intended that you can't auto attack while Kayle ulted
> is it intended that you can't auto attack while Kayle ulted It appears so. And if so, the counterplay to Kayle ulting an ally now is to quickly pounce on her while she can't auto attack you down! :^)
: Kayle and Morgana bug report thread
Next bug, Kayle's E active procs ENTIRE on-hit effects. Not sure if this is intended or not, but if it is, I am worried it'll be a constant source of possible bugs down the line! **Repro:** Be Kayle, obtain an on-hit effect (preferably one with an effect beyond damage, e.g. red buff). Use E on a group of enemies (I used target dummies for test). Observe ALL targets being burnt and slowed! **Replay:** Repro is so quick and simple, doubt you'll need one. But if you do, I can provide footage of requested. **Additional information:** * Notable on-hits: Red buff, Muramana (procs damage on all AND drains your mana times targets struck, too). * Notable on-hits I haven't tested: Nami E (AOE slow, probably. Unsure if Kayle expends all stacks of the buff when she hits 3 targets, or what exactly happens against >3 targets), Wits End (additional AoE MR shred). * ***Guinsoo's*** might grant kayle FULL stacks with one E, when she blasts 4 or more targets with one E pre-11! * Unsure about the function of sheen effects, thus far. * All the melee-only AoE effect items (Tiamat, Hydras) are **correctly** not applying to the ranged attack. * (Kayle's own passive doesn't super-stack from this bug. This might be because it's an on-attack proc, instead of on-hit, and I'm not yet knowledgable of which one it actually is) --- Is this format of bug report useful to you, btw? Can I improve anything about it?
: tried kayle out on the practice tool, and I noticed that if you cast W on an ally out of range, the spell will just cast automatically and not heal the ally instead of having kayle walk into range so she can heal the ally. very strange, and probably not intended; would like it so she actually walks in range first so the ally can get the heal. edit: also seems like E aoe applies on hit effects (or at least red buff), but it doesn't crit (including the base auto), yet the passive waves are able to crit? seems weirdly unsynergistic with a crit variant of kayle
Can confirm the on-hit thing, it applies red buff, and even Muramana to all targets struck! Man are we lucky Tiamat properly doesn't proc on that ranged attack :D I'll crosspost this to the bug thread real quick!
: [Bug] Morde Ult on Kayle crashes the game
Oh, why of course :D First thought, something with transformations, or the model in general, just like with Ornn. But I can't say anything for certain just yet, haven't had time to look at Kayle's assets (to see where its structure goes unconventional), so I can't make any better educated guesses just yet. I might come back to this. Tried chatting with Naerlyn to figure out if the passive bug, being dependant on skill points instead of level, might have any impact on it. But he hasn't tested in what way the ghost might keep or lose skill points! Also, notable it's Aetherwing Kayle in this case.
: Hi can you please give effects for Riot Kayle? That skin is ruined thanks to the E change, no more wee-oo-wee-oo
I agree. ult VFX using the base sword model with only a *slight* particle color change, Q and W...err, not a fan. The passive VFX and model are well done, but the things that she takes from the base skin just dont fit all too well.
: Kayle and Morgana bug report thread
First thing from me that's probably going to be posted a lot; **Kayle's passive** transformations/buffs appear to be **dependant on skill points spent, not level**. (I haven't tested Klepto's elixir of skill in this yet though.) Doesn't seem like this is intended, but if it is, please clarify the passive's tooltip! --- **Reproduction:** Pick Kayle. On level 1, your passive (attack speed) does not work until you put a point into any ability. On the higher levels, your new passive bonus+transformation will be added when you have spent 6, 11 or 16 skillpoints, respectively, instead of already when you reach any of the necessary levels to attain the skillpoints. **Replay:** *Not necessary, hopefully. Could provide one if this is somehow not reproducable, though.* **Additional information:** *Besides not having tested Elixir of Skill's interaction, none.*
: Hey Caenen, thanks for posting here :D Hmmm right now I don't know how it would look like to have to plug an external .dds. The old spell was basically a series of up to 5 spells per side that would pile up based on how far the spell needed to travel. The two-missile imagery was easier to work with because it did not accurately represent where the missile was. The new one is actually two separate missiles and I just need to have the indicator work off one of them and still fit. I'm currently using a modified version of Galio Q since it was the closest thing to it, but i'm looking into something way more functional!
Additionally, may I ask if there's a QA Analyst who's currently or in the forseeable future taking on the task of Sion bugs? [I dropped a rather detailed list about 2 weeks before the main vacation time,](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/rmVX7nU2-up-to-date-partial-sion-buglist-sions-14-most-problematic-unintended-features) but as of now it's as if it's been entirely ignored. Furthermore, I have a lot more bugs to share/talk about but don't find the time to bring them into the proper form I'd like to report them in, which is why I'd appreciate a person to directly communicate with (meaning a LOT less writing and speculating for a subject issue), if this person exists and they would be up for that kind of dialogue! So far, I've also reported single bugs (not all Sion exclusive) to Rioters on reddit in an opportunistic style, e.g. a few Hail of Blades bugs to BelugaWhale as he's been working on the rune currently, however I feel like bothering them with all the issues isn't something sophisticated, nor would it lead to a majority of fixes as they've plenty of work to do themselves that is anything but Sion related. So I'm trying to find a better way at the moment to assist in the Sion-specific matter.
: Sylas Bug Thread
A bug indirectly related to Sylas: **Trundle's ult AP ratio has been bugged for at least a year.** It's divided by 100 a second time, resulting in 0.02% extra health stolen per 100 AP, instead of 2% per 100AP. Which is tiny! Now while Trundles won't really build AP to ever complain about this, **Sylas WILL have AP for this bugged ratio**. Resulting in a much worse...result! With Rakan getting his unintended ult numbers fixed, I hope Trundle can recieve the same kind of love (just please keep him out of my games when I'm playing Sion)! Credit goes to [FrankTheBoxMonster](https://twitter.com/FrankThBoxMnstr/status/1083196174830583808), who has a PBE account but is unable to post for whatever reason.
: Diana Q code changes coming to PBE
Hey Zhanos! Not a Diana player but instead curious; if someone had the resources and knew about the files/scripts necessary (for whatever reason) and were to make a fresh spell indicator, would you be able to use it or what would be the complications? (Doubt anyone could with Diana's Q in particular as there's more to do than drawing a few fancy .dds files, which probably do not have to be remade for this one in the first place) Is there any official stance to it?
: Hi! I had to disable ARURF for 2 bugs that we needed to fix real quick. Should be back up soon!
Huh, thanks for the heads-up though! Are we going to learn (or get a hint about) what bugs these were?
: There's actually a number of champions/skins that have this issue with Sylas right now. A good number of them should be fixed with today's PBE deploy, and hopefully the rest tomorrow. Still making our way through all the SFX issues. We've been able to hammer out the vast majority of interactions, but there are some more tricky ones we haven't solved yet. Still workin on it :)
Very nice. Indeed, just found out that an allied view of Shaco's ultimate had the same kind of deal here, in the day 1 build. I'll be watching out for what you've changed. With all the tests I've done today, helping out Vandiril, I saw my fair share of large bu...oh wait no there was like a ***single*** gamplay bug I've found related to the ultimate (I appears that Nida's Cougar form Q enhanced attack doesn't apply Sylas passive, unlike the other basic attacks would. Didn't check the same thing with any other form changing ultimates' enhanced attacks; Jayce W isn't an 'enhanced' one thus works fine). Even the weirder parts of Morde's interactions (Ghost of Sylas is the *only* ghost that prevents you from taking their ult with "Nothing to steal"), but that is not only marginal but makes sense even as that Sylas ghost doesn't show a stored ultimate next to his health bar! If the change was easily possible, 'obvious' 'clones' like Morde's ghost, or Illaoi's grabbed spirit (which I haven't checked if Sylas R was executable on it so disregard this if it isn't) should obviously never be targetable by the Sylas ult and throw a 'nothing to steal' message back, shrinking the pool to actual clones that cause confusion and can't be so easily distinguished, like Shaco's, Leblanc's, Wukong's or Neeko's (the latter of which works fine, you get a Neeko ult and reveal her everytime, yay!). That way Sylas can still not easily differenciate between a clone and the real one, and if he picks the wrong 50/50 out of those doppelgangers, he gets deservedly punished! TL:DR 10 points for ~~Gryffindor~~ QA! But maybe check if ult "targeting/using rules" should get a pass between indistinguishable clones and ~~obvious ult traps~~ distinguishable clones.
: Sylas Bug Thread
Got another small but unique thing; Wukong's derived name for the '**Sylas** has stolen ***champion name's*** ultimate' announcement in the chat is MonkeyKing, aka it uses that other names list (ike clones of bots do for their names, because it looks at who the 'unit type' is that the ability it steals belongs to). However if you were to go to using the same source that generates the chat names has the problem that things like '**Sylas** has stolen **Eggnivia's** ultimate' or '**Sylas** has stolen **Dragon's** ultimate' could appear, against Anivia or aside Lulu, respectively. So I guess you people will find a proper solution to it while regarding that last paragraph. I don't want to see reddit posts about 'Dragon's ultimate' :^)
: Hi! I can't use the report a bug tool because Sylas isn't on the champion list. So, abridged: I've played one game, using the skin. After using Nidalee's ult, my basic attacks were silent for the rest of the game. Tried to go into the game with Dark Harvest, sudden impact, ghost poro, ravenous hunter & shield bash, revitalise. I appeared to have no runes in the loading screen. Once I was in game I was given the default Sorcery page. (I quit and tried again with a new game, and the same thing happened)
The issue with runes defaulting seems to have been hotfixed now.
: Oops. We'll figure this out
Since the copied spell has a 'lifetime' buff, one can just wait it out. Still, 'nothing, and you can't get rid of it in a while' is quite a lame ult to be had for a dummy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Sylas Bug Thread
Hey there, just noticed a relatively small one I can say a bit about, so here it goes: **Darius'** ultimate, at least on his basic skins, features a **texture** shift after a strike of the ultimate (whether lethal or not), covering Darius in blood. If memory serves me right, this is made via 2 seperate .dds files in each's skin's directory, one for the normal texture, and one copy of the texture, but sprikled with blood, the latter getting applied to darius for a few seconds after every of his ults. Now if **Sylas copies** that ultimate, and uses it, he too will have changed textures - but since it doesn't use an overlay for the textures, and instead a *replacement* texture, this texture obviously neither matches Sylas appearance nor quite the proper UV map of his model. [Therefore it will look something like this:](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/334447591372619778/532392462447280146/Screen57.png) Hope that is all recognizable, I'm getting sleepy as it's getting late. If you have any questions regarding this one, feel free to ask those! (Side note: I've obviously also noticed missing SFX in various cases (twitch ult clone, after transforming in specific cases, yada yada yada), but nothing I want to get into detail with here, as I've done no kind of reproduction or other kind of testing with it yet!)
: So the number one question we know we’re going to get asked is “Why ARURF+? I want URF+”. The real answer is no matter how we look at the problem of URF, we keep coming back to the same problems that we talked about last time here: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/12/ask-riot-urf/ In addition to those issues, we find that the URF game mode is at it’s best when you have exciting highs and cool moments that you weren’t expecting to happen. With all random champions, the possible combos and interesting interactions are so much higher, that we think there’s a lot to look forward to. However when the champ selection isn’t random, we’ve seen it with pretty much every game mode that eventually a meta evolves and the champ diversity drops dramatically. We don’t want to heavily control/balance URF, since we think having those extreme moments is what makes it fun and exciting to come back to over and over. There’s a world where we could get the mode balanced, but some of the changes we’d have to make would ruin a lot of the fun fantasy of those particular champions. (Imagine WuKong in URF but we have to remove the CDR from his W so that he can’t be repeatedly sneaky. It might be balanced at that point, but we believe that takes out a lot of what would make WuKong fun in URF.) We’d rather keep it exciting and fun when you get some of those champions! We think a lot of the changes we’ve made to ARURF+ should make it a much more fun experience. Some of the best/worst champs aren’t as extreme, but still have cool moments. And with the shorter game length, if you get a bad champ or match up, the game is over quick so you can move on to the next one. Also the Catapult and objectives change the power dynamics a bit, so hopefully we’ll see some creative new ways to play the mode. We’re committed to keep bringing the best possible URF to all of you, and we understand the desire for non-random from many players. But given all the considerations, we still believe that ARURF is the best possible URF. We hope you have fun with the new ARURF+!
I don't have anything against ARURF. However I wish we had the option to play in a regular URF setting in custom games, I've had a lot of fun with friends all those years back, and there's...[things to be done!](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/312258593347076096/531996568211947530/unknown.png) If people join you into an URF custom with friends, they know who they'll be up against, and they know they're in for a ride outside the matchmaking system's regulations. Which has been incredibly fun with the right people, as mentioned before! If regular picked URF customs are not on the agenda, will ARURF be featured in custom games (limited champion select features like ARAM's customs) at least?
: (Visual bug) Kled isnt feeling so well without Skaarl
A multitude of champions (and skins) that normally *hide* other models is affected on this PBE patch, I'd assume they'll have it caught before it goes live.
: Karthus Passive Ghost is still visible after the passive dies.
Seems like there's been work done on some model stuff, Sion's partial model hiding (axe in passive form, parts of MZ Sion's armor pieces in passive, Mecha Zero Sion's *entire* train model) is also currently broken. Considering this is day 1 of the patch cycle, I'd assume it's a known bug that shipped and they're gonna have a fix fot it before it has ever the chance touching live (right?)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: VFX and SFX Updates for Mundo, Teemo, Anivia, Gragas and Renekton
I see a lot of the suggestions from the original threads implemented here, and I'm happy about that approach! Overall I can't really say anything specific to the changes yet, I'll have to go and see them on the PBE first now (still down right now, doh!). However with how the changes to Corporate Mundo sound (ha?), I might actually have to undust that skin sitting on my EUW account now (Legendary gift chain OP), maybe I'll find my hidden interest in that champion this way. Also, > Restored missing Pretzels to E dash (missing since 2014). Glad you found something to fix as ancient as *that!*
: Nexus Blitz - Bug report Megathread
> as smooth as Twisted Fate on release. I started playing in 2012, just *how* smooth was TF on release?
: > [{quoted}](name=I am Carlos,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=h1vNRmxw,comment-id=0054,timestamp=2018-11-06T22:05:49.907+0000) > and looking at the effort our artists put into the skins. There was effort put into these skins?
It's sounds a lot like the idea for these skins wasn't 'hey skins team can you print money' and more like 'working on the star guardians was really cool we wanna do more. Wait you're not planning an SG even soon? Daww. Can we at least change up the existing skins and sell them as 'improved chromas'?" coming from the artists themselves and this was born. Ofc I'm not speaking for the corresponding artists here, but changing 5 new models, including textures and making sure the animations work out correctly, seeing that nothing clips through another, that's a lotta work!
: Hello again everyone! After considering your feedback and talking together as a team, we have decided to make a price adjustment to the Variants. PBE is always a forum for us to respond to your feedback. This is especially important when we’re trying out new products. We put a lot of thought into the 30% discount: including running player labs, number-crunching, and looking at the effort our artists put into the skins. We still believe in the value of these skins. That said, we hear you: 30% feels bad. So we’re changing it. Both Eclipse Leonas and Pajama Guardian Variants will be discounted now at 45% if you own the other one. So, if you own one Eclipse Leona, the other will cost 1001 RP (2821 RP for both). If you own one Star/Pajama Guardian, you’ll get its counterpart for 742 RP (2092 RP for both) Again, thanks for your feedback on this one. It matters, and we appreciate it.
Great to hear! Though I'm still not sold with a 'static' discount for every variant skin if you own a different variant already, the distinct features of both Leona skins feel worth a bit more than +55%, while ~750 difference for adding one of the 2nd SG skin variants to your existing collection of the other variant is much more natural for specifically these skins, since model + texture changes and (slight) animation adjustments corresponding to the model are valued 750RP in older releases. But if a 1350 skin gained adjustments to their particles, or even new particles ('chroma 3.0' or a dive into a subthematic of an existing skin), this '750 difference' thing would once again add restrictions to the artists options. ##Further questions from me, though: 1. What would be the idea if variants of skins at *different* prices were introduced (let's say e.g. we have a skin without particle effect changes and VO overlay, and it gains a 1350-tier variant)? How much would a customer pay for the 1350 tier skin after the first. How much if he had the 1350 skin first and bought the other one? 2. If Variants become a thing to stay (which they hopefully do), are there any plans for the champion select's skin selection UI to get updated somewhat according to it?
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
##Great News! I was wondering when this approach to skins would be taken, and I was always interested in it. Things like the Lancer Blitzcrank double skin release and different variants of skins can be brought under this easily, and it makes it easy to release skins that overlap significantly with existing themes and visuals. (E.g. with this system it would be possible to make a 'reduced' version of Woad King Darius, akin the original 'Norse King Darius' canceled release skin: [Reference](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6E3O0CHUcQ), video by SkinSpotlights, 2012) --- ##The issue But I do feel like the current price point seems to high. If people should be encouraged to buy multiple skins and not just stick to one variant, there should be a better tradeoff than a general '30% off', possibly based on how much extra change/work the skins have relative to each other (Personally, on first look upon the Leona Legendary, I'd say with all the majorly changed particle textures and (*at least* recall of which i can tell so far) animations, along with textures on model and even slight model changes, I think about the 170% combined cost for both variants is...not far off from what I'd have expected.) --- ##Wait did you just say it's not an issue afterall? And here's where the issue starts, while I think 70% extra for a 2nd Leona variant instead of paying another 100% of a legendary price is justified, it isn't generally for any amount of changes. Not all released skins will have as many changes, and this already appears to be the case with the SG variants - another 950RP for clothes of a skin (model, animation adjustments and texture changes) if you have the existing skin seems, off. It wouldn't be fair at the price point of a chroma obviously, as models and animations are quite a lot of work even when 'just' adjusted, but ~950? I'd definitely pass on that, even if it was for a skin I really liked. If I have that skin already, I'd pass. If I had one of the variants already, I'd pass on any other, based on this. --- ##So then why not increase the 'relative value' of the changes until it meets the 70%extra/30% off pricepoint? Increasing the changes to variants is *definitely* not the solution however, because then the same thing happens as with 1350RP skins, where new particles are 'forced' on the artists even if current ones would subside. If Lumberjack Sion, a 750-tier skin (sold at 520 because never adjusted post-rework), was released today, would it need great new SFX and VFX? A new animation for the chopping? No. Yet still I wouldn't be turned off if an artist decided 'oh yes I **want** to create some horrifyingly spooky artstyle and SFX for the skin!', if both variants ended up being released (at their respective prices). I would priobably even buy both in that case (alright biased because Sion main but), because I want to experiment with it and roleplay stuff. - The takeaway? Price the variant bundles/discounts/extra costs around what the variants are worth relatively, not staticly at the 170(?)%/30%/70% it is right now. This can be higher than 30% in rare cases (if the skins share the same thematic and some non-base animations etc. but have almost completely diverse modified artstyle otherwise), but should be lower when it comes to lesser edits, for the above reasons. --- **TL:DR** Pro: Fantastic, I pictured this before and it happened! The next step after chromas, which have been *restricted* to texture changes so far. WAD revamp goes full cycle finally. Cons: Don't make the price point a *static* 30% off for owning existing pieces, make it dynamic. Otherwise it can get hit or miss with future releases. But still, don't stop experimenting with this. --- Edits: Better phrasing, formatting. All subtitles have been added afterwards.
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
These descriptions of the changes sound awesome, I just wish this post included a few clips to get a...view on stuff. Guess I'll wait for PBE to update/FF@20 to provide footage, then check out this feedback thread again! Thank you for working on these types of older champion vfx/sfx outside of VU/VGU's!
: One For All returns to PBE
Lovely, once again able to play as Sionmains together soon! Are there any new details towards FGM custom games coming back? Would allow for people like us mains to finally host a rematch of the OfA tournament we had back in 2016, or just compete in drifting on Sion specifically. Also content creators and people just having fun would love being able to get two 'friendly' teams together without having to try to snipe each other, and do cool stuff in those specific games (potentially for the world to see)!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God-King Darius
I actually like the idea of getting multiple legendaries for champions again, at least while we're slowly approaching a higher 'champions with legendary skins/all champions'-ratio. Gives me hope that despite him having a legendary already, when in a few years or so we do see a version of Sion that cannot title himself 'Kingslayer' yet, it'd get a new VO bringing us into his time, more lively animations and new effects to compensate for his lack of blood magic at the time. So far, both Cho's and Darius' legendaries can be divided into 2 categories, serious ones (BC Prime, this one) and those that are sparked more from community interest (Cho Gath with a 'British' outfit and VO, Darius as a basketball player, since he dunks). As someone owning and playing all these previous ones, I do tend to enjoy the more serious skins more, often including base skins for champions (I tend to play and enjoy Sion's and Darius' non-legendary Skins far more, personally); So I love to see that both these groups of customers do get enough high quality variance to choose from! Also, fantastic job on the new VFX/particle effects and model animation. I noticed it for Aatrox already and here, the new VFX are definitely a step towards greater skins in the future. I'm excited for what will be coming eventually!
: Cursor Update on PBE
I wonder, is the update completely just visually or does this change its function in any other way, too?
: Really not sure why this is coming. We have an ENTIRE tree full of attack speed oriented keystones and now we get this. Just run PTA if you want 3 hit passive burst. Seriously this keystone doesnt cater to anyone new. Tell me atleast 1 champ who didnt synergize with a keystone beforehand who will enjoy using this. Meddler used Xin as an example, but we have PTA and Conq for him already.
I think it's about variety. A champion shouldn't only use 1 keystone better than all the others, but 2-4 different ones at a similar powerlevel. This gives the option to do that, it's not about being the stongest Keystone for any champion, but it definitely poses an option for some champions in the current iteration. Could recieve a bit of QoL still though, to make things like Twitch not clench their teeth trying to use it!
: That was a PF ezreal :) in the 2 cases he got the kill so i think u got the answer
Yup, that's the exact thing we've been reproducing yesterday all day long already! PF Ezreal's special 'on unit kill' animation turns models invisible. Unfortunately, this makes the post-mortem passives of Sion, Karthus and Kog'Maw invisible, and it also affects Morde's ghost! This same bug existed about 1.5-2 years ago already, was fixed back then for various skins with similar effects. Might have been reintroduced in 8.8 entirely as I hadn't seen it before this patch again, and multiple times on this patch now in contrast! Only affects PF Ezreal this time, it seems!
: Mordekaiser Ult Bug
Was the Ezreal a Pulsefire Ezreal? I might have the answer to it already if it was PF ezreal and he got the kill onto Lux who was morde ulted!
: Thanks for the info, but yeah, I'm sorry to say that we won't be able to do particle color changes =( As for the AE86, I thought that was more of a {{champion:33}} thing hahaha, but yeah, I understand For the Thomas reference, we actually wanted to try it--and we did in concepting originally, it came out really poorly, mainly because the colors of Thomas don't actually stand out--what stands out is obviously his face. When we tried to color out the different sections in a pattern similar to Thomas, you ended up losing almost everything that's Sion, and all you got was random color blots here and there (especially pre-transform) Your complaints are completely valid, and I'm glad that you're giving us feedback on it! Knowing what you guys want, and how you all feel is important! Thanks!
Btw, any reason as to why they're not available to purchase for public testing on the PBE yet?
: Oh ye the AE86 refrence!! The famous Toyota in league RITO please. I can't be the only 1 to like that. {{champion:14}} [KANSEI DORIFTO](https://imgur.com/UtAfvpQ)
Exactly, imagine the excitement people on the JP servers would get. The anime is basically culture there!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Zero Sion!
Overall the quality for these recolors is what I'd hoped for. I can see everyone picking a different favorite out of these so far. I assume there will be *no* particle color changes, right? Personally I dont have much of a problem with it, but on the SionMains Discord quite a number of people have...voiced their opinion on that. No further comment on that from my part, just letting you know. I'd personally hoped for a reference to the Toyota [AE86 paintjob](https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61GZRrm4ymL._SL1500_.jpg) that has gained popularity thanks to Initial D, not lastly due to [walldrifting](https://gfycat.com/HospitableFlippantGypsymoth) being a thing people always get excited for. There is a Herby reference in the Mecha Malphite chroma pack afterall. Or a Thomas the Tank Engine reference, which is basically Internet culture at this point! The 3rd one I was hoping for was one where MZ would use the base Sion colorsceme, black and red, which is basically the Meteorite recolor, so thank you for that one! Overall these are 'yeah but why not *also* X' complaints, there's nothing that'd have to change about these before live, imo. It's a good recolor pack.
: An Update on Chromas
Would you consider creating and implementing fan-made chromas like e.g. [this one](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4b4akh/i_made_a_huge_recolor_pack_11_skins_for_my/)? Overall I do like the diffrent approach on the Chromas. Glad it's happening again. - EDIT: There's even a [whole subreddit dedicated to CHROMA REQUESTS](https://www.reddit.com/r/chromarequest). I'd love if you would listen to frequent community requests when it comes to chromas.
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