: [Preseason] Itemization Feedback Megathread - October 19th
> After being unseen for at least 1 second, your next basic attack deals 50 (+200% Lethality) bonus true damage on hit. Won't this be a *huge* problem on Kha'zix? Any readings so far on the strength of this item on him and if he'll be receiving nerfs before it ships? Vayne might be problematic, but as you said, she'd have to build assassin over as/crit so there's a tradeoff. Kha builds assassin anyway. How does Abyssal compare now to before in terms of numbers? I expect it to be an overall nerf since Aegis' passive was removed. Why are we getting a third AD/MR item? What are the complications of an AD/Armor item (I know Atma's was a *little* busted) - is this combination of stats just out of the picture? And maybe a bit off topic - but I was expecting Rylai's to be included with this overhaul. Will it be coming soon? Any word on the direction it's going to be taking?
: I don't know whether this is a mistake for not but on the thread it shows morello not offering any ap anymore. I am praying this is a mistake.
> Morellonomicon has been changed to build out of Lost Chapter - **heavy AP**, flat mana, flat CDR. An interesting facet of this change is that Archangel's Staff and Morellonomicon form a very aggressive pairing of Mana, AP and CDR fueling each other. The comment of "heavy ap, ... flat cdr" is oriented towards Morello, not Lost Chapter, because it mentions CDR which Chapter doesn't give. They just forgot the AP number in the post, Morello isn't losing the AP. Considering the two items that build into Morello (Codex + Chapter) give 50 AP it'd be pretty odd if the upgrade to Morello lost those stats
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Do you have planned changes for {{champion:8}} that will disincentivize buying Hextech Gunblade on him after this patch rolls through? He pays 1100g extra gold but he still gets the 15% Vamp in the unique healing passive that he abuses so heavily and will abuse even further with Visage healing buffs. He also still gets 80 AP. Loses the CDR but does that matter when {{item:3001}} + {{item:3157}} are giving him CDR now? Sure, the 40 AD is next to useless, but there are cases in this game where champs are buying items they don't use all the stats on ({{champion:157}} with {{item:3078}} for example) because they simply use the item effectively enough to warrant buying it, and I believe Vald would fall under this category after these changes. I'd say the extra gold is almost even worth paying because of the extra active he gets. More burst (which everyone loves) and it even amps of his R, unless that's being changed. The only case against buying this item that I can think of is that the build path sucks with Cutlass. Is that enough to warrant not buying it? The only reason it's currently not bought is because WotA does the same thing but for cheaper. But with this WotA is removed and H-Gblade is the only option, an item that is also being buffed. Do you think this will create a balance problem?


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