: These changes are already on live (they're in the 8.14 patch notes), so this feedback is better fit on live boards/reddit. Riot focuses on feedback for this cycle only on PBE, which in this case is 8.15.
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: Cursor Update on PBE
Echoing what others have said, the tiny colored rectangle is hard to see and the place ward indicator feels too round or something compared to the old one. I like that this cursor is easy to spot quickly though.
: same reason you cant flash while using thresh hook or flash while using blitz pull. It would be batshit broken and leaves no time for a reaction. Its meant for disruption and otherwise mostly just to be used after ult is activated so it pulls them into it. If used in a chase try to anticipate where they are running to next and use it to get ahead of their path. Thats how ive usally found it works best.
Yeah, I guess it would be pretty strong. You can flash W or even press both simultaneously to do a large gapclose W anyway so that's good enough for me. I just love champions with mechanical maneuvers like Ahri's E flash.
: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
What's the logic behind Rakan not being able to {{summoner:4}} during his W travel (I'm sure there is a good reason). Also, is there any chance you would allow actives to be used during his W? It would be really sweet to {{item:3107}} on top of myself as I W, but I could also see this creating some weird cancels with {{item:3157}}. It's just kind of strange because he can cast summoner heal while pausing during W knockup
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