: Sooo.. have you *tried* repair or install?
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: Intermediate Bots Available In Custom Games
I noticed that intermediate bots are smart enough to purchase stealth wards when they based but they have yet to put them down asides from the ward trinkets. Throughout a custom game, I tested against them, both sides never put down those stealth wards at all. I hope that would be fixed soon.
: LF a group of serious people who are willing to help
: Unsportsmanlike players need to be addressed
I actually came across that player this morning (Malaysian local time). Gosh he was really irritating because after one death he kept on saying "gg its over" to the point he afk at base. I hope Riot look into this and ban them.
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: I got this: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=9BC0142E876D1842!2117&authkey=!AOWok3cwNzTKJVE&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.png
Yes I think that's an indication they are restarting the store so I believe it'll be back online soon.
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: Game Loading
Yes I can confirm I have the same problem as I was trying the new Varus skin on custom games.
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: Riven...
You have to understand how to use Riven's auto attack cancel animation. That's why Riven is so popular in the meta.
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: Didnt Get RP or Ip I played during the week.
Did you play at least one match and are you low on ip/rp? because from the FAQ: To discourage IP/RP hoarding, the PBE also replenishes low tester IP/RP balances late each Sunday night. Active testers (who have completed at least one match on the PBE in the previous week) with LESS than 10,000 IP and/or 4,000 RP balance will be automatically credited an additional 20,000 IP and 8,000 RP. This change can also take a while to process, so this stipend will appear early Monday morning for players in some time zones.
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: I refuse to play PBE now, its just full toxic players, trolls and afks. There is no enjoyment in this.
Yeah it's no fun even if you're on the winning side on a 5v4 game.
: Intermediate Bots?
Yes I support this suggestion too!

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