: i don't. When did they add this? season 5? Some players asked them why this didn't work with attack move and riot IIRC said "We will probably not do it"
Yeah I see. I dropped a post on ask riot as well hoping to get an answer from riot directly as well. I'm genuinely interested if burning an opportunity for skill is their motivation considering the addition of jungle timers and input buffering being added over time, both of which are similarly providing a bridge over the skill some players developed before those were available. At any rate, thank you very much for your answers!
: just adding attack move is already a big thing because that's what skill should do overlapping it with "target champ only" should be done only if you play in a tutorial
I definitely understand the take away from skill. I agree this is effectively providing players with a meritless ability to match others who've put in much more time and practice into kiting and microing character movements in teamfights. My only question was pertaining to Riot's point of view and response. You'd mentioned they said they didn't want this to occur. Do you happen to have a link to their post regarding the choice to not overlap the functions?
: when they put the "attack move" click they said they didn't want to make it functional with "Target champ only" button now that it can be toggled i don't see any different reason than before to make it functional
Did they mention why they chose not to to make them overlap? I wasn't aware of a previous mention but I'm very curious as to the reasoning.
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