: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Shaco!
The skin is beautiful and wanna to say thanks. What I'd change is AUTO ATTACK SOUND: facestab and backstab, doesnt sound right, very weird noise. If I keep attacking minions or enemy I get so annoyed by this sound. Q VFX is too big compared to other skins and brings disadvantage. I wish he was smiling on the splash, but how it is, is still very cool. I wish the icon wasnt the box icon but his face, just like all other previous Dark Star skins had, so you could do it with Karma too. Shaco wont get any summoner icon in few years now, so it would be nice if it was his skin face. I play Shaco for 4 years and waited for this skin all this time, would be nice to have a not faceless (haha) summoner icon, unless you are going to add Chibi-Shaco in BE store in the future :)
: Yeah, we just got this figured out a few minutes ago. Hopefully it'll work on the next build!
Thank you for your response, I'm glad it will be fixed soon :^ ) **EDIT: FIXED IN 6.22.16_11_01_04_46 THX**
: [Shaco (W)] - Jungle monsters don't want to attack Shaco's boxes, making his clear very bad.
Placements? > _It is neverending_ – {{champion:75}}
: Seems to be the same bug from [7 Months Ago](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/1i2pqi3q-shaco-boxes-dont-draw-jungle-aggro).
I hope it's a bug, not a feature to make Shaco worse early game jungler :^ )
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: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
**EDIT: BUG FIXED IN 6.22.16_11_01_04_46 **
: It also has become very clear that you shouldn't level E until the end. There is basically no use to its level ups.
**No. You just have to stop playing Shaco brainless, like E then Q someone, and expect to one-shot.** Get max cdr, a proper combo now is: Use Q then R while invisible, (optional before casting R, place a box while stealth on a way enemy is going to run), get backstab from Shaco and Clone, use E, use 2 autos, use E again. If its a squishy target, he probably dies, if not, you have Q again to finish him off or escape. They key to play new Shaco is constantly using backstab including the Clone, get CDR for the 6,6s+ Q cooldown, get put a box when they don't expect. E does massive damage after your burst from Q and backstab. Also, if you chase someone, you can start a fight from E to slow someone, then Q and and the rest, and use E at the end again, because its around 4,5s with max cdr. **TL;DR: You have to change playstyle, understand that you need max CDR and AD, proc passive properly, Q is main damage and E is a finisher.**
: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
[Stealth champions] [Shaco, Kha'Zix etc] - Being hit by an ability with Damage over Time, and then using stealth ability, makes you to be seen by an enemy as a white ghost, as long as you take damage from DoT. Repro steps: 1. Pick Shaco 2. Enemy is Darius 3. Darius attacks Shaco applying bleed passive 4. Shaco uses Deceive 5. Darius can see Shaco's ghost every time his passive ticks I know skillshots [like Ezreal Q] show invisible champions as a white ghost for a short duration, but Damage over Time abilities shouldn't, because it lasts too long and it's really annoying to play against, champions like Darius, Cassio or Brand. I'm the enemy enemy team Shaco on this video: https://youtu.be/JyyHNaG0Pwg I think I got hit by something, but I clearly have no idea what was that. Sunfire Cape anyone?
: Posted this in a thread by itself, but should have posted here. [Shaco] - Box (W) Unaffected by Control Ward - http://imgur.com/a/WcI4S Shaco's box is unaffected by control ward but is affected by red trinket. I tried to see if Teemo's shroom (R) was affected and it is affected(disabled). (This bug was found 4 days ago, may have been fixed if post was seen. If no changes to control ward or shaco have been made since, then effects should still be the same) Repro steps: 1. choose shaco 2. place a box (W) 3. enemy places control ward 4. box does no deactivate/is disabled What red trinket does - 5. place a box 6. enemy uses red trinket 7. box is disabled [Shaco] - Clone (R) Does not get on kill or visuals of targons items 1. Buy Targons on shaco 2. Blue orbs do not float around him. [Shaco] - Clone (R) does not get stacks of Guinsoo's Rageblade or the Visual effect. This effect is for most items with on hit effects like guinsoo's/statik shiv. 1. Buy Guinsoo's Rageblade on Shaco 2. Use Hallucinate (R) 3. Auto with clone. No stacks or visual effect (red hands) [Shaco] - Clone (R) does not apply on hits that real shaco has. (Might have something to do with previous stated bug) This might be just a bug on live server and was fixed for pbe/reworked shaco, but shaco's clone can't proc onhit effects that the real shaco has. These include red buff/hextech revolver/sheen/lichbane. On live server, it would proc these items while putting them on CD for the real shaco (somewhat of a good idea if it was a bug) 1. Buy one of the items listed (red buff/hextech revolver/sheen/lichbane) 2. Do their description to activate the item. 3. Attack the intended target for that item. Last, I am asking if this is intended or a bug. [Shaco] - Deceive (Q) Will take you out of stealth if you Cancel your auto This video is an example of why it should not be intended if it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDpfUpiLjyU As I did not have someone to help show off the bug in fog of war or in a bush I used a creep in mid lane. I play a lot of shaco and this happens fairly often. You Q over a wall or into a bush where there is FoW just to come out of stealth because you accidentally right click a person due to you not knowing they are there. 1. Pick shaco 2. Use Deceive (Q) 3. Cancel Auto 4. Come out of stealth
> Last, I am asking if this is intended or a bug. > [Shaco] - Deceive (Q) Will take you out of stealth if you Cancel your auto I think the last one is how abilities work. Same with Kled [W], if you have [W] ready, hit something and cancel the ability, [W] activates and if you won't attack anything next 4s, ability goes on full cooldown. Also old Shaco does the same with [Q]. Still don't know if a bug or intentional, but I got used to this.
: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
Title: [Shaco] {{champion:35}} - Shaco's Clone comes back to Shaco's dead body, when he doesn't see an enemy to hit. Body: After Shaco's death, the Clone comes back to Shaco's dead body, when a nearby enemy he attacked (Clone; ALT+RMB) enters the fog of war (like not-warded bush). And then like intended, explodes and leaves 3 mini-boxes. Repro steps: 1. Pick Shaco 2. Get lvl 6, use Hallucinate [ult] 3. Fight an enemy 4. Die as Shaco 5. Clone is chasing and attacking enemy champion 6. If enemy champion enters the not-warded bush Shaco's clone doesn't stay near the bush, but it comes back to Shaco's dead body. 7. Then Clone explodes and leaves 3 mini-boxes, like intended. On live server, when an enemy enters the fog of war, the Clone stands still. He was never going back to Shaco's dead body. I don't know the "rework" or "mini-update" makes it to be intended or not.
: I agree completely with the box stacking, but do you think the Q invis time is a little low? i think they either need to increase the invis time scaling so he is less useless late game or decrease the cooldown of the q or just make the starting q invis time longer, so increase the 1.5 to like 2 or 3
You max Q first, Shaco with lvl 4-5 is almost the same like live, and lvl 7 means Q is rank 5, so its even better. You can still rush Mobi boots, so it's like Q lasts faster, because you travel faster. OLD lvl 1 Q 3,5s was hell busted, and as a Shaco main I truly understand why is it changed. Same imagine Zac with a lot of E range lvl 1, would be broken.
: His old E wasn't poke it was a straight up nuke (at least for ap). Something needed to be done that Shaco wasn't just using E then leaving until it was off cooldown. As for everything else I largely agree he has some really bad late game problems still, and has lost his early supremacy. I do think they very much wanted him to be hybrid all the time now with these changes which depending on what you play is really weird. I for one always did hybrid so I've adapated nicely to it I suppose.
After ANOTHER few games, have to say, E is still good, just you gotta get 40% cdr, Q, E, auto twice, use E again when someone is 1/3 or 1/4 HP, and someone is going to be dead for sure. E isn't maybe the best early, but Shaco is much better late game than before he was. http://i.imgur.com/G5OwdHj.png
: > [{quoted}](name=20thCenturyFaux,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=auEY7jEU,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-10-18T22:41:05.788+0000) > his passive took the mini-crit stuff from Q and has a per-unit cooldown, Q has bonus flat damage that is multiplied by the P mini-crit and has an AP ratio, Q stealth duration scales with rank 1.5-4.5, W can be placed while stealth but briefly reveals Shaco when he does, W has a small AP ratio on total (not triggered) duration, E has % missing health damage and TAD scaling and is no longer good to rank first (that's Q's job now), R drops a triangle of mini-boxes that do less dmg/fear, trigger together, and share health. I've just played game as shaco and you guys just butchered him from passive to E in every part of the game. Only buff to compansate that is triangle with boxes. First, removed Atack speed slow on jungle camps combined with some strange change to targeting boxes by jungle camps (they just ignore them unless you move far away from camp) makes him struggle with even under leveled jungle camp. Also passive dont work from side so there's little chance to proc it on jungle monsters. Also boxes lost 20% to jungle camps in that situation becouse of passive change. Deceive aka his Q cd increase from 11s to 15s really?! Ok it's reduced by 2.5s if you hit someone but still it's a nerf by 1.5s. JitB same as live. Two shiv / E. Slow doesn't refresh with each auto anymore and also it doesn't work on scuttle crab... Missing hp bonus instead of bonus from old passive it's nice. Ulti, clones auto don't slow and don't grant assists (probably a bug). tl;dr: His dmg in early is a lot lower, jungle clear is pain and costs shaco A LOT of life. His mid game still doesnt exist (just like old trist mid game) and his late game got nerfed hard (thx passive). Also his passive scalling (2% bonus crit dmg per lvl) is really low. And im not sure if IE works with it.
Im 1,50mln Shaco main and I just played few games, and have to say, his clear in the jungle is really broken and they should nerf 200% crit and make it scale with level. I can do solo lvl 4-5 dragon, lvl 7 solo herald, 35min not full build solo Elder Dragon and then go and do solo Baron. His lvl 3-7 feels weaker (no damage on ganks, E is really useless and its hard sometimes to get backstab on a champion). Q cooldown its a nerf, but I try to buy CDR idk, something like Warrior, Gunblade or Hydra, Trinity, CDR boots, Duskblade, IE, and it's not bad to have 45% CDR (passive less than 2s, Q 6,6s, W7,7s, E 4,4s, R 48s). He still has nice burst, but comparing to other assassins/junglers when I play Shaco I notice lack of damage. Usually assassins are or full AD or full AP and they scale really well on all abilities, Shaco doesn't.
: Shaco main here- I was a bit apprehensive when I heard Shaco was receiving some minor kit changes for the preseason, but I'm finding myself quite pleased with what Riot has done with him, both for AD and for AP builds. I'm super happy to see a champion I love having more meaningful choices in-game. I only have one concern with his changes- The forced spacing between his boxes feels too drastic. Even a slight overlap in box placement will shunt the new box in a direction that you can't always predict. I believe this has unintended negative effects on both AD and AP builds. Box placement can be the difference between a successful gank/escape and an unnecessary death. With the forced minimum Box proximity, Shaco players aren't able to accurately replace a box that is about to expire. The number of Shaco players that stack boxes is small relative to the number of Shaco players that do not. However, many many Shaco players (both AD and AP) need to stack a box directly on top of an expiring box to plan for future ganks and escapes. When a player's success is determined by their ability to create and execute plans, as is the case with Shaco, it's important for all of the abilities to work as you expect them to. It's not easy to predict where your stacked box will end up, and it can make or break a fight. I'd really like to see stackable boxes again, or a reduction in the minimum placement distance by around half. In his boxes' current state, Shaco players will have a hard time doing what they need to do. TLDR: I believe the changes to box stacking will hurt the average Shaco player as much as the Shaco players that lay huge box nests. Interested in hearing other Shaco players' thoughts on the changes! :)
I think they should add a circle around a box (only Shaco player sees it), to know where you can place a box next to the other, to don't get it moved somewhere (?).
: It is a placeholder. :P You don't get movespeed and you get the greenfather damage boost.
I expected an image to be a placeholer, but still the tooltip shows Stormraider's Surge, even it does't work xD But still confusing.
: So some thoughts I want to add about shaco rework/ap shaco, mostly in relation to control ward and red trinkets being able to completely disable shaco's boxes. Let it be mentioned that most of this content I will be pointing out is in relation to higher elo where people will buy control wards and take advantage of a champion's weaknesses. I play shaco in lane, but with the nerf to the Q and addition of control wards, it makes it much harder to lane as him as your getaway/safety is in your Q and boxes. The new invisible part of shaco's Q is very nice, but it doesn't provide the lane presence he needs. What gives him that lane presence is his boxes. As a squishy champion, they help provide early game presence in the lane. Box stacks were something ap shacos abused to help to counter ganks and they also helped to provide incredible lane presence as the enemy lanner could not go onto you without dying or getting chunked down, which I can completely understand why it was nerfed. Yet, with how strong control wards are, not to mention red trinket, and the loss of box stacks you lose out on even more of your lane presence due to this. Adding to this, shaco lost out on a lot of poke with his E due to the nerf to the base damage and the -10% ap ratio, this is not mentioning the -20% damage nerf from hitting them from behind. Poking an opponent down was good before, but now it feels like you aren't doing any damage with it in lanning phase. Honestly, I probably won't even be leveling up his E till last now since it adds nothing. The extra % damage on his E is completely toward's shaco's level and not the level of the ability. Since you aren't really gonna get any poke with your E, boxes get completely disabled by control wards and red trinkets, you use your Q as a getaway instead of an initiation and your ult can't help to retake the lane by killing control wards (unless this is fixed), you really don't have any strength's in lanning phase. Wrapping up my points, I want to add in that when Riot removed the ability for QSS to take off combat debuffs in the mage update, patch 6.9, they said, "...cleansing a combat debuff wipes the applicator's primary means of fighting you. So, those champs are pressured to snowball before their effects become meaningless." Shaco's in a similar predicament. While QSS was incredible inefficient at the time, 1300g, Control ward is incredibly efficient, 50g which can be gotten back with the traps you kill. Shaco's main way to fight you as ap is beside his boxes. Control ward completely disables an ability of shaco and forces him out of the lane with no way of retaking it. Some suggestions to fix this situation: 1. New control ward - after 5 seconds of being revealed, hidden traps will be disabled until the control ward is destroyed. 2. New control ward - all currently placed traps are disabled, traps placed after the ward has been placed will be active. 3. Make control ward only purchasable upwards of level 9, similar to how red trinket can only be upgraded at level 9. Thank you for taking the time out to read this wall of text. I just want the best for one of my favorite champions. PinkWard. Tested - Control wards can disabled one another. Shaco's clone can now attack wards. Bug(?) - Shaco's boxes are unaffected by control ward while teemo's shrooms are. They should both be considered "traps" as teemo shroom and shaco box are disabled by red trinket. http://imgur.com/a/WcI4S http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/gncAIm2E-shaco-box-w-unaffected-by-control-ward tl;dr : Control wards completely disable one of shaco's abilities. Outside of a gank, there is no way to retake the lane as shaco can no longer poke out his opponent with his E due to early game nerfs to it.
Hello, 1,50mln mastery points, Plat elo Shaco main here. I used to play AD Shaco jungle or Hybrid Shaco jungle /// AP Shaco on rotating game modes. Played Shaco on PBE, few customs, games vs bots and normals. **Things I think are good in Shaco's changes:** - box's HP scale with level (150hp unit late game was useless) - 2s cooldown refund for Q while backstabbing (I feel rewarded for striking from behind) - stealth isn't countered by pink wards (it was very frustrating in team-fights later on) - clone can attack wards (finally) - can't abuse box stacking on jungle camps or making a trap (it was pretty too strong on first clear) - Q stealth scales with level (ganks feel generally less toxic for the entire game, when you see Shaco in enemy team) - Q mana cost decreased, W range up - Clone is attacking champions after Shaco's death (OH YES, he finally does something) **Things I think are OP / busted and have to be nerfed:** - 200% critical strike lvl 1-18 vs monsters in the jungle (you can do early dragon (pre lvl 6), lvl 7 solo Rift Herald (wow?), very fast baron if you and clone strike from behind, generally really good clear in the jungle, ????) BUT I guess it's a recompense for worse early game ganking presence (Q stealth duration down, E damage down). **Things I really don't like or I'm not sure about:** - E isn't a poke ability anymore, feels like you do literally NO DAMAGE, unless someone is low HP (very bad base damage, other junglers/assassins have better), EDIT rework forces you to change playstyle into Q aa E, so then it's actually good. - Hard to proc Q/backstab on ganks pre lvl 5 - Weird scaling: Q scales with AP and AD and does physical damage, E scales with AP and AD and does magic damage. Other spells are AP. And still looks like he will be better AD. - Still very high base cooldowns on ALL abilities (14s Q, 16s W, 8s E), forces you to buy CDR, while CDR items really doesnt fit Shaco's playstyle. To be ABLE to do enough damage you still have to play or FULL AP or FULL AD. With CDR items your burst is lower, but Q can be 6s cooldown, so you will do more damage, but not instant. There is no longer one-shot, but I guess new Assassins shouldn't do it. - Recommended items feel really bad for Shaco (especially Black Cleaver and Death's Dance. Why wouldn't you buy Ravenous Hydra?) **And the most important for me, crits on Shaco:** - Backstab passive scales from (lvl 1) 120% to (lvl 18) 145% crit ONLY vs champions and minions. If you have IE, up to 195%. It's still less than a regular 200% crit (or 250% with IE) and feels poor late game. It feels really bad when you crit randomly from FRONT for 250% damage and for less BACKSTABBING what is 195%. Of course you can stack regular crit with backstab, if your backstab passive crits with critical chance item (example if you have 20% crit chance from IE), but still it feels bad. Sometimes it's really hard to get a backstab vs a champion, and you hit for ONLY 195% crit damage. Old Q was scaling to 220%. Imo should be 120-200%. I know it's a 3-2s backstab cooldown, so you can proc it more than once, but can't imagine backstabbing an enemy twice or more in a row, especially a ranged champion who is going to kite you; unless you are fed and enemy is only trying to run away, showing you their shiny back. Buying crit on Shaco feels less efficient, AD CDR Shaco seems better. But probably 250% guaranteed backstab crit with IE only (20% crit chance) late game would be too strong. > **EDIT: Found him very good AD 40% CDR, forgot to say I'm VERY happy about these changes/rework and I think he is better now than live. Thank you Riot! :^)**
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: [Shaco] Backstab does less damage to monsters than intended
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHPraSnwUIE In second part of the video I got 100% crit chance and hitting a krug does 219 crit and backstabbing Krugs 192+27, so it's correct. No bug for me vs monsters. There is no bug. Mini back stab crit can stack with regular cirt, if u have crit chance, you can see it especially vs champions and minions.
: [Shaco] - Backstab generates Fervor of battle. Shaco can gain 2 stacks of Fervor by backstabbing any target (Minion, Monster, Champions) and it stacks infinitely. Repro steps: 1. Play Shaco with Fervor. 2. Backstab anything and gain them sweet fervor stacks.
Can confirm, u get 2 Fervor stack per backstab (minion or monster), can have more than 8, Fervor stack also increases crit damage.


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