: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I do not agree that these changes are what Morde needed, nor do I think they are going to help his current state at all. I DO agree with the notion of making him less of a bursty mage (despite how fun it is) and making him into the juggernaut that you guys perceive. Problem is, he is still going to be kited by everyone and their mother and he has literally no way around that currently. Add in the fact that if he starts building tanky, he won't have the damage to wipe a squishy if he gets to them while providing 0 CC for your team. He becomes a big wall of meat with some dps IF, and ONLY if, he can reach his target and stick to them. Nerfing his MS and shoehorning him into bot to force a bruiser bot lane fantasy just sounds like it's going to kill what few people who played him liked about him. I understand that his strengths and weaknesses were stark and hard to balance around, but making him easier to kite while making him dependent on having a laning partner in the one lane he can be kited the most just doesn't make sense to me. This kills the Mordekaiser.


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