: Checking in to report I have the same issue. None of the new content that's supposed to be available for testing is viewable on my PBE client. And no skins newer than Freljord Talia shows up in the store. The store is also missing its usual front-end, where they promote the new stuff. It just has the loot crates at the bottom, and a whole lot of nothing above it. I see people talking about the new stuff, so I can only assume it's not affecting everyone, which makes this even weirder. Edit: For the record, I did both restart the client, and restart my PC for good measure.
I thought that it always showed only the chests and nothing more since I never payed any additional attention and as soon as I turn the store on I instantly go to the skins tab xd
: They've probably been disabled. If you go to the skins tab in your collection and display all, the skins that are missing from the store are there, but cannot be purchased. Might be move from RIOT, who knows.
The thing is, I can't even buy death sworn skins (don't have the Viktor skin yet it doesn't show up), the christmas skins, arclight Yorick, Dragon Sorceress Zyra, etc. Not just the new skins
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