: Why my PBE account has been sealed
Mine got locked as well. I verified the email and even had the IP boost from it. Super sad :( Was i not active enough?
: Was it when you walked into a bush? Because then, Ivern is considered a ranged champion and Hydra only applies to melee champions.
> [{quoted}](name=Catman,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=YAO3Os4u,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-27T22:37:29.209+0000) > > Was it when you walked into a bush? Because then, Ivern is considered a ranged champion and Hydra only applies to melee champions. Titanic sometimes works on situational ranged autos like Poppy Passive, i havent personally tried it on Ivern so I have no idea how it interacts.
: Championship: Zed Skill animations
I don't play Zed ever so i might not be the best opinion on this but they seem fine to me. They may be harder to see in a chaotic team fight but then again what isnt hard to see in that situation. Its probably a good choice anyways to brighten them because people will just have one more excuse as to why they got killed. I've actually encountered an AD on my team who lost his lane because Pulsefire Ezreal made Ezreal overpowered because the colors not because of his own skill or anything......
: Frozen Mallet nerfs
I feel like it would be better to keep the stats because they don't seem like to much of an issue. Maybe Looking into lowering the slow for ranged attacks or add some kind of deterioration when you keep landing auto after auto. Example have the stats look like 40% slow for melee (20% for ranged). Also consider something along the lines of keeping the slow value 30% on ranged but making every ranged attack that hits before the slow wears off 3% less effective (capping at a reasonable number). This items obviously only purchased for the slow and not just the stats so the slow should be the thing nerfed not the numbers. That's just my opinion, anyone else agree or have anything to add?
: Ekko E (Phase Dive) and Rapid Firecannon Bug
> Edit: The inconsistency may be caused by the order of activation of effects; that is, try using E after RFc is ready, and then try activating E before energized effect is at full stacks. After testing I was able to get it to happen about 50% of the time if the E was activated before the Energize Filled.
: Ekko E (Phase Dive) and Rapid Firecannon Bug
After testing this out I couldn't replicate the problem but something is definitely weird about the combo. After 30 RFC+E's on Scuddle Crab I couldn't get a replication and After 30 RFC+E's on champions i still couldn't manage to replicate the issue. The weird part comes in when i slowed down test footage because something felt off. It appears that the "Energized Damage" instantly pops on the target then the animation of the blink finishes and applies the E damage which adds onto the damage number that shows under the champion
: High Noon Yasuo shield [chromas]
I think its just a bug. Rocket Girl Tristana's Chromas had the same type of issue with auto attacks a little while back.
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: Increased Bugsplat error problem?
I haven't see a bugsplat in all of season 6 until patch 6.14 went live now its about a 50/50 whether i make it through the loading screen or not, on PBE and on Live. Only Programs open are Discord (without the ingame UI), Steam, and sometimes Google Chrome.

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