: Unable to connect to the server
Yea it's been happening lately with the new skins. At least from what I can tell .
: Don't play use the draven draven skin or the new aurelion sol skin and you'll be fine
I loaded up with a teammate playing the ashen lord Aurelion skin, so you can scratch that out. This bug has happened to me trying to play the Definetely not Vel Koz skin.
: This happened to me trying to play the Definetely Not Vel Koz skin. I tried two times and gave me the same error. This didn't happen with the Urf Tahm Kench skin.
It must be something with the new skins.
: [League client update] Can't connect to server.
This happened to me trying to play the Definetely Not Vel Koz skin. I tried two times and gave me the same error. This didn't happen with the Urf Tahm Kench skin.
: I never crashed...Will my logs help fix the problem?
Crashed for the first time today, no idea what caused it. Was queued up with 3 others and queue popped and just crashed. I solo queued up before and no problem must be something with queuing up with others.
: PBE Client Crashing in Draft Mode
Yea i crashed for the first time today was queued up with 3 others and one of them kept crashing when trying to switch his icon. I don't know whats caused it. Queue popped and i was about to type something in chat and it crashed.
: Mundo Damage bugs
Have to say this is true. Mundo is doing insane amount of damage.
: Too long waiting in Draft Mode
The most i waited was 10 minutes before i gave up and queue up for blind pick. I got matched within 3 minutes of queuing up in blind pick. If you want people to test draft mode please disable blind pick. Nobody is playing draft mode. I personally love the new draft mode and was looking forward to testing it out further. I have no idea why people aren't playing on it
: Illoai's tentacles should be harder for ranged champions to take. (3 or 4 hits, like teemo shrooms)
I have to disagree, the way her test of spirit is right now-lasting so long and all, making her tentacles more hits to kill will just make her more annoying.
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
Illaois E (Test of Spirit) is very annoying. It forces you to either protect your soul or become a vessel and be vulnerable to engages and poke because the debuff last super long. IMO you need to cut the time you are vessel for because it just last way to long and there is little counter-play.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
I think you need to tune some number because his immediate Q does way to much damage. If played bot lane and decently, Graves will just murder you for being against or near walls. Overall i like the rework, his numbers need to be balanced out i feel.
: Can the new braum skin get a lion shaped passive indicator?
As a support lover, i think its a brilliant and needed change.
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
With the addition of Illaois and her tentacles, i have noticed an increase in lag when team fights break out or during heavy spell usage. I have a low end computer that can play League on the lowest possible settings and resolution. As riot keeps adding more content and particles in the game its making it less and less playable for those with lower end computers. Ever since the new summoners rift i have had a decrease in performance.
: Tahm Kench - Can Devour Allies from anywhere on Map.
Yup I was playing Tahm Kench first time today and somebody on my team (Rengar) showed me the bug. I tested it in game and, used it a couple times--haha I couldn't resist-. It's a game breaking bug, because you can W any ally globally and save them from impending death or get off a sinister gank anywhere anytime.
I don't know if it matters that this happening with the Pool Party Rek Sai skin. We joined the game fine and after starting krug red side and smiting it we got bugs played. If Rek Sai is in the fountain and I reconnect it doesn't bugs play but if he leaves it does.
: New HUD Feedback
The new HUD is fantastic. I Love the direction Riot took with the redesign. Of course, there is always room for improvement. One small thing I like is that you positioned the game timer on top of the minimap. This will make newer players and overall everyone to look at the minimap more often.
: Alt-Tab Crashes Loading Screen and Game
For me it's been happening for the past few days.if I alt tab during the loading screen it will black out when I try coming back. It takes forever so I always reconnect, and my computers isn't the fastest loading. I don't even try alt tabbing anymore.
: Can't log in
9am EST and 6am PST and still getting "over 9000" wait time.

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