: Ezreal/Warwick bug
maybe ww is taric 2.0 , you dont know LMAO
: Issues in game with Keys/Mouse Settings
I am a lee sin main and on the last week sometimes ward doesn't land - only after clicking it 5 times
: The fact that riot didn't fix this in first maintance is depressing
still until now LMAO - i havent tried Draft just practice
: No grass
Have it too !
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: Comprehensive Bug List
i wish lee sin bug is just a buff xD
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: Hecarim is not supposed to be disabled. He is strong, but he was nerfed specifically for URF. The only permanently disabled champions are Sona and Ryze (Ryze mostly because he can perma snare without aiming XD) Hecarim was previously disabled due to a bug with his Q not displaying VFX in URF, but that is fixed in the final build so we re-enabled him. Hope this clarifies!
i dont know if its a bug but yasuo's Q on ARURF cooldown is almost 4 seconds
: Any champions with a charge up skillshot seem to be bugged.
well, i was going to report that bug but i saw you already did it happens on varus when you cast your Q without charging your Q goes where your charcter looking at .
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: I'm facing the most unknown lag problem ever help technician please!!!
here is the solution go for in game options ---> GAME ---> Movement prediction uncheck Movement prediction 100%
: Pyke bugs are to be reported [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/T2PKraab-pyke-bugs-discussion).
i think you are a rioter but you forgot to login your account
: Tracking Tower HP
Yeah that's a new future and its mentioned on patch notes.
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: As the night, and a complete reinstalling process passed, i was able to go through it witohut a scratch. So no problems at all.
that happens when you spectate someone's game then you go in game ithink *_*
: problem to enter a game
just fix it by your self .. 2 months of support chat to fix this problem for me still no fix :) send ur logs -send ping plotter record - send netlyzer -.-
: Keeps DCing
well , same . still no solution
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: Posting a VANdril vid?
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: Why don't we apply the last whisper buff to void staff too?
: Cannot connect to games after todays update
: Rakan's bug is still there, after a week, and a "fake" disable.
: Yeah, I do that (turn off the anti virus) but appear the same message... is very weird because this happen to me two weeks after the security changes. Maybe in a few days this would be fixed.
nope , no one is gonna fix it . someone have to find a solution
: I Had a problem with my conection or not? IDK what happen
dont waste your time on support i already did xD if i find a solution i will comment it :D
: I Had a problem with my conection or not? IDK what happen
im having this since the new security changes
: The penalty for going afk and being toxic on the pbe needs to be increased
its pbe so anyone may have bug or somthing talking about my self lock in click grey color i accept match but it says i didnt getting disconnected on loading screen . . last one i still didnt find a solution yet , hope someone help .
okay chill , first pbe is for testing new things , everyday they should add new things or balance so btw they said these days patches wont be big size they will be like 30 mb just.. medium size :D
: I can't even reconnect back. Have you solved this problem?
nah still didn't no rioter replying.. its fine but i still can reconnect when the game starts
: Reconnecting loop after reinstall
same! you cannot reconnect to the game until the game starts
: Yet Another """""""""STRANGE"""""""""" bug.
if you want to win on games play on live server , PBE server is for testing ..
: Kindred Skin Crashing Game
i think the bug is "last patch riot uploaded was missing some files " like shaco box or kindred" so yeah its pbe tho
: My account has been Permamently suspended by a bug?
im getting crashes on load screen but you still can reconnect when the game starts thats annoying hope someone find a solution
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: Raken's Global W.
good to see you reporting it :D on your freind list :P
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: Shop Error
yup but you get the item on loots
: Game client security changes now live on PBE
since this new security system im not runing any other process but im getting disconnected on loading screen , so i cant reconnect untill the game starts ..
: it was comodo firewall my bad
my firewall is already disabled huh
: reconnect loop
hey pls complain that to me because im having the same issue im getting disconnected while on load screen so i cant reconnect until the game starts somtimes i reconnect and enemies are lvl 3 or 4 :(

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