: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Thanks for the new updates. I am always excited in one way or another to see new changes to league. Though I don't think you are going about this in the right way. Sure, some of these items look great and all, but the root of this problem is the lack of viable options for building ap and against ap as well. **The Biggest Problem With AP's Right Now** Overall, this seems like yet another nerf to AP in general, and I really don't like that at all. The largest issue in my opinion with the state of AP in the game is the absolute famine of magic resist items and viable ap items that are in the game right now. Specifically talking about mr, you literally mentioned 3 items, {{item:3065}} , {{item:3102}} , and {{item:3001}}. Why do we not have more items to guard against AP? I guess it doesn't matter at this point because most AP items are slightly on the weak side IMO, but it would be nice if I actually had a reason to build some MR, besides that once in a blue moon game where you have a super fed enemy lux who can 1 shot you because she's 15/0 and has mejais. The lack of depth the ap system is a big problem right now and I would love for this to be fixed. Solution. Add more MR items, and up some power on AP items. This will add more depth the the game, bring more AP's back into the meta, and allow good counterplay for opposing champs by adding more MR options they can choose from, whether they be, squishy adc's or ap's, or brusiers and tanks. One final note to add. {{item:3089}} right now is in terrible shape. I almost never buy it because of the absolute ridiculous upfront cost this item has. You need to fix this pretty badly. TL;DR Please add more options for MR items, and up some power on AP items, oh and please fix {{item:3089}}.
: Poppy low health VO bug
Yeah it's pretty annoying lol. This works on normal skin as well, as I'm pretty certain it's the same for other normal skins. I have no idea why it does this, it was funny at first, then it just go annoying af.
: Picking Wards is still being worked on, there's an empty spot in the bottom tray for it :)
Yeah I figured as much. Great Job on all the new changes though, I am really looking forward to everything that's coming in season 6!
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
When I tried to pick my runes, they wouldn't come up. I don't know if everyone is getting this same bug, but this is happening for me. Also, can you add the pick ward to the champ select screen as well? It's probably in the works, but it's good just to point this out.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
So, is jungle graves gonna be a thing? If you can knockback minions with your auto's I would think jungle graves would be viable.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
After having played Quinn and seeing what she can do, I have to say I really like quite a few of these changes. I feel like her power lies in the mid game, where she is able to roam and pick up kills with her rather high burst ad combo. The addition of the third Harrier passive makes her passive quite a bit more reliable than before, which is a quite a large bonus to her damage. Overall, if you get fed, your damage is incredibly high. She still her dueling power as well, which is probably nice for some to hear. Though if she gets behind or not fed, she is kind of lackluster. One big thing I would change is her auto attack animation. It feels like it lags behind a few milliseconds from when you think it's going to fire. This change would make it a lot easier to last hit. Another issue I found is that when you use aerial assault on a target and mark them, and immediately auto for the proc on Harrier, it sometimes doesn't go off. Let me see if i can reproduce in game. One other big thing is her Q. I would much rather see it do a flat damage, instead of missing hp. the missing hp doesn't seem to fit here. I know people are complaining about no valor anymore, maybe you can make it so you can use your W while in tag team mode. Just a thought.


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