: We haven't seen any reports since after the deploys finished earlier. If this is still happening to you, can you please gather the following logs: #Number One - Network Logs 1. Navigate to wherever your LoL folder is 2. [Logs] folder 3. [Game - R3d Logs] folder 4. Open the most recent, copy and paste the text into https://pastebin.com/ 5. Post the link #Number Two - Client Logs 1. Navigate to wherever your LoL folder is 2. [Logs] folder 3. [LeagueClient Logs] folder 4. Open the most recent "_LeagueClient.log" text, copy and paste the text into https://pastebin.com/ 5. Post the link
Has the store been accidentally removed from the client after the latest deploy?
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pentakill Kayle!
I couldn't find any specific thread about Pentakill Ward so I'll comment here- the ward skin is still unavailable in the shop.
: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ님들 엄마 없나봄?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SKT T1 World Championship Skins!
I'm still unable to purchase the SKT Kkoma ward skin... is the issue on my side or has it not been shipped yet?
: Heyo! Currently Mac is unplayable on PBE. We were unable to get a fix out before the weekend, so Mac will be down over the weekend. I'm really sorry that we were unable to get it back up in time, so please bear with us! In case you're curious, we're doing some maintenance internally, so we won't be able to get Mac fixed before Monday. I can't go into more detail than that unfortunately :(
Thank you for the update! > Currently Mac is unplayable on PBE Shouldn't it be the other way around? :P
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: Love the skin and the chromas, it's a great idea, though out of curiosity what made you guys choose Alistar? It's his 10th skin, so when it comes to a holiday event like April Fools is it more just thematic suitability that informs which champs get a skin?
My best guess is that a lot of people wanted to milk those, and Riot listened XD
: Warwick Update Feedback Thread
Is it possible to make Grey and Urf the Manatee Warwick skins available on PBE so that we can actually test them?
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: More importantly, keystones also dont work.
Masteries include keystones as well, so yes.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elementalist Ward!
The ward skin is currently unavailable in the store.
: Can there be a way for a final tier element to revert back to light? That way choices are still limited (just being able to repeat once would only give access to half of the forms), but the skin can still be interacted with no matter how long the game goes. Another possibility is being able to freely change between forms already unlocked.
Think of it like Pokemon. Once you've decided that your Eevee will evolve into a Vaporeon, you can't change it into a Flareon.
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: We're estimating that the fixed difficulty is about level 1 of the Gauntlet version.
: Working as designed. Udyr says move along..
Where is the damage coming from?
: Yup, for now it's just the fixed difficulty version, for testing purposes. :) Either tomorrow or the next day, the one with dynamic difficulty will be enabled ("The Gauntlet")
Is the fixed difficulty the easiest version?
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
I just went through a game and the match history shows that Udyr bot had dealt 5 million damage to (I'm guessing) the minions/monsters. Is this normal? http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/69908928/2200262847
: Thoughts on the Yorick Rework, from a Yorick veteran
Oh boy. Where do I start? > I understand not a lot of people played him, and likely none of the Rioters who created this have spent as much time with him on the rift that me and the other 6 people who played Yorick did (Can we stop going to those mandated psych meetings now that he's reworked?) So that little piece of guesswork with no factual evidence gives you some sort of an authority over the Rioters, I suppose? But let's just assume that you're the most knowledgeable Yorick player in the world. Shall we continue? > You double-downed on the "safe" route instead of doing something INTERESTING with him Funnily enough, you never once tell us what you mean by **INTERESTING**. But sure, maybe not all feedback needs to be constructive. > hell he doesn't even get to decide when to summon them beyond pressing the button. League is a game where all the skills are cast by pressing buttons. I'm confused on how else Yorick is supposed to summon his ghouls. Every "minion-mancer" you described in your comments actually have _less_ interaction with their summoned minions: Elise gets hers up by casting other spells (which, btw, also involves pressing buttons); Zyra's seeds come up either completely randomly or by, once again, pressing the button; Illaoi's tentacles are 100% random. > I honestly don't know what to say. He has no fighting potential. Well then don't say > Again, wasn't a comment of the efficacy of his new kit. because you clearly are commenting on the efficacy of his new kit, which (as others have kindly pointed out), is pretty good. > His w is borderline useless > His w is alright Did two separate people write this post? Clearly, while one of them might be the best Yorick player in the world, the other isn't (and the other guy wrote the majority of this post, I guess?). > it's just there to proc your weak ghoul minions, who (unless I'm missing my guess here) go out and attack the nearest champion, which they'll off for more gold to beat you with. Yeah you're missing your guess there. Go actually play the new Yorick. Besides, isn't that exactly what the old Yorick's minions used to do? > This is nothing that we Yorick players wanted, or at least most of us from what I understand. Inconsiderate generalization. You do not represent the Yorick player population, and I can't stand all the "We" you stick onto your arguments. Moving on. > it was always pretty awesome getting to heal up or go into battle with your minions, and see who came out on top. The damage reduction was a deceptive part of him a lot of people took for granted, and even though he alone was weak, if you had his ghouls up he'd be amazing to play as. A very nice way to sugarcoat "Yorick had an unhealthy gameplay", I must admit. Ever considered being a writer? > Splitpushing won't win games, because as you get closer to the base the enemy team has a much easier time sending people to stop you, forgetting the fact there's a finite amount of towers in any game. Actually, it does. Watch pro games. Then again, you're the best Yorick player in the world, not a pro, so I guess it's ok for you to be wrong there. > First you send Morde to the botlane for no damn reason, on top of dooming skarner to being played even LESS than he was... Just because you don't play them doesn't mean Sion, Poppy, and Gangplank reworks never happened. Give them some love <3 > Yorick Maiden+8 ghouls may do a lot of damage, until you fight someone with a ravenous hydra and warlord's bloodlust. So... you want him to be an assassin that bursts down everyone? Wise words. > his kit became LESS about necromancy. Necromancy: Conjuration of the spirits of the dead for purposes of magically revealing the future or influencing the course of events. The only time old Yorick ever performed actual necromancy was when his ult target died. So his kit actually became MORE about necromancy. That is all I've got to say. With love, ByunTaeyeon
: Limited skins: human ryze
There goes the slippery slope argument that arises every time Riot tries to do something nice... I remember when Riot announced SKT Azir, and some people started wanting SKT Tom skin. > Limited skins were provided to lock in loyal players from going to DOTA 2, diablo 3, and the upcoming heroes of the storm. Has Riot ever said this? This is just your personal opinion. Championship Riven was available for purchase to **everyone** during her initial release, and she had been released every once in a while afterwards (Mystery Box before Riot removed her, coupon from S4 Worlds, S5 Worlds (although only one person got it that time)). This is very different from other Limited skins, which were rewarded to very specific groups of players (Collector's Edition purchasers, Close Beta players, getting into Gold, etc.).
: An update on Championship Riven
Can only the PBE players who had had Championship Riven before try and test the vintage version right now?
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: Overall, I don't think these skins capture any of the personality of the players. I like to think that riot set a new standard with the SSW Skins by adding personality or features related to players that were on the team in the SSW Skin Line. To be honest, myself and many of my friends feel that this is a step backward. After talking to my devote SKT fan roommate, he was very disappointed in all of the skins. He admitted to having perhaps too large of expectations, as did I, but the skins in their current state are way to low and in his words (not mine) "a tad disrespectful" to all the fans and the players themselves. _____ Some of the things we talked about: 1. Color Scheme. The color theme is very generic, and feels like just copies of the first SKT skin line, rather than reflect the uniform change the team had for Season 5. Utilize the newer colors they had a bit more and maybe feature their logo prominently to show that the skins are still SKT. The prominence of the SKT Crest among the skins is very nice and well done in Alistar's horns, Sivir and Renekton's weapon, and Elise's spider form, but the scheme overall is very similar to the Season 3 skins. If the decision to make the skins this way came from the team itself, then fine, its what they wanted. Overall just revisit the overall theme of the skins, as there is something off about them slightly. Color is lower on the list of priority change. 2. Pricing. By including 975rp into the price range for team skins in the SSW line was great, it allowed for some expression of the player's personality. Twitch captures Imp's popularized goofy personality in his recall animation, and Mata received a special recall for earning MVP, and the recall captured that reward. Marin was awarded MVP and should receive a special recall for his Renekton skin, and have the price increased to 975 to compensate. Those that would buy the skins don't care about the price, they want to capture the awesome feelings that worlds gave them. Faker is clearly the face of SKT and exhibited alot of personality that couldve and was expected to be shown in his Ryze skin, that too being increased to 975rp. A special recall for Ryze that would involve a very simple somersault that Faker performed in the finals would suffice, and end with Ryze eating some broccoli. ______ Some other tidbits: - Faker and Bengi being 2-time world champions could be very subtly included onto their skins in some way to mark the achievement - Easyhoon. Easyhoon was a valued member of SKT and did his part to help bring SKT to worlds throughout Season 5. He was just as much a part of SKT as any other member and it isn't fair that he wasnt rewarded a skin. A 6th skin is a tad off, but the 6 man roster means that 6 valued players were brought to Worlds by many teams. IF the member was a constant contributor AND played several competitive matches, then the player should be included in the consideration. An SKT Azir Skin (750) for example would acknowledge Easyhoon and his contribution. To not include him is just another hit on him feeling like he was stuck in Faker's shadow. - In regards to the Faker/Ryze skin, we can understand if the limitations of Ryze's old model played a roll in the lack of a recall animation of this sort, and would be understanding if we had to wait until a Ryze VU to receive that animation, but it doesnt exclude the lack of an animation from Renekton for MVP Marin. _____ Its a lot of complaints for sure, but we feel they are justified and we want it to be taken in a constructive way. The SSW skin line felt like it should be the new standard for prize Worlds team skins, and it was done so in a small and very interesting way. It should be this way in some fashion for future skin lines, SKT included. Capturing the personality of the players is what is crucial to these team skins in the future, even if it is small ways. We were given a taste of this in the SSW skin line, and I think we are justified in wanting the same level of time and care shown in the SKT skins, and future team skins. We know you do great work Riot, and we enjoy and appreciate all that you do, but when we know you can do better, and SHOULD do better rather than just appease childish wants, we want to voice that to you. We hope that you see this, and maybe implement some changes to the skins while their on the PBE, or at the very least, acknowledge some complaints, and try and confirm some action will be taken (no need on definitive time tables, just acknowledgement).
Thank you for saying everything that I wanted to say in my comment, but much better :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SKT T1!
First impressions (mostly complaints tbh): 1. Why is the colour scheme red/yellow instead of indigo/white? That was SKT's uniform colour for the majority of Season 5, including the Worlds. 2. Any particular reason why you went with Sivir instead of Kalista? I believe Bang specifically wanted a Kalista skin. (The last times Kalista and Sivir got skins were also around the same time- Championship Kalista and Victorious Sivir) 3. In all honesty, I really wished you included Easyhoon (SKT T1 Azir?) in the lineup as well and made 6 SKT skins instead of 5. 4. I wouldn't mind if some of the skin prices went up to 975RP- please include some special animations like you did for SSW Twitch/Thresh (such as Ryze eating a broccoli (or give him broccoli-like perm))
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: Snowdown shop error
When will this be fixed by?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Nidalee!
It appears as though the recall sounds for both of her forms are currently missing... other than that it looks good :D


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