: Reporting Players
Honestly, It doesn't seem like Riot cares bout the PBE reporting system. Too many trollers, feeders and trash talking every game lol.
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: Failed to Connect
Same issue here
: Nerf/Disabled Champions & Runes.
Sadly, i agree with almost all of the list and a few more, but I highly doubt Riot is gonna do anything about it. Good list though,
Welp... this sounds exactly like the league community. Sorry to hear. and riot isn't doing a damn thing about it either... so
: Reporting / Bans on PBE
I agree that it's not a competitive platform but PBE is kind of a Privilege. Not only you have access to All champions and skins, but you also have early access to new game modes and features. League should make Public Beta environment more of a privileged access. For example, Riot could use the honor system to determine a players behavior, if you have a honor level of 2 or lower, you lose access to PBE for a week or something around this area. Riot should treat PBE like a reward/privilege. IMO
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: Sylas and Kalista
That would be for his ult, Kalista's passive is needed to link to someone so when you steal Kalista's ult, You can throw the person you are linked with also.
: I think the dodge timers are fine. Yes, it seems like they aren't doing work since there are a good amount of players, but it goes from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. That's a big jump. I'm not going to deny, I've dodged twice because my team wanted to play champions that are low tier and get destroyed in OFA (aka: Aurelion Sol). However, after getting the 15 minute timer I've stopped dodging, because that is such a waste of time.
People like you are the reason people like @Death To Lux is making the threads and so many other people. But you know.. Whatever. Lmfao
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: PBE punishments are already harder. Whereas live has warnings, chat restrictions, and short suspensions, PBE punishments go straight to 14-day-suspensions and permanent bans. You get the feedback notifications on PBE, too. The problem is that only the people in the last game who reported a person and triggered the punishment, get a message. Please understand that even if you do not get the message, your report still contributes to eventual punishments! Nobody is banned over one game unless they expressed certain trigger words (kys and variations, nigger, etc). There are numerous threads on the boards, both recent and old, of people that question their ban, or people commenting they have received these messages.
Thanks for the reply. I didn't think it was. Thanks for the knowledge
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: I`ve recently seen people saying that Leauge should make their death timers longer and I have to agree to some point because fed people are gonna always be on the battlefield I think the deathtimer should increase for an example more for people with a better KDA /In-game score because it at least feels rewarding to kill that person.
I agree but i guess my post wasn't 100% clear. Even though I wasn't fed in OFA, my death timer were still up to 80 seconds. I'm fine with it scaling, Better KDA = Longer deathtimer. but when people who are doing bad still get 80 seconds, it just doesn't seem fair.
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: Make "One for All" dodges a 30 minute penalty if not more.
Agreed, and this goes for the LIVE version too. People can't just leave because their champion wasn't selected. 1st dodge 10 minutes 2nd dodge 30 minutes 3rd dodge 1 day Ban from OFA This sounds fair.
: Stuck on Authenticating
Same here, dunno why.
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: New account no IP/RP
You need to wait for a way and relog to get stuff. You also need to learn to read and think before posting random useless posts like this
: Riot Employees never PBE?
I feel so famous... Rioters replied <3
: Riot KateyKhaos sometimes after the maintenance of a brand new cycle.Others are only online when necessary. They're busy working for us, though, so ya can't blame em for not being there I guess
play PBE, Rioters play with you they say but wrong they are
: Then you're not on at the times they are :P
what time do they get on..
: Wholesale box with a key.
: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/redtracker They hardly ever play on PBE, as they are busy making and fixing all the content :3 They're sometimes in the Public Beta chat, though.
I've always been on Public chat :(
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: But would you buy 100 chests on live server?
Like i said, "Please allow at least PBE to purchase multiple Cases+keys" Meaning Allow PBE to purchase multiple
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: Client Keeps Crashing Whenever I'm In Draft TB
: Blind Pick Ranked
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: The snowdown shop
same here, I really want my winter wonder orianna :(
: No RP for more than 2 months?
they don't give RPs out anymore... Skins are 1 IP champions are 1 IP......
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: League of Legends NEW DESIGN
Please do this, this would bring more fun whiling waiting in champion select.
: Riot need to change MORD!!! MORD BOT LANE
They just rush Rylais. Perma slow
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: Battleboss blitzcrank critical efect problem
First problem is what are you doing building Blitz Crits.
: Initial PBR results
: Please Stop Abusing The Lux And Nami Bug
Fixed? my game with lux or nami is not starting, crashing at loading


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