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: Suggestion for Zilean Passive
This should be on the live boards, but nice suggestion. EDIT: Didnt see the update for zil passive on here with the rest of the stuff. Sorry bout that
: Increase in toxic players on PBE. I've been threatened multiple times. Riot needs to act now.
This is the stupidest thread I've ever seen on the PBE. Yes it's a problem, you look past it, block the person who said it you, then report them. I'm more lenient on certain afks though since it is the PBE and it can be buggy. You're thread though is definitely overreacting and over looking a simple solution. Just trust that riot will punish the player and move on with your life.
: That seems counterproductive to be against constructive criticism, I get if they work on something last thing you want to do is change it but thats not teaching the team anything if all they teach them is all they do is great and nothing needs improvement, thats just as bad
It is in a sense. The main problem is just them not really listening to community feedback from the pbe anymore. If they did, kindred wouldn't have to wait until next patch to come out instead probably. I don't know the circumstances for the actual reasons, but not listening or acknowledging community feedback doesn't help.
: Why is Riot silent about Kindred Visuals?
I've seen the same problem since i got on the pbe last year. Even if you try to get them to do something different, they're not going to because a whole team worked on that champ and refuse to take that away from that team. I understand why they would be frustrated when someone tells them that an animation doesn't look right or some small bugs, but they wont change anything most of time. It doesn't mean their hard work went to nothing, but everyone would like to see the team improve it, I mean what's wrong with delaying a champion if it means to make the champion the most aesthetically pleasing and balanced one there is BEFORE it hits live. Now they just send it live most of the time to pull all the data on balancing it from there instead, it makes sense, but as a team member of the pbe, it frustrates me that whatever I do here, is just basically getting an early look at everything rather than actually getting to help riot aside from bugs. It's like the presence of everything else doesn't matter til LCS or live.
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: Leblanc ult i think there's a bug
If you're Q'ing the minion as it dies, it'd still change since that was the last ability you had cast
: I believe I've not been clear enough at first (I edited the post) or I'm not understanding you really :P. Zed doesn't have mirrored art, like say, Prehistoric Renekton. He just has his shoulder pads swapped. Only the shoulder pads. Which strikes me as odd, because if the other details are where intended on both, art and model, it means someone must have overlooked it. I know it's not big, but if it could be changed to match without meaning much of a hassle, welp.
When they did the Rumble skin login-screen, the drill was on the wrong side of rumble. However, they said something along the lines of that they let it be like it is, just because it makes the art look better. In other words, they do it for the sake of art sometimes.
: Could we look at making it more worthwhile for devourer junglers to gank?
This should probably be in the [live threads]( for more feedback.
: Vayne's W has mana "cost"
It might just be a visual bug is all. The numbers are there, but it's not the actual cost.
: T_T Where i can post my suggestion then? Some Friends told me that i could post it here...
You'd probably get a lot more feedback on Live Boards. It might also come to light there more with rioters than it would here.
: Are Rioters not watching the Project skins feedback?
Generally, what I see is Rioters only acknowledge Bug feedback, that's about it. Obviously it's up for debate if they do actually listen to a lot of people or not, but usually you don't see a lot of feedback at all. (Unless it's in one of their threads) I see a lot of proposed changes or fixes that could help a champion out while they're being tested, but they're never noticed or touched upon since it's not a bug. I mean if they don't want to do it, for any reason, they could still comment in the thread about it to acknowledge they've seen said proposed changes. Perhaps sometimes they're not allowed to give feedback though because of future upcoming changes.
: League of Legends NEW DESIGN
It's a neat aesthetic, but as Amy Sery said, it should be in the live boards. Also, since it's just an aesthetic, it's really not needed, and makes more work that could be done on something else for the game. Maybe in the future though, it can be changed.
: Ekko: The boy who Shattered Time! (Thoughts and discussion)
I imagine that he won't have an ult sorta like {{champion:43}} for example. Where his setpoint thingy is his ult from level 1 or can be level up at any level sorta like {{champion:77}} . But who knows, speculation is fun.
: Raptors deal WAY TOO MUCH damage
I don't bother with them for awhile, usually cause by that point, I'm ganking lanes to much. But yeah, they're to powerful for their own good, and I think the reason they did that was so that the mid laners stop going to that camp to farm while they were waiting for their lane to push in.
: Reksai, I'm not feeling the fury here
For max fury on her Q, she could get an extra 2 attacks off? On her ult it could give her massive speed boost for like 3(?) seconds when coming out of the tunnel she's ulting to. It could obviously scale to 3 as the max rank or whatever. Her q at 50 fury could also do 1 extra attack. Now if you want to make the Q actually good, you could increase the damage or add aditional magic damage to it for the three hits instead at 50-100 fury. Just some easy add-on's you could make for her fury since you can't technically use fury while burrowed.
: New Sr Might Deserve New Music
I'd love to see it happen, would make it feel like a whole new season.
: I appreciate the thoughtful answer, i just don't bother with phrasing my comments just so i won't offend someone, i say what's on my mind, and to be quite honest, i don't get what SOOOOO insulting about my initial reply, like seriously, you guys are being too sensitive about this. "Jesus christ, you guys are losing it, last 3 modes were "cram a lot of people in small maps" and call it a mode, disappointing, i'll play it for the icon and you can shove it back where it came from, people want innovative ideas not the first thing someone says, what a waste." Tell me what's wrong with that, i barely used any profanity, was it the Jesus Christ? I'm sorry for not liking recycled ideas and actually being one of the few here, apparently, that actually wants League to move forward and not be stuck in a cycle, fuck me, right.
You basically just come off as a jerk from the beginning and it makes your opinion invalid to the majority. If you had input your opinion when this was out for testing, it might have not looked as bad.
: I can agree. There IS lack of updates and for Riot as a company to "communicate to the players" The PBE is a place to go, we're testing the damn crap and I'm sure that over 50% of people in PBE are in it just to screw around and have that experience of not having to pay for anything. Riot is busy, but keeping the PBE community updated and responding to questions, feedback, or help is really what they need to do to communicate with the community. If someone has questions or find a bug or even just to compliment their work, the least they could say is "We'll look into it, thanks" to just a simple "Thank you." To me, personally, interacting with the community will help out the players and the company way more than one could see. It gives people a connection to the people they putting time and money in. You shouldn't have to go to a different website to learn more about the game you play when they could simply post it officially on their website/forum. TL;DR - If riot wants to have the connection with the community, they better start with PBE and actually interacting.
I think the problem is that we voice our opinion on the new items and what not and it feels like they don't pay attention to the items they just put out for everyone to test. All it feels like is "Here are the items that will eventually go live as they are no matter what everyone said in the PBE.". Like they don't even bother to give an explanation of why they don't feel like the changes you voiced your opinion over and gave a good considerable amount reviewing is good or bad, just no voice, like most people are just here now to basically test bugs, not give opinions to riot on the other things they put out.
: Summoners Rift Visual Update Questions
I feel like Riot wants to show this off on the LCS, so I'd like to say before the season is done.
: [Suggestion] A special game mode for PBE?
I think the trade-off for this mode would be that you would not be allowed to play with others, only bots. That way it's committed for testing purposes.
: The item feels a bit underwhelming to me but I'm not a super amazing player by any means so who knows. The mana restore doesn't really feel noticeable until late game and the build path to get it is very odd. It does feel like there should be a smaller AD themed regen item instead of just the pickaxe in the recipe. Seems odd that Riot went through the trouble of giving mana regen items better build paths a few patches ago with things like Forbidden Idol and then they add another mana regen item with a strange build path. I feel like it could work as a 3rd or 4th item on certain champs and in certain situations but early/mid it doesn't feel good to build or to use and you'll just get your ass kicked in lane by your opponent who bought a bigger damage and/or sustain item unless you're ahead already.
Yeah, that's how I feel about it. I feel like the only people who might build this early are people like {{champion:81}} , {{champion:42}} , and {{champion:236}} who kinda rely on spam, but they usually build something like {{item:3057}} into {{item:3078}} to give them a damage boost and mana. So, what would be the point in this purchase until late game? I'd like to hear an opposing opinion on this who could tell me otherwise for adc's with this item.
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: [Skin concept] Pool Party Zac
I like the idea, but this would probably get a lot more attention in the actual forums than the pbe if it's not already in there.
: Well, I have the same opinion as yours as soon as I had tried him for the first time. He is a possible **Top, Jungler** and **Support**. But I have some other factors to add to yours. **Top Lane:** Despite all the advantages he has, Braum has a slight sustain issue that would be a crucial factor which stops him from being the perfect top lane champion. Apart from health sustain issue, if you are zoned by range champions (Quinn and Vayne), it's likely for you to farm with Q/to go in with E to farm/to jump in with W to farm, you might then have mana issue as well. Furthermore, his Passive, which gives a stun by 4 stacks, isn't reliable against champions with high mobility that can run away from his melee range. Yet, with his kit, he can do a lot when a gank comes. Conclusion: He can be a top lane champion, but he is not as powerful as the current most picked top lane champions. **Jungler:** His kit and design make him a great jungler for the clearing part. You probably need runes and masteries to fine tune him a bit for jungling. The only complaint I have is his short-ranged W seems to be somewhat......least likely to be really useful. It will be difficult for you to use W if your ally is too far away/with low health escaping. Even if they move close for your W, that movement will either give you away/give the opponent an alert of your presence. **Support:** His Q and E are truly made for support. His R is like Leona's ultimate which acts as a long-ranged initiation tool (OFC, due to his animation and how it travels, its accuracy is likely to the dodging-is-possible level). His W will be very useful in teamfights or when his lane is ganked. The only limitation is that his short-ranged W will bound you to stay close to your ADC at all time. Although you can use W as an escaping tool after harassing, that allows opponents to seize their chance to punish your ADC in return. 1 suggestion: Make his W a click-to-a-point skillshot with a longer range. When he lands, he will give the nearest ally champion the buff. That will give him some more flexibility in his roles and playstyle. BTW, I am happy that Riot has finally made a MANLY support after Taric and Leona. WE CERTAINLY NEED MORE MEN taking up the support roles. Hopefully they will make a male cleric support. Taric is more like a paladin and Braum is a human-walking-shield. Now all we need is a cleric-like male support.
Yeah, I totally agree. I think he'd have to be a sort of niche pick if he took another role other than support. After I played him a few more times, I had a different opinion on him, his power is a bit underwhelming from what it would have to be to compromise what he should be. After I looked at the items I could build on him to make him better, it was all just truly support. I really love {{item:3025}} on him though, it compliments him well if he's initiating. Or just a pure top lane tank, but a different tank could easily take that role as well.
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: Make Twitch walk on all four while he's stealthed.
I'd like to see a toggle walk taunt for twitch as well, his waddle walk.
: Don't add a new enchantment, just do this: {{item:3123}} * Removed {{item:3046}} * No longer allows the user to ignore unit collision. * Critical strikes now apply Grievous Wounds for 3 seconds. {{item:3257}} * On-hit bonus movement speed reduced to 10% from 12%. * On-hit now also allows grants the user the unit-ignorance for the duration. * (I chose to use Sorcerer's Furor because Cassiopeia wants this!) P.S. Why not make Black Cleaver build from Brutalizer and Phage? Phage needs a non-trinity build path. ^_^
PD having Grevious wounds is the worse idea ever.
: Yeah, I agree we may have pushed too far towards making dealing damage such an important way to compete in the jungle. Too much of a reaction from the tank jungler meta in seasons past. This seems to point out that Spirit Stone may just be a flawed item, at least in isolation as the only real jungler item. It basically only favors champions that can deal tons of damage since they get the most mileage out of the sustain. I will say it's important that any changes we do don't just bring back the days of tanks chain-ganking and camping lanes repeatedly for the first 10 minutes of the game. There needs to be a balance here, and personally I feel that we need to tackle this from 2 angles: 1) How do tank junglers compete with damage junglers in early game clears? 2) What unique things can each tank jungler bring into a team composition later in the game? I can talk to Solcrushed about this or maybe get him to come chat about our plans for the jungle as he's been the primary driver of it.
Rather than tweaking spirit stone or whatever, why not make a new item made more for tanks? something that like builds out of machete and you have to use cloth or something to build into it. I'd like to see a seperate tree for tank items than just the spiritstone tree be the only way to make a single tank item.
: Zed Skin and rework..
I don't think Zed needs a new rework at all. He's completely fine where he's at, and I don't think he's really meant to jungle by this point. Plenty of people still play him. A new skin for Zed would probably be appreciated though.
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His Q only slows though, why should that stop a Vel'Koz ultimate from keep going? Only a silence or knock up are supposed to stop it, not slows.
: here's the another things will u spend every other min trying to find the shrooms or would u farm.
You're not actively trying to search them out, like whenever you go into your jungle or their jungle, or teemo is trying to bait you into shrooms, you can use the active on it. And then again a minute later.
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: There's talk of that - I'm unsure where the balance of it is. Essentially, you turn it into something like: 'Wolfpack' Enchantment * Grants X MS when nearby allies within Y range. * Grants an additional Y MS for each additional ally with 'Wolfpack' That's kind of a team meta-strategy enchantment, which is kind of interesting but it becomes a similar to distortion in use case - only if you're planning something eeeeee-vil across well coordinated players. Not necessarily a bad goal.
What about allies getting a set movement speed while the person with the enchantment gets some additional movement speed for being close to allies, that way if it's a support, it gives incentives to stay near someone at all times. Also it could cap out with a certain number of teammates like previously said before. tl;dr I basically just switched from your allies getting additional movement speed to the person who has it instead.
: > Have you considered having a divergent Sightstone line? The idea has been pitched more than once - we have, but at the same time, unless you do something with interesting passives, you're not really adding a whole lot of value. There is very little functional difference from making an AP Sightstone versus buying an AP item. When you get to interesting ward passives though - that becomes slightly harder to balance. We'll just have to evaluate it in the future but there are higher priorities in the realm of vision to solve.
An example of a passive for an AP ruby sightstone is like 2-wards, and then you have to build {{item:3108}} Where you get some AP and then you also get CDR. So you're sacrificing an additional ward to get some more Ap and CDR instead.
: I know but if u put the pink ward it can be seen and can be killed so now days less and less people gets them. then {{item:3341}} only lost for few sec. or more of 8 second. you cant clear a lane or half the map with only 8 sec.
Yeah but you get the {{item:3364}} every 60 seconds, for free as well.
: New Game Invites System - Now on the PBE!
I'd also like to see at some point the ability to switch modes with your lobby. (I.E - Switch from bots to 5v5 normals)
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: Good mastery pages for jungling?
I run a bunch of generic masteries that work for anyone in the jungle. Both defense masteries are 7/23/0. Ad is 21/9; Ap is 22/8. [My Jungle Masteries.]( They all work if you don't want your mastery pages being filled up for a bunch of certain champs.
: Winter Wonderland Lulu's Face Looks a Little Creepy
I love her new skin. I don't know what you guys are talking about. Thought they were on spot on with it.
: people still need to be able to react and use his q in time, especially on the pbe, where people have 200+ ping, it's good to make it slow :P jk, i think the reason is that he isnt to hypermobile. think about it, noone could hit him with a skillshot if he would have such fast dashes
Yes, but he has to be able to react to the skill shot on top of using a Creep or Minion to dodge it.
: +1, but this doesn't solve the issue if marksman has relic and the support has coin.
They could always make an adc income item that someone couldn't refuse to buy from buying the supp item. It'd be like dorans blade except with like +1 gold from every kill or stacks or something like that.
: "Support Tier 4: Wealth (1 Rank) (Req Greed)- +40 Starting Gold" So far this is the only change I'm not really feeling. Supports need a lot of gold, but there's better gold management on the Utility than this and, especially with the new adjustments to support gold, spending a mastery just to get an extra 40 starting gold just feels like a waste. I'm not an expert on the Offence/Defence trees but I really like some of the changes. I'll have to actually hit the client and test it out so see how it'll all work out when put together though.
For example, You could buy two fairy charms, 2 wards, and like one pot. It's actually worth it.
: Well, I guess you'll have to just deal with Pantheon for the time being. I hope you like having fun and not caring about losing.
Everyone has their pride. And you forgot the fact I said 'in a comfortable way'.
: While I agree that Pantheon should probably be disabled, to answer your question, I think the determining factor was that Lucian and Nasus were disabled because they crashed the game. If Pantheon isn't crashing the game, there probably is no major reason to disable him since people can work around him if they are clever.
They shouldn't need to be clever, he should be disabled BECAUSE people are abusing the ult. What if that went into the Live client?
: You ignored the fact that I said custom game. You don't have to wait to play that.
Not everyone wants to play custom games. They want to go into a normal blind pick match and find bugs or test things out in a more comfortable way.
: Kinda wish they'd just remove it. It's pretty useless as is right now. But I suppose they are prolly waiting for the feedback on trinkets before judging its fate.
A mini clairvoyance and Clairvoyance together can be a deadly combo.
: Pink wards are destroyed by minions
You know I don't see why they don't keep a pink ward in and just a make a new ward for the permanent one.I mean how hard is it to make a new ward >_>
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