: An Update on Chromas
I love you. have u thought about recolouring the splash arts for chromas before? just the model with a blank background seems quite bad. or even having the original splash in the background rather than a black screen.
: > [{quoted}](name=x Candy x,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Vswa6sok,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-05-04T15:39:48.569+0000) > > i dont unerstand the changes? other than the e. so basically her fishbones reduces her attack speed by 20% rather than 15%, and her lvl 1 attack speed is a bit higher, but lvl 2 and above is the same? That's not how it works. LIVE rockets have 15% less total attack speed (This affects Base + Items + Levels) PBE rockets have 20% less bonus attack speed (this only affects Items + Levels) Because your level 1 AS is such a big portion of your total, with PBE change rockets end up being faster at all points in the game (until you build like 300% AS)
: Jinx Rocket AS changes in testing
i dont unerstand the changes? other than the e. so basically her fishbones reduces her attack speed by 20% rather than 15%, and her lvl 1 attack speed is a bit higher, but lvl 2 and above is the same?
: as a jinx main all i can say is make the rockets have a higher base damage, even if it means hurting as (it is a rocket after all), maker her minigun have higher attack speed. (in general jinx is way less and i mean way less satisfying now compared to on her release/q being gutted)
on her release she was broken. and there is no way riot will increase her fishbones or pow pow dmg. i highly doubt thats where she needs buffs.
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
Thank you for listening to feedback, and thanks for understanding the popular complaint that she has high impact but the player feels none of it. i feel you fixed alot of it by taking the hidden e power out of r, and putting it straight in e, and how w shield is now better as it felt absolutely useless due to the tiny duration and shield amount. my only complaint is maybe the aura radius is a bit harsh. maybe reduce it to 300 or 275? and the q cd change is unneccasary, as 12 sec on her main skill seems too harsh. and the 6 sec is too slow as ppl max it first anyway and the cdr combined with it will make it possibly op. id say 9/8.5/8/7.5/7 thanks for most of the changes and great listening to the players.
: So I really like Zyra's new kit and i've always loved natured-theme characters but Zyra is so ugly. I really want them to make a beautiful plant-themed champ. The elder wood skins are a step in the right direction.
: > [{quoted}](name=x Candy x,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Xa76vyBQ,comment-id=00280000,timestamp=2016-04-21T22:59:35.054+0000) > > they said w range was reduced coz they agreed with everyone saying it was too long compared to the rest of her kit. btw it was a drop of 50, not 100. I'm not talking about W. On live her Q is 850 range. In the post they said they reduced W's range to match that of Q at 750 range which means that Q has been nerfed 100 range.
: Glad to see that Q is being put back to what it is on live in terms of delay. Why was the range of Q reduced to 750 from 850 (based on the W changes range)? It would be nice if all of the changes made to her like this were pointed out in the main thread. 100 range is a big drop, and it totally changes the dynamic of a lot of her trickier matchups where proper spacing is crucial - For example against Syndra your Q just ever so slightly outranged hers and gave you the slightest advantage in poking her. I'd be fine trading the 100 range if it meant W wasn't fixed cast and went over terrain, but reducing the range of both of them (and making one fixed) seems odd. Is she really that good that she needed a range reduction? Disappointing to see that W is remaining fixed for now and unable to go over walls. The counterplay aspect makes sense, but honestly I value the flexibility of old Miasma to the grounding effect of this one regardless of how much longer it sits on the ground. I feel like making a downside to an ability a minimum cast range is the wrong way to balance on a champ like Cass. Making her feel bad/clunky in order to give the enemy counterplay seems weird. Aurelion's Q feels the same way. Intuitively I want to throw it out and pop it instantly when I'm dove but I can't and it feels more like bad design/unnatural/bs than anything else. And I just can't see very many situations where the collision terrain will provide great outplay. I'd rather be able to catch somebody on the other side of a wall with it ala Anivia or Karthus wall. Cassio's old Miasma was a great tool to scout ahead if you're chasing somebody into fog of war. In the games I played with her on PBE so far there's been so many more times where I've thought "if Miasma acted like it did on live (in terms of range / going over terrain) I would have been able to do something in this situation" than "aha my new ability enables me to do this thing that I couldn't do before." and that feeling really sucks. The grounded cc just feels invisible largely because I can't use it as a self peel for myself if I'm jumped. It's only useful for preventing escapes, and at the range it's castable at I can basically just slow them with a Rylais empowered Twin Fang and catch up to them anyways even if they have flash or some other mobility like I currently do on live. As it stands now I can't use it to screw over a LeBlanc that jumps into my team to blow somebody up, or to stop a fizz from using his Q if he Es onto me, or to stop a riven that dove me and my adc from dropping her combo on us, or denying Zed his shadow by throwing it where he appears after he ults unless I somehow put a 750 range gap between us first. The fixed range really just ruins the idea of it being an anti mobility spell to me. It's more like an anti-run away spell right now. I was expecting to be able to use it to stuff assassin all-ins. Instead, it's more like denying Ezreal an Arcane Shift for 1 second while he walks out of it. I feel like the fixed range thing is a total rip-off. If Cassio is anti-mobility then champions that rely on mobility should struggle against her and I just don't see any of the popular mobile champions having any issue with her unless they happen to be standing next to terrain... The whole idea of masterfully throwing it at terrain sounds just silly to me. Cassio was never about using spells that were manipulated by terrain. It just seems like such a gimmick to me... And, to me, it's really weird to say that Cassio's rework was supposed to enforce her identity of an agile kiting anti-mobility mage and then say oh yeah the biggest change of the rework is that her most challenging aspect will be to masterfully use terrain to get the most out of your new spell. If she's supposed to be a kiting anti-mobility mage then if I'm kiting away from somebody straight down through mid lane and they jump on me I feel I should be able to make use of my entire kit, including my anti-mobility elements, even though there isn't a wall nearby to set up my W to be melee range. Why not reduce the slow on Miasma to something _extremely _ light (since Cassio tends to build Rylais anyways), free the range up (both fixidity and it colliding with terrain), and make the debuff last for a second or two after they step off like the poison from current Miasma does? I feel like there are so many better ways to tune the spell in terms of how it feels than how it exists now on PBE so that more of the original Cassio's playstyle is preserved. This rework is so close to being perfect I just can't stand how out of place W feels because of the fixed range. I really don't think it's something that takes getting used to...it just something that doesn't feel like it belongs on Cass.
they said w range was reduced coz they agreed with everyone saying it was too long compared to the rest of her kit. btw it was a drop of 50, not 100.
: MYMU - Cassiopeia Discussion
Hi, i love the new passive! but the e cd feels too long, as u have to sit there awkwardly for a second after each cast. its basically her aa. also, her sustain is too good from the spell due to minions, so i think the cd should be, for example 1.5 secs, but decreased to 0.8 secs on poisoned targets. due to this, the bonus dmg could be reduced because the cd would now be lower on poisoned targets, while the base dmg increased due to the longer base cd. if 1.5 secs is too much, maybe increase the hp/mana heals or reduce it to 1.25. just my two cents. me and a group of friends all think this would be an amazing idea. thanks so much for listening and for the awesome q changes today. last question, is the w indicator going to be changed to 1 rectangle rather than like 9 small rectangles overlapping rachother? (equaling lots of bumpy rectangles) its really hard on my eyes when i look at it and i have to turn on quickcast on w as it distracts me. or even make it like 4 circles instead of 9, but stop them overlapping so much, and possibly increase the width's to make it the same as before.
: I hope they really do something about W, it's a lot worse. - Fixed slow % - Is a lot smaller than the older W I tried it with Rylai and it's disappointing, honestly it's trash compared to the old W. The mechanics implemented were good, but the fact enemies can escape so easily from it by simply walking make it a lot underwhelming when compared to the old W. With the old W in normal server using Rylai, I could almost freeze the movement of whoever was to try to pass by it, which would help on plays or even escapes. Hopefully at least it's size will be increased and we will be able to aim it. What about if we aim too closer it throw a lot less pools? I think this could balance it, when we aim at the edge of the ability it throw the common quantity of now. Edit: Forgot to mention that, somehow the combo with E seem weaker. Maybe it's because the free 25% cd is gone, I will need to test further.
smaller than old w? lmao. it covers a whole lane.
: What if her W had a minimum-maximum cast range? Have the maximum be the 800 units and the minimum be 400 or 500. To help balance out the control of it, the spell could launch the miasma in a cone effect that increases/decreases the width depending on the target range. Having a little control over the distance would help her feel much better, and having the minimum range be half of the max range makes it where players can't just throw it on top of her (being one of the things you were wanting to avoid with this rework).
500 minimum? nah lol. 250 min-750 max is fair. but even with 250, if it was meant to stop at terrain but didnt, itd go through an unwalkable place so it would be useless lol.
: [Update] VFX Clarity Changes on Skins
rly dont like that jinx change. so underwhelming. why remove so much of the effects? atleast keep the whole thing but speed it up, instead of cutting out the second half. idk how i feel bout diana's, maybe a bit too light? nothing huge tho i love the lb,kass,cait,elise and janna changes tho. several of them help the player alot! so many times my teammates havnt seen my janna q, or even myself didnt notice my cait passive. and holy crap the amount of times where my own lb w f*cked me up. ty for these changes. and elises is good for the enemy, as when im vs her i dont try to dodge it sometimes as it looked like a q! while cait's aa animation was super annoying. idk how i feel bout diana's, maybe a bit too light? nothing huge tho hopefully next will be: iblitz,steel legion lux,justicar syndra and headhunter nid
: MYMU - Vel'koz Discussion
1050 dmg +100% ap and true dmg all on his AOE ULT? i dont like how everythings nerfed while ult is broken now
: What about Gangplank? He had a huge rework and his barrels might cause some trouble :)
: [BUG] Not sure if it's intended, but when I swapped my boots to the "Distortion" Enchantment, ***Flash and Ghost*** went on a ***15 second cooldown!*** (I can't remember having this last year.) I don't know whether insane map mobility is a feature or a flaw, since it can help you do what you want and be where you want, but it might might be frustrating getting flash-tibbers'd every 15 seconds. **Steps to reproduce:** Start a custom game -> pick TP, Flash, maybe ghost has this too? -> Buy any boots with Distortion enchantment. Congratulations, 15 sec CD on Summoner spells. ~~EDIT: Interaction with the Insight mastery and Ionian Boots is pending for test. Haven't used any of these when I found the "bug".~~ EDIT 2: Insight mastery and Ionian Boots do NOT lower the CD of Flash or TP. Buying Distortion on top of these however does set it to 15 sec CD. On a side note, I've played a custom game with GP, too. The tick down time on his barrel increases even further (to .25 per tick) due to the higher possible level, which is pretty cool. Haven't found any gamplay bugs related to him so far.
: [BALANCE] Don't know if it may just be the few games i've played, but Kindred seems very strong especially in the early game. She is able to chase down opponents and dodge their abilities with ease. But in one game we also got to very late game and she was not as strong later on.
kindreds late is always shit and early is always disgustingly op
: could you please add the new Mage items to the urf on pbe. it would make testing the new items a lot easier. In urf currently certain ap items have been removed such as will of the ancients and mana producing items are worthless on urf so the amount of usable ap items is limited. The new ap items would be cool to test in urf mode in addition to their availability in the normal pbe queues.
they are. all of the changed items are there. but the 2 new items (both hextech) arent.
: The login queues are stupidly long! It's like everyone abandoned NA, LAN, EUW and EUNE and are trying to play URF. When will RIOT understand.. WE WANT URF PERMANENTLY. We don't care that much about minor bugs, they make the game fun. We're playing a broken game mode because we WANT to :) Maybe URF isn't permanent, because hardly anyone would play anything else. I know some people that wanna join LOL just to play URF. Please fix the long login queues tho! Thanks.
look what happened to dominion. no one played it after a while. everyone wanted it and loved it
: ‘Ultra Rapid Fire’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
out of your list, i think ekko need nerfs. e is literally always up, 3 q's at once when its rank 5 and he has movement speed. and the others either are balanced or weak. (i havnt had them in my games enough to decide) defo not op tho :) idk why u didnt include other champs who were reworked in the list. i know for a fact fiora isnt included and is broken on urf. other op champs on urf which your ban statistics prob agree with, are hecarim,evelynn,karthus,galio,maokai,fizz,zed and riven
: What would be more fun is if we have Blackmarket items on URF.
im just hoping for black market on the rotating game mode, is it possible?
: Of course I was talking about assassin Akali, not tankakali.. and she can't choose to go hextech as 3 item cause she needs it badly in the lane. Both her and Katarina don't care at all to have cooldown reduction ( the first can't spam anyway or she runs out of energy, the second... well, i don't think an explanation is needed), they just want to max their ap and penetration so they can oneshot stuff, so this is is a straight nerf to them.
why would kat not care for cdr? is it coz of her main dmg coming from passive in teamfights?
: As I said in other ocassions, even in a Post, dont touch the grail{{item:3174}} . Reading all the Feedback, is easy to notice that the removal part(On WotA, or reducing things on FQC or Grail) is unneeded, unwanted and several players are Unhappy with it.... Add what you want but keep several items intact, as {{item:3174}} and{{item:3092}} , and then keep WOTA! If SpellVamp is hard to Balance, then keep it...If no one cares about it, then theres no point on remove it,since some players seems to like it... Also, Note that those changes, again,are a straight buff To MANALESS, and a Massive nerf to Pure Mages, "Immobile mages"...But then, Those "Mana" concepts will be a Joke to any {{champion:55}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:68}} on mid...which all gona have a minimum of 20/30%CDR and wont Have these Mana Issues, instead just rush{{item:3146}} in the worst case and just Spam until pentakill or something... Still, I will keep thinking of this, as A TEST, Which WILL HELP to PROVIDE FEEDBACK, and nothing more....and several explained facts will be taken into account and some changes wont happen...(Remember{{champion:82}} ) cause this is too radical, and Neithers ADCs or TANKS got their items massively changed ~~destroyed~~ as in this case.
akali will be buffed prob. spellvamp removed lol. also, they are buffing/nerfing some items, and buffing/nerfing/reworking some champs to compensate for the items.
: The biggest problem I see is that this will end up buffing tanky AP Assassins, or other Melee APs like ChoGath. Basically every other mage is being nerfed in someway while there is nothing but benefits for Ekko, LeBlanc, and thankfully Kassadin. tanky ekko is already a huge problem, but even when you fix those items he will effectively be almost just as tanky but will get more damage. I like most of the changes, but aside from niche item build everything else seems to point towards nerfing the weakest class of champions. Im very interested in what you so with the reworks. You are literally going to make or completely break champs.
tank ekko has nerfs on pbe. (huge base dmg nerfs) with a small buff to ap ratios. also they arent just releasing these items. theyre buffing/nerfing some, theyre buffing/nerfing/reworking champs, etc.
: LOL keep telling yourself that. The quote from my previous comment is essentially Riot saying "sorry about this guys, we know a lot of these suck, but yeah"
"Riot version or Tencent version, we pick one or the other." if they picked tencent, it was higher quality in 90% of cases, otherwise they reverted it (eg nightraven fiora)
: "Higher quality ones" They use a splash where Karthus face is cennsored and lots of details are missing, and look at nightraven Fiora. Some of them are just straight downgrades,
nightraven fiora was reverted coz it wasnt higher quality, karthuses isnt tencent. they just tweaked it themselves coz of skulls or the face of death being voodoo/rude in china
: But did they say they would switch those splash arts in specific? If so could u send the link?
we have already received several more batches, look at surrenderat20.net. they didnt say specific ones, but here are the new splashes. (for the top one u have to scroll down alot, past taric and all new skins) http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/04/45-pbe-update.html http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/04/48-pbe-update.html http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/04/47-pbe-update.html http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/04/46-pbe-update.html
: > [{quoted}](name=Gank Me Daddy,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=gsx8OrEd,comment-id=001c000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-01T01:54:18.778+0000) > > ok, u dont play all of the 64 champs? neither do i. yeah, i have mostly supports in my roster
u can still form opinions if u dont play em lol
: Probab. or they will released this splash with Irelia rework. Dont know.
she isnt getting a vu for like a year, shes getting a new splash. tencent doesnt= perma. theyre getting rid of all tencent splashes for base skins.
: Everything is free in PBE {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} 1IP counts right?
: I've noticed Aurelion Sol has 4 stars. What other balance/QoURF changes were made?
: reporting that Lucian and Graves have no sounds while playing the game.
: Hello everybody, I would like to talk about overplayed champions on urf. All of the game that i played had at least: Zed, Hecarim, Ekko, Nidalee, Ezreal, Sona, Shaco, Riven or Fiora. I know they are fun champions, but this is so unoriginal and always facing those champs, even if you win or lose, it's getting boring and I think this is the only thing that is killing urf.
: Champion name replaced with "untitled" in store
lool why would u buy dreadknight garen. its free
: Its seems that they wont :/
err. except they do. why would they lie? they said its over the next 2 patches.
: Irelia Splashart?
clearly it wasnt finished.. they scrapped it
: The NA Sun Goddess Karma splash looks like an Aztec warrior. The Chinese Sun Goddess Karma splash looks like a white stripper dressed in the "slutty Aztec" Halloween costume for a special performance. The "new" Sun Goddess Karma splash is the Chinese one with a fake tan and thicker makeup.
i think its better but needs new face. sakura was already beautiful and now its horrible.
: I obviously do. And you can't deny that, especially for lower price skins, that are mostly recolors, the most variable parameter is the splash art. Take for example Snow bunny Nidalee : basically it's just a classic Nida recolor. Sure, white dress and white hair are nice, and so is her white cougar form. But what is really appealing of that skin is the splash art: she just looks absolutely gorgeous, the background is nice and i love the cougar being a sort of echo image. I absolutely adore that splash, I felt in love with it the moment i saw it for the first time in a loading screen and waited several months to buys the skin at christmas mostly because i loved it. Change it, and the skin looses all its value to my eyes.
yh i agree actually. i didnt think about cheap skins. id buy nightblade/aviator irelia, sorceress lux and tango eve for the splash.
: meaning that i don't give a crap about half of those splash updates
ok, u dont play all of the 100 or so champs? neither do i. i still love/hate some though.
: I totally agree with you! Some of the chinese splash arts look SO beautiful! How can someone prefer our Safari caitlyn rather than the chinese one?! (I've read someone who was mad for the change here)
safari cait loses alot of theme (not very safari anymore, more tomb raider/explorer/desert ops caitlyn.) but quality is amazing compared to the other.
: > We know that some of these are weird and don't fit our art style, but our choices were limited to, Riot version or Tencent version, pick one or the other. Lol, aka Riot is just doing whatever Tencent wants, which means the rest of the world gets lots of low quality Chinese splashes.
no, tencent is getting some of ours. riot and tencent are picking the higher quality ones for each.
: {{champion:103}} : Dynasty, not OK, Midnight, yes. {{champion:1}} : Annie in Wonderland, Prom, not OK. {{champion:114}} : Night raven, really, you can tell by yourself which one is better. {{champion:51}} : Safari, not OK, Arctic, 50/50. {{champion:39}} : Classic, is fine. The other one is really cool. {{champion:21}} : All of them except Cowgirl look horrible. {{champion:62}} : Volcanic, the color is not good as the old one. {{champion:84}} : Good overall. {{champion:25}} : YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. And all of the leftovers are good looking compared to the old ones. Please don't change the good one.
secret agent mf looks amazing.. what do u dislike about it? what do u dislike about safari cait & dynasty ahri? also, u worded annie badly. do u dislike both or only dislike prom?
: Whoops, should be fixed in the next pbe build, thanks for the report!
: Karthus has skin on his face, why does that need to be censored? It is just a withered face.
i dont think its skin, its a skull but its covered by mist/glow. better to just completely censor with shadow.
: Didn't you guys already do this like a year ago? Also... > With that in mind, we'll be updating a large number of our older splash arts to unify them across all regions. Poor f*cking wording if you're not actually updating the art, but just swapping around what's used where.
not poor wording..... they are being updated. just not completely new.
: China will get some of our art, and we'll get some of theirs. While some pieces have been slightly altered this is more about unifying the _existing_ art across all regions, not introducing entirely new art.
love the changes to secret agent mf
: {{champion:39}} {{summoner:17}} {{item:1400}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: I hope Headhunter, Samurai and Lonia Master Yi in the list.
> [{quoted}](name=Monstrous Yi,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=gsx8OrEd,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-25T18:26:49.278+0000) > > I hope Headhunter, Samurai and Lonia Master Yi in the list. they are
: Yay! Looking forward to see the Splash Arts! But on the other hand, Doesn't some of China's Splash Arts have certain features hidden due to cultural things? ({{champion:30}})
skulls are extremely rude there
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