: I don't think I have the heart to kill Kha'Zix in the form of a void monster :(
He has no problem killing you though, so there's that. Just saying.
: I'd like to know if this mode will be healing/support-intensive. I saw a comment that asked why Master Yi couldn't be played in this mode, so I assume you can only play certain champions. Assuming we can only use Star Guardian champions, will Soraka's heals or Janna's shields, for example, be required to win these?
They're certainly helpful, but not required - check out the "Guardian Perks" section in DefaultChar's post, which mentions some of the mechanics in place to mitigate the need for a dedicated healer/support. We've definitely been able to complete this without Soraka and Janna and Lulu - it's challenging, but tackling this with a variety of comps is part of the fun!
: Will you consider releasing those void skins / chromas in the future? I'd buy them without a doubt
We don't currently have plans to release these - our artists did a fantastic job, but the skins aren't currently designed to play nicely with all of the abilities the individual champions have to offer (since the monsters in the game mode have a fairly limited subset of skills). I can't promise anything, but if you tell our artists how much you love their work loudly enough, maybe something can be done in the future. :) Related: The artists who worked on this are all amazingly talented. Good work guys!
: “Invasion” PvE game mode falling from the stars to PBE soon for testing.
: "Poro King won't be coming around again for a little while," does that mean he/it will be back ~christmas time? This is the only mode my girl would play (which means that whenever there is a Poro King Mode over the weekend, she will literally sit down and play with me), but I am leaving the US next January so I really want to know :( I really enjoyed playing with her during last Poro King Mode, we pretty much spammed the game as soon as we woke up till both of us were sleepy to death. I think this would probably be one of the best memories between us that I can constantly think of when I go back to my country and do the military service. So RIOT! PLEASE LOOK AT THIS AND DO ME THIS FAVOR. Appreciated for reading :)
Yes, this should be on during the winter holiday period. =)
: The warp curse is a nice mechanic. However, whenever it activates it causes the screen to flash and a mini freeze which makes fighting almost impossible.
Thanks for letting us know - we're trying out a few things that should help mitigate this.
: I just went through a game and the match history shows that Udyr bot had dealt 5 million damage to (I'm guessing) the minions/monsters. Is this normal? http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/69908928/2200262847
Thanks for letting us know! We have a fix in progress.
: What "level" are the bots in the teemoing compared to what we will be able to set in the gauntlet?
The difficulty level in the Teemoing will roughly be on par with the Gauntlet at level 1. The exact things we change between the two are a bit different, so it's not quite a one-to-one comparison. The current PBE version (as of 2016/10/05) is actually even lower than that due to a bug, which should be addressed tomorrow.
: How do victories work in this game? I just played a game where we destroyed the defending team, then on the next round the attacking team beat us with just a little bit of time left and they won.
Whichever team kills the nexus in the shortest amount of time wins. If in the first round a team takes 15 minutes to kill the Nexus (e.g. 5 minutes remaining on the clock) we change the timer in the second round to **start** at 15 minutes. If the second team kills the nexus at all (e.g. any time remaining on the clock), it means they beat the first team's time and they win. If the second team fails to do so, it means that any time they would have taken to kill the nexus was longer than the first team's, so the first team automatically wins at that point. We are definitely doing a bad job of messaging this in game (as in, not at all). We'll probably try to add a bit more announcement and ceremony to help folks understand why you win or lose before we go live. Thanks for the feedback!
: will a {{champion:26}} be able to proc the stun if they land a bomb on a target that already has a time bomb from another{{champion:26}} on them? Or do the bombs have to originate from the same{{champion:26}} to take the stun affect?
Zileans can detonate allied Zileans' bombs with their own bombs.
: One question here, is it one for all for both enemy and ally, or just your team? I would prefer the same champions just for one team though, since facing mirror matches suck xD Sorry was not able to test on PBE right now, that's why I asked ˚–˚/
This is the original version of OFA, where each team picks their own champion (e.g. 5 Shen vs. 5 Zed). Mirror matches are possible if both teams happen to vote for the same champion.
: Really fun game mode. I would like to point out that when the game starts the announcer still says "welcome to snowdown". In addition, when poro toss is used and hits a syndra ball, it absorbs the poro and says "invulnerable".
Poro Toss is not supposed to be stopped by Syndra's Dark Spheres, we will definitely look into this. Thanks for the report!
: Question: I'm noticing that the Utility mastery that reduces Summoner Spell cooldowns does NOT reduce the Poro summoner spell cooldowns. Is this intentional?
: It's really fun to see all these poros in the game, and the "To the King!" ability is absolutely hilarious. I noticed a subtle exploit in the game I played today. An enemy Syndra picked up our Poro King, which was really fun to see, but she tossed him to the next tower. This caused the Poro King to attack an invulnerable tower, since the previous tower had not been destroyed yet. I felt sad seeing my beautiful Poro King futilely attacking the tower. He was smiling up until the very end...thinking that his life would contribute to our push. Please don't let my Poro King die in vain. Teach his successors how to target the right towers.
We will do what we can to make sure his noble sacrifice is remembered. ...Yeah we're still hashing out some behavioural issues. The Poro King refuses to bow to our whims; we may have to resort to other forms of persuasion.
: why can't i make a costume game of legend of the poro king. (LPK)?
We've disabled custom games on the PBE while we fix a couple of issues. We'll enable custom games of Legend of the Poro King on PBE once the fix is verified, and they'll definitely be enabled when the game mode is shipped.
: So just now I played the Legend of the Poro King and I noticed some things. * When the poroking is summoned, the count does seem to continue somehow, because the enemy team, which summoned the poro king, had 2 poro stacks by the time we dispelled the king. * When our inhib (purple side) was down and we summonned the poro king, it fled in tears, retreating to our base instead of attacking the enemy. Y RITO, Y? All by all: FUN gamemode!
Poro Marks cannot be accumulated while the Poro King dwells amongst his vassals, but the opposing team's total Poro Marks are not reset by his arrival. For example, if the score is 10 to 6 when the Poro King first appears, Team 2 will have 6 Poro Marks once the Poro King leaves the battle and returns to his kingly Poro duties. We're still trying to track down the root cause of the retreating King bug (because of course he shouldn't retreat, HE'S THE PORO KING) - any information from anybody who has seen this would be greatly appreciated!
: Can {{champion:20}} eat {{champion:101}} for the last hit?
He cannot. The Ancient Ascendant is inedible. Consume and Feast will still do damage, they just can't kill the Ancient Ascendent - you can still use those spells to burn his health down but you can't just waltz in to steal it with those abilities. Ascension must be earned!
: The ring is something we added for this game mode to help you distinguish yourself in team fights. As for surrender I believe it's 5-1.
Yes, surrender is currently set to only pass if at least 5 members agree (5-0, 5-1, 6-0).
: When kill all 6 as multikill, does it say hexakill or legendary kill?
Let's just say the name for this mode was not unintentional. ;)
: **Hey BuffMePlz**. There's more people complaining about being banned from queues after a few drops. At least temporarily disable Leaver Buster (if possible) so that people don't get banned and can rejoin queues to test the new mode more.
Yeah, we're looking at doing that right now. The queue problem seems to be prevalent on all queues on PBE right now.
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: Thank you very much for the response! It means a lot. =) Any thoughts on my original post about victory/defeat animations?
Yeah we've made significant changes to what happens when the game ends to make it feel more epic. I won't spoil the surprise here, but be sure to try it out when it goes live - you'll know it when you see it. =)
: I would hope so, and thank you. All things considered I have faith that Riot will deliver because there is no way I am the only person who feels a bit cheated with the current victory/defeat animation, or lack of I should say. I've also been thinking a bit more into this mode since I've been playing, here are some of my thoughts: **Champion Select** I understand why the champions are revealed after locking in, it's only fair that we get the opportunity to change any runes/masteries accordingly. But consider this instead (I don't doubt it was talked about internally, just want to publicize the idea), why not make it like normal drafting? Obviously we would see picks this way as opposed to after picking blindly but maybe it's because they want to keep "counter picking" out of this mode, and that's fair. But I am concerned because it seems what will happen instead is people will blindly counter pick themselves accidentally, then have a bad game. At least if it was a normal drafting mode, getting hard countered being first pick isn't as bad because your teammate will get to pick after seeing both enemy champs. Similarly being the second pick team, you get a guaranteed counter and a decent opportunity to balance out the 2 man comp to handle whatever last pick will be. Overall I'll be content with however champion select ends up. **Load Screen** I enjoy the unique background, I really do, however there's something I can't quite put my finger on about it that bugs me slightly. It's definitely not a big deal at all, but something..hmm. I'll get back to you. **Howling Abyss Features** Okay so I'll just start by saying I am highly disappointed with this mode being on Howling Abyss. I'm not going to complain that it isn't Magma Chamber, because somehow I feel Morello wouldn't let it happen anyway...but more importantly because it would make no sense with "Snowdown Showdown", being that it is Magma themed. But honestly Riot, couldn't you have simply **Freljordified** the "Magma Chamber" map to be more snowy instead of re-using HA? I mean...cmon. All bias aside, let's discuss the settings/features. **Spawn** - I kind of wish it was like Howling Abyss and Dominion, level 3 yada yada. The extra starting gold with that setting is nice, it allows for more clever starting builds and as it stands I find myself trying my best to not go back before 6 anyway. The games end quickly I hardly ever have the time for items, so starting with the extra gold would be great. I feel like Riot was trying to include early level 1 laning into this mode, especially because of the 100 cs objective. But would it really be different otherwise? If anything it would simply give us more interesting options to start, the games end fast anyway how often do people even reach 6? It's kinda lame but I digress. **Health Relics** - I truly wish these were enabled for this mode, think about it! It's supposed to be a fast paced 1v1 or 2v2 showdown, health relics don't just heal people..they add for interesting play! You can bait with them, steal them and make close plays because of them. Without them the game feels empty, not to mention Riot used Howling Abyss so surely enough the relic locations are still there taunting you. Anyway I simply think these should be added, hands down. **Extra Map Assets** - I mean really it doesn't take a genius to realize that we have to deal with a nexus, extra turret...and all of that walking distance between the fountain and outer turret..just...facepalm so hard no joke. It's highly inconvenient and in some ways lazy, sorry to be so blunt but there it is. If Riot truly wishes to use Howling Abyss, I genuinely believe they should give a movement speed buff that decays over time so running back isn't as horrible. Maybe it'll be worth it to actually b without worrying you'll miss too much time running. **Aand yeah those are my thoughts for now, despite everything I appreciate the mode Riot! It's fun and I cannot wait to see what other kind of mini-modes you have in store for us. =)**
Thanks for the feedback and the well thought out post! Let me take a bit of time to address some of these points individually: **Champion Select:** While I agree the drafting mode might work better in a 2v2 situation, the ability to hard counter somebody in 1v1 almost 100% of the time makes the idea of duelling seem a bit impractical. By making it blind pick, the strategy in champion select comes more from banning as opposed to simply hoping to be the second person to pick. That said, I think looking into making 2v2 draft pick in a future rotation is a definite possibility. **Spawn:** We actually did try starting the game both at level 3 and with more gold, both as individual starting changes and as combined. We felt that this greatly skewed the notion of early-game laning - there's definitely something different to be said when the first time you see the other champion you have (potentially) three different abilities to cast and/or an unexpectedly high amount of power behind those casts. Unlike ARAM, the ability to recall to base is a tactical decision available to players - starting with that much extra power made the early game feel significantly worse, particularly against characters with high burst damage. We ended finding that having champions start at level 1 with SR gold made the laning experience feel best overall. **Health Relics:** This appears to be a bug on the PBE. =( For exactly the same reasons you outlined, we put health relics in the game, as an additional point of contention. The spawn time has been increased from ARAM and the amount of HP and mana restoration has been scaled down, but they should still feel impactful when you get them without completely breaking the laning phase. We did remove the health packs that were behind the first turrets on either side - they weren't able to be contested and the additional sustain was particularly punishing for a pushed champion, given the lane length on Howling Abyss. **Extra Map Assets(and Lane Length):** We actually left the base assets in because taking them out makes the map feel *really* empty. We did experiment with the MS buff on the way out of base, but ultimately decided against it. We wanted Recall to be an intentional choice when laning - should I keep pushing and press the lane advantage (pursuing the lane superiority objective), or should I go back and itemize (pursuing the kill objective)? The extra MS buff greatly favored a champion who was winning in lane, as you wouldn't need to make a choice - you could itemize and keep pushing at basically no cost, turning Recall from a key decision to a prerequisite motion, where not Recalling when winning in lane would almost always be the wrong thing to do. We ended up shortening Recall times instead - it should still take you less time overall to get back into lane, while preserving the goal of making Recall a strategic decision point. Thanks again for your feedback, and thanks for mentioning the bug about Health Relics! I'll try to get these fixed for tonight's deploy.
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: Bug with custom Showdown game: I went into the Showdown champ select alone and I could only select the free week champions.
It's because Showdown starts with a banning phase - the banning pool is based on the champions your opponent has available. If you're playing against nobody, the only champions you can ban are the free week champions. This should work fine if playing against another player - if not, please let us know!
: Super fun! My only suggestions is to have the creep score on the tab scoreboard. I think it would be easier to look at.
That's a pretty good idea. It probably won't make it in for this release, but we'll definitely add it to the backlog for the next time we cycle in this mode!
: Move some of the time from post-picking your champion to where you actually pick your champion. It's a bit weird right now.
Yeah, we made the decision to reveal the champion you will be playing after you've locked in to allow you to change runes/masteries/Summoner Spells accordingly. We've set that time to 60 seconds, but it might be a bit long, especially in 1v1 - we'll look into shortening this.
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