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: What is this?
Teasers for a new champion coming up. The champions name is Jihn, and it will come up after the cgange on Vi's champion review on the league webpage. here is a video about it all. I may think something will come out this tuesday, or next tuesday :3
: Client will not start
The same has happened to me. I usually delete the PBE client, restart and re-install it again. Its so annoying, but its the only thing that will help :c
: (Dec 9th) New Champ Select is Up Again -- COMPLETE
All otherer queues has been disabled? Omg that makes it so easy to find a match! Yay happiness! :'3{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Well.. One time, I've been waiting 78 Min to be able to play mainly because of AFKs and dodges that's even more frustrating...
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