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: Can you please make "Target Champions only" a Toggle function?
They won't because it will literally make marksmen into brain dead press this button for no counterplay that can't even be played around with minions or wards.. Next you will ask for in game scripts to play for you if you pay 500 RP or something with that mentality.
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: Ultra Rapid Fire No Balance with Random Champ
It should be removed and never put in again.
: 7.10 Riven Changes
This might be a bit belated for a request but can you also look into applying this on Irelia's bladesurge. It has been found that Bladesurge can be similarly animation canceled.
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: yes but 230-250 i have usually is too high
this is a testing server not a competitive server. What if they need people to test playing at 200 to 300 ping?
: pbe servers should be moved couse all europe is closer to california so we dont have to face 230+ ms that's starting to feel unplayable after 210 ms.
They are not worried about ping on the PBE so much as just being able to have players test for bugs which does not require under 100 ping.
: Why is my ping lower in PBE than in the normal game?
The PBE server is located somewhere around LA from what I last heard. This is why players like me who live on the west coast get 20 to 50 ping (I usually get about 40) on the PBE but get 60 to 90 on the live server located in Chicago.
: Camille Can Literally Oneshot
first off this is a bot game Second you are building full damage Third if I was a level 18 attacking a level 12 I would likely be able to one shot an enemy that far behind. Context matters a lot.
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: What happend to Diana and kass in the assasin rework
While Diana's main play style might be more of an assassin then anything she is a a dive fighter by intended design.
: No, cause they don't need testing. If you want them, get them on live.
I would counter argue that if say Corki were getting a visual update skins like UFO Corki should be in the market on PBE to reduce the likely hood of there being a game breaking bug with it when it hits live. It is not like many if any people on PBE have that skin to test and it would have a potential of causing problems. In other words making it obtainable when there is actually a reason to do so.
: Passive has been updated Twin Disciplines (Passive) - damage and ratios changed. First Strike: Heal: 5-60 from 10-130 AP Ratio - Increased to 30% from 0% Bonus AD Ratio - Decreased to 60% from 70% Second Strike: Damage: 10-100 from 14-70 AP Ratio: (unchanged - still 50%) Bonus AD Ratio: Increased to 50% Cooldown values adjusted - cools down faster. NEW: 8, 7 at level 3, 6 at level 5, 5 at level 7, 4 at level 9 OLD: 8, 7 at level 5, 6 at level 9, 5 at level 13, and 4 at 17 I think this is what she needed. The heal is back (because it scales with AP/AD now) and the damage is back (because it scales with AD/AP) AND it refreshes faster
I posted this before these changes were on PBE and her passive was still feeling lackluster. It seems reasonable now.
: It is ALWAYS a mistake giving AD ratios to Basic Attack Modifiers
Within reason it is fine. It is not like akali can auto you 4 times in 3 seconds and get the extra damage from her new passive off 3 times.
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: Akali E 60% CD refund = OOE (out of Energy)
This was not intended to be a "fight feature" but instead a "I want to kill this wave really fast" feature.
: My problem is that the passive timing isn't great. For an assassin that doesn't build any attack speed, it takes too long to proc. As a duelist, it isn't up consistently enough. That is, unless you build AS/Titanic Hydra(for the auto reset) to make the combo faster, which, as we all know Riot wants to make her an assassin, isn't exactly ideal.
It is likely going to end with akali's most ideal build being Gunblade into Trinity followed by more bruiser like items. Items like this to consider are Maw, Hourglass and Rylai's
: I actually like the new passive. You use the first hit on a minion to prep the second hit, then Q a person, Ult onto them, and AA for a huge chunk of burst and pop Twilight Shroud to disengage or wait for the next round of cooldowns to come up. It makes Akali a lot more of a "hit-and-run" type of fighter whereas before you were just solely playing around the Q cooldown. Now you play around the Q and passive cooldown because they both deal a lot of damage. Let's be honest, her built-in spell vamp is crap and only works because it gets stacked onto Hextech Gunblade's spell vamp, and that's still the case with these changes. Except now you have more frontloaded burst from the passive onto one auto-attack that you can prep to line up with a Q proc for huge bursts of damage, and she heals more in chunks which means she doesn't have to constantly push the lane to sustain any longer before she gets Gunblade. The old passive had literally 0 decision making in it. This one at least has some in it.
That is all fine and dandy for laning but once laning is over and you have no minions to proc her passive on the new passive falls apart rather fast. Her passive is anything but front loaded outside of laning phase.
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: no it did 4 years ago
my bad that was added in July 2012 I have lost track of when things happened but do remember when I first started playing it did not proc.
: Waiting for the 'Catman" comment saying: "Instead, post it on the Official Mini Updates Discussion Thread." ;) <3 u Catman, thanks for trying to clean up the threads. [](
It is a fruitless effort since you literally can't find anything in the mini rework thread after a couple days.
: I played Akali almost four years ago and that was when her E activated her Q. Ever since they took that away, Akali has been trash. And now they nerf her passive?? I totally agree that they need to bring her E back into the game. This makes her kit more synergized and clean.
Her E did not proc her Q 4 years ago. That was more a season 4 thing not a season 2 thing.
: Akali's passive needs increased attack speed on the second hit. The damage portion should be first if above half hp Those 2 changes are needed first and foremost before others imo. Just feels clunky without it.
that "less then half" idea sounds really unreliable because you take damage and then you auto only to see that you healed for 70 helath instead of did 100 extra damage and then die. It does not sound reliable at all and like it would result in a lot more getting screwed over then you think given that akali tends to go back and forth between less then half and full health in a fight due to gunblade Trust me on % health abilities being confusing as hell to play around. Irelia will stun when you though it would be a slow and slow when you though it would be a stun because things are constantly changing in a fight.
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: Not understanding why her w is "unfun and stressful" She's given a blink which results in higher mobility, You can even jump walls with it. A blink also entails the benefits of high skill ability dodging. It's already understood that the majority of OLD champions have kits that need reworking, but to say this champion is less effective than old akali is wrong. They introduced counter play with the early ult CD, which riot is pushing for the assassins while giving them more mobility tools. That's what they accomplished. Again this is simple an adjustment for the oncoming meta until they add her to the rework list
If it was not a .35 second cast time perhaps but you can almost walk that far in that time window.
: Can I get more RP at PBE?
you didn't get the 999999 RP and IP?
: That's a great solution to the problem. I hope they try that out.
only issue with that is the huge amount of damage that would be on her enhanced autos from E. Total AD + base damage of ability + .7 bonus AD + .5 AP + sheen/trinity/lich bane proc and potential the second part of her passive. I don't think having that much of her power put into E would be a good idea.
: Since Riot is apparently making Akali more autoattack-reliant, I'd like to see her E get reworked into an on-attack effect that hits in a cone in front of her. This would grant synergy with both her new passive and for proccing her Q, while still retaining the important bit of the AoE for waveclear.
Or make E proc her passive and not interrupt auto attacks and other abilities when being used. That would make it at least fit better into her kit.
: After playing a ton of PVP games on PBE, I can agree, Akali hardly gets going now. I either get carried or the opponent I'm vsing is braindead. My most main concern, is that after all those games, Akali lost too much damage. In teamfights she lacks so much single burst damage to take out the squishies and her resets don't mean anything now because her ultimate does very little damage now. Whereas I see my Kat's, Talon's and LB's just simply nuke targets out of orbit, and I don't see much counterplay there for them. It only takes them 1.5s to do all their amazing damage, then get out. The question I kept asking myself, "Why was Akali's damage nerfed so hard?" This would be fine if she got compensated somewhere else that was more healthier but she didn't. It's all gone. She also can't survive that well because alot of her spellvamp is gone now as well. I agree with the direction of her new kit. The problem is, it doesn't support the ability to pull off multiple marks in a viable way. The same goes for her new passive. It needs to do enough damage to make up for the damage loss on the ultimate, and you have to use two autoattacks to pull it off. That gives too much time for the enemy to CC Akali and burst her down or escape. It's depressing that Akali's autoattacks do more damage to a minion than a dash does. There's no reason to pick her anymore over the other assassins.
: Because games auto start at lvl 18 and it doesn't take 10 stacks for a full fervor bonus right? Kappa.
it is intended to scale as the game goes on not be full power at level 1.
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: Yeah, 2 seconds are a lot. I think the idea is that you need to stay in your W for those 2 seconds, since none can un-stealth you anymore.
If only you didn't die or get CC'd in the time it takes to stealth. Then i might think this was a serous post.
: Akali's W has some serious flaws
it should be a 2 part ability. The first cast working like it always has and the second having the 250 range blink.
: I think given that Akali's ability to front load her burst cannot be achieved now due to the ultimate changes means her E should proc her Q again. Back in 5.2, she never needed it because her ultimate could easily burst a squishy, but now since that's gone, I don't see the issue now. She struggles really hard in bursting now, something she can easily do on live right now because of her ultimate. Most of her damage now solely comes from Q procs, so this means her kill window got increased by a further 4-8s which is far too long given the other assassins only got a 2s increase. She relies so much on proccing multiple Q's now to make up for the ultimate damage loss and giving back E proccing Q can help so much in giving her the ability to do this. I totally agree that for an assassin that relies on spells, she isn't designed to autoattack alot and if she does, she either goes full tank inorder to do so, or she just dies because you can't play a squishy melee assassin and expect to autoattack 2-3 times to proc Q, then her heal and then her on-hit bonus magic damage.
this is not fully true. Sheen items have been a common chocie on her due to the extra damage they provide and they require auto attacks to proc THe issue is having to get 2 autos off to get her passive off. If the standard combo for one use of R was Q R AA E that would allow her to either hide or go in again right after but her current full one R combo is Q R AA E AA and that leaves more then enough time before she can get off the E and second AA to get hit or get CC'd.
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
Akali still feels slugish compared to how she has been played and to get off her passive you have to be vulnerable for usually a just under 2 seconds meaning you will get CC'd a lot of the time. There are 5 suggestions that might help with akali feeling sluggish 1) ult has a 1.5 second cooldown effected by CDR. This is to make her stickiness and flow of abilities more reliable like they are on live. 2) E - cresent slash will **proc her PASSIVE** not Q only her passive on enemy champs. This will improve trading in lane make her combo far less risky then it is on PBE with having to get 2 autos off which is usually when I have been getting killed. 3) Make her ult have the .5 AP ratio again. Nerfing this is jsut asking for tank akali to become the go to build. 4) Cresent slash does not interrupt auto attacks or other abilities. Perhaps make only the "ring" animation of the ability going off instead of akali spinning. If people ask just say this "This Unit is a Flippin' Ninja". This combined with the suggestion 2 would make it feel like an advantage to her kit and less of a "it is just there" ability. 5) auto attacks being more responsive. I have noticed I have a really bad time with canceling auto attacks on akali due to her autos Wind-up and this also makes her passive and Q Hard to make full use of.
: the goal here is quite the opposite. while this isn't a full rework and won't fix every gameplay issue she has, the goal is that these changes will allow akali to be played/enjoyed more than she is currently without the looming fear of being quickly nerfed if she threatens to become a common pick. if you believe that these changes won't be hitting that mark, i'm curious to know what specific things you feel are contributing to the notion of us 'guttering' her.
The biggest challenge is gettign both parts of her passive off on an enemy without getting CC'd or auto'd to death before getting 2 autos off. There is no good quick combo to use and then hide. I am fine with having to throw in one auto since I have been a lich bane akali player but having to get 2 in is just setting yourself up for death even with the threat of pink wards being gone. I just want E to make her passive proc on enemy champs. Not her Q just her passive.
: Yes this is true. This is I think, the only real problem with the new passive. Since it is a two-part empowered AA buff, there are so many choices when it comes to what you want to prefer first, heal or damage? If it becomes too much of a problem, there can be other passive ideas instead.
Been an on and off akali player since the days when gunblades stacked. It feels to slow getting her damage off. If E procd her passive on enemy champs that would make it more of a quick combo of Q R AA E for max damage and then use shroud to hide for a moment while waiting on things to be ready again. But Q R AA E AA feels overall to slow and she has likely been CC'd before the second auto can go off which carries the damage of her passive. This has been what I noticed in actual games and has made akali feel less then effective. The flow of her kit has been nerfed which is the most noticeable downside of the changes. Also her items seem more up in the air. I want to use duskblade and Maw but I can't talk myself into it due to limited AD ratios. Still trying to adapt but having 25/50 + .25 AP less damage on her ult is really screwing me over in how much damage I think I can do VS how much I actually can do.
: The dash is intended to give Akali players more juking potential with the ability. The Shroud still centers upon Akali's position when she casts it, but now she also repositions instantly without her opponent seeing her. She now gets 2 empowered basic attacks. The first restores a flat amount of health, the second deals bonus magic damage if used shortly after the first. Both reset after a couple of seconds.
Please make akali's shroud apply in 2 parts. The first like it is on live costing 60 energy and the second being the short "flash" that was added costing 20 energy.
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: They also gave you a dash on your W, and your W now can't be countered by a pink ward. I think it's a fair trade.
would rather they change nothing except for pink wards beign a hard counter. I guess it is more a matter of adapting to things though.
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: Context on Trinity Force changes?
The item stopped being jack of all trades when it lost AP.
: Triforce didn't lose any Movement Speed, just lost the 20% crit for a gain of 10% CDR and 25% AS, plus the cost was reduced. The only champs that are going to be sad here are Gangplank and Corki. Rengard might miss it, but considering Rengar LOVES the movement speed and CDR, it'll still be a great item for him if not better now DPS-wise due to the AS.
Well Yasuo is also going to be sad but everyone else is happy.
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