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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aurelion Sol!
I'm curious now in regards to the body shape of the mecha asol skin. I looked at some photos of the base skin and then looked in game at mecha asol and notice that his chest/belly (on mecha) are combined, thus why he reminds me so much of a seahorse (also because of missing legs which makes it more comparative in my mind). If you look at the base skin, in some movements you see that his chest extends outwards (very slightly) but his belly area goes inwards (crappy illustration provided). So, essentially, his belly area never extends beyond the length of his chest. Or reworded, his chest sticks further out than his stomach (he's very thin in his stomach area). In the mecha skin, this doesn't happen. His chest/belly are together. ( the 3 to the right are his base model look from when i was observing and trying to redraw the shape) The one to the left at the top is his base model look (default) The one to the left at the bottom is his mecha skin look (i've noticed) Why is this? Why does the shape look different and why is it that his stomach area isn't drastically thinner than his chest (instead, they are just merged into one chest-belly), making him have a neck chestbelly vs having a neck, chest, and a belly. I'm really curious on that.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aurelion Sol!
So far, these changes look nice. While i still feel he looks a little pregnant on the belly (and honestly, every time, I stare at it - it's just incredibly noticeable), it's a big plus that it got downsized at the very least. The QoL changes are good as well and my only real last nit-picky regard is with his legs. Without his legs he looks odd, and what makes it even more odd is with his same dance. I hope that you guys additionally re-add his legs (and I understand this requires work, but i feel in a sense that this is something that should be considered), or, if not applicable.. then I hope at least his dance is modified so that it doesn't look incredibly stiff near his lower body without the presence of his wiggly woggly legs. So.. essentially my last wishes are for his legs to be re-additioned and i hope this is something you guys can manage to incorporate into his model, and if not, hopefully, modify his dance so that it doesn't look so wonky stiff (because the flow of his waggle matched well with his legs). But thus far, I'm happy with the changes! {{champion:136}}
: You mentioned his UV map!! A god walks amongst us mortals!! Thank you for considering its impact >< Yes, the wings are definitely bugged during his (E) - it's in our system for bugs and should be addressed! {{summoner:11}}
> [{quoted}](name=Nurse Flan,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=fMZbpuAG,comment-id=000800010001000000010000,timestamp=2018-08-02T01:17:48.631+0000) > > You mentioned his UV map!! A god walks amongst us mortals!! Thank you for considering its impact &gt;&lt; > > Yes, the wings are definitely bugged during his (E) - it&#x27;s in our system for bugs and should be addressed! > {{summoner:11}} Thank you for the updates! I'm eager to see updates on the skin soon that are coming to the PBE today. I'm glad you're keeping us up to date with QoL changes and what not (: Sorta offtopic, but hopefully the next PBE patch additionally features fixes for FPS drops as I've noticed some detriments to FPS performance when re-connecting to a match (Nexus blitz specifically). Regardless, this FPS issue has persisted in all modes for me. Just the visual bug I've only seen/tested on Nexus Blitz. (SS Below) This visual bug causes greater FPS drops, sometimes it is strictly tied to my character, other times the whole team turn into a super saiyan fiesta.
: Add the Ban Option in Nexus Blitz (Yi is already ruining the game mode).
I haven't had much of a problem with Yi. But there are just naturally unlikable champions you are put vs in the mode being a blind pick. Picks like Zoe, Yasuo, Fizz can be very frustrating both in this mode and in any other mode to play against making them desirable choices for bans in each specific mode. This is precisely why I am strictly a draft pick player, as my disliked champion is Yasuo. All in all, when the mode hits live and has some variants of feedback from a large pool of players, I think it would definitely be nice to implement a ban system because, regardless, I strongly dislike being against a Yasuo.

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