: Mac User Can't Load Game At All
I don't know if we have the same problem but my LOL PBE wont open at all. Is it just me, or is it happening to a lot of Mac users. I haven't played on the Pbe for days, and I'm dying on the inside!!!
: Shop can't open
The shop sometimes has a bug and riot closes it for the time being. Until now go into ur pbe files and check ur exe folder and scroll all the way down until u see shop and open it. If it is corrupted on ur side it ill tell u. If not try reinstalling the game or just wait until Riot fixes it :)
: Bugsplat savage..
its hard to play kindred when ur such a savage!
: How do i get rp and ip im new sry
hey if u want I can play a game with u and gift u some hexteck ish or skins or champs :)
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: Have you put your PBE files in a separate area, away from your Live files? Also "Attaching logs and providing a description of what you were doing at the time of the crash ("repro steps") will help our developers identify the problem!" This should help us help you further.
Was looking through PBE files and found a download pack missing. Reinstalled it and fixed it. Thank You :)
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: Persistent Chats Upgraded!
Can someone pls dumb this down for me lol.
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: No death animation
Very funny lol. U should make this an April fools trick lol. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: No death animation
Very funny lol. U should make this an April{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} fools trick lol.
: How about chat in loading screen?
This would be awesome It would allow us to make plans and strategies, so no time is wasted in game. Tottaly {{champion:150}}{{champion:64}}
: [Cull] Does not give the 300 gold after meeting the condition
: Relog :]
I do but somtimes the problem reoccurs.
: no not {{champion:150}} ly {{champion:150}} {{champion:64}}
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: Baron Eats Herald :D
That would be tottaly {{champion:150}}ly
: [Map bug] Cannot see the turrets
The same thing happened to me, I noticed that if u disconnect and reconnect while you are reconnecting the towers will disappear. Sucks when trying to see how much hp the towers have, or if they're actually up lol.
This is awesome. TY rito tottaly {{champion:150}}ly
: Store refresh with every purchase
This is true. I hate when im trying to buy runes, and i have to keep pressing a category every single time. Not {{champion:150}}ly at all
: [Lucian] - Bug with range indicators
I dont think this is a bug M8. I Belive the change was made when he got nerfed.
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