: [Client] Unexpected Platform Error when trying to log in
So Riot did the EXACT thing they did before. Instead of resetting masteries and THEN removing one, they removed it so those with it can't log in, again. I wonder how many days it'll take for them to fix it this time. Also, can't wait to re-do my masteries.
: [Client] [Major] Client not logging account in
Riot can we get a masteries reset or something since about 50% of us can't log in? We can't exactly test things if we can't play. This turn around time for a fix is really sort of unacceptable.
: I'm getting 'Unexpected Platform error' after I input my username and password and then the error window pops up about 2 seconds after the login status goes to 'logging on...' let me know if you need anything else. not sure what i could do to help more :c
i'm having the exact same problem, nobody has helped you guys yet?
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