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: RP granting is currently broken. Riot is aware and working on it. You can see this in the current status message in-client, on the Boards (search function), and on the [server status]( page. Riot recently posted an [update]( *Please check these next time* before making a discussion. You can submit a support ticket at [Riot Support]( and they can help you out with a little RP (one-time). Spend it wisely. Sometimes the client will show you have 8000 RP, but when you try to buy something, the store will say “insufficient RP.” This is a visual error. It shows you 8000 RP, while in reality you don’t. It was/is a common visual bug even before the RP script got bugged. Riot doesn’t give BE; this is intended. Instead, you get it the same way as on live.
not trying to be an asshole or anything but when you said: 'Please check these next time before making a discussion' it's been more than a month and they still haven't fixed it, i think it's a good idea that this kinda of question keep coming up so riot can actually try to do something about it .{{sticker:galio-happy}}


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