: Or just learn how to add?
what does adding have to do with this? The jungle timer shows you how much time remains until it respawns, I want a feature that type out the remaining time when you click on the timers.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Malphite!
Malphite's Q speed boost should turn on his booster
: But he does have a lot of poke with his q, sustainability with his w, mobility with his e, and utility with his ult, so I really think that more movement speed could make him a little too powered
Gragas originally had 340 MS and he was played as a backline mage, now hes a front liner with lower MS, I dont see the decision behind it.
: [Gragas] Gragas base movement speed is too slow for his class
I believe Gragas has the potential to stand next to Renekton in the top lane, but his base movement speed is the only thing holding him back.
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: Team Rewards
How does the Team MMR work after placements? Would the team MMR change if the entire roster changes? Does being bronze have thier perks now? Form a team with 5 bronze members,get seeded into bronze, then give their team to a Plat player. Plat team proceeds to farm wins from being seeded into bronze.
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: That's the same with ranked for players that don't play or almost don't play ranked. So you are stuck with the same. Besides, A player can cheat to stay playing against ppl of a lower level by using this as the information it seeds from to know the players ability does not change as games are played.
If you dont play rank, why would you match yourself with the ranked MMR option. > Besides, A player can cheat to stay playing against ppl of a lower level by using this as the information is seeds from to know the players ability does not change as games are played. That could be a possibility, but is more likely to apply to smurfs. They know they are Diamond so they rank only to gold and play with golds in teambuilder for ez win, but as a holder of 2 smurfs, I would rather play rank than on norms but that might not apply to every smurfer. We can make it more restrictive by having atleast played 500 ranked games before able to use this option. 500 games should be enough to find your true ranking and prevent any abuse.
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: Ah! I get it... Still, why not do that in the normals?
Normals is unbalanced. If you only play rank, your normal mmr remains the same and when you play a normal, you will be matched with people below your skill level. Not to mention you can be matched with premades that affects the average discrepancy of each player
: The main issue is that a game that would match using the ranked MMR would have to update the ranked MMR itself after the game. as it was not a ranked game, then the ranked MMR should not change as it wasn't a valid game. Updating the normals' MMR would also be a bad idea because they work on different rulesets for matchmaking. So, based on that, how it is now seems to be the best way to go.
Winning a game with the rank mmr option should not increase your ranked mmr. Winning or losing should not change the mmr. The idea for teambuilder is to help you form a rank team for you by matching you with similarly ranked mmr people, and if you enjoy playing them,you can then formally make a rank team with them.
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: i think yasuo is like season 1 Critplank but worst
But GP parley does magic damage for half the season.
: The cons to ward jumping is wasting gold. It seems balanced to me
Its a not waste, when most of the time no one sweeps it.
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: I actually don't use {{item:1054}} , because {{item:1036}} is better in my opinion.
: [Suggestion] Punishment Division
What if Riot makes a tutorial game that requires 1-hour to finish and they have to finish that in order to play rank again.
: Making Tristana's abilities scale with AD rather than AP
Thats the power level of Tristana * Good early * Bad Mid( if not fed) * Op Late game. Her weakness is that she will suck mid game, if she is not fed, due to ap ratios and her burst requires her to use her escape. While champions like Jinx remains strong throughout the phases,with the weakness of having no reliable escapes. If she scaled off ad, it will be just like another cait.
: [Game Change Feedback/Idea] Rengar's Unique Item in Trinket Slot, Why not Viktor's ?
Viktor doesnt suffer the same problem as Rengar. Its going to be a long while before Viktor get reworked. Even if Viktor augment moves to a trinket slot, it doesnt resolve the problem of Viktor's identity crisis. 3 different cast range of spells and only 1 augment is viable.
Nunu sucks right now cuz stealing minions is not that impactful anymore. The meta favors junglers that can kill the other jungler if they see him, not annoy him.
: Can we maybe trysome changes to windwall?
Have it block ally projectiles too. It wont affect the powerlevel of Yasuo, while giving him a doubled edged sword.
: @Riot Regarding WOTA Changes
Now removing mana from WOTA, making it more towards manaless ap,raises another issue:itemization for manaless ap. Wasn't manaless ap supposed to have less efficient items than their mana counterparts. They have to buy inefficient stats for more cdr. Lets just hope new WOTA wont be op. Just look at Kat, with the removal of mana and better stats on DFG, it turned her into a 1 shotter.
: Karma E Bug
you the one where mantra e doesnt give a bonus shield to the target? E Shield + Mantra Bonus Shield
: I disagree, I think its exactly the kind of counterplay you should be seeing from some supports. Your ADC could always kill it, but you want them focusing on cs so you take the decreased gold gain for them instead.
Its not a perfect world, in lane you both want to kill the plant asap so it does less damage, or move out of its way, which sometime means you will disable spelltheif
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: New skin
What would be his trident? A net on a stick?
: [SUGGESTION] Skins: Ninja Squad
Zed should be green because he is evil, then turn good in this skin. Also Zed is Lord Zedd from power rangers. and Lulu is pretty close to Rita Repulsa
: New Champion Suggestion?
Reminds me of pokemon that krocodile pkmn.
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: in tier 2 utility there is a missing spot,in that place they should put expanded mind,which is some kind of bad to be tier 4. i agree wanderer is very bad to be the final tier of utility,but if u stack with fleet of foot and other stats its probably very balanced. another bizarre stats is vampirism,because no one usually uses both LS & SV. expanded mind is kind of a useful mastery if u know when u must use it,but maybe 3 points are too much,2 are enough.
No ap mage uses 21 in utility. 21 in Offensive means your going aggro and 21 Utility is the tree if you want to play defensively and lane sustain. Utitity is a bad tree for ap, making offense the only viable tree for ap
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: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
I feel that with the price increase on Frost Queen will reduce the people that is willing to upgrade it for its effects. The final upgrade is not an item that people will keep as their 6th item. There are other alternatives, like Rylais or Twin Shadows if they want to get a Frost Queen active effect. The only gold item worth keeping is Talisman because it has no alternative and mobility is too important to give up. Frost Queen is an item that support can skip and they are better off with buying a Rylais or upgrading their codex for more utility.
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I think what we need is if there an afk, we should be able to leave the game, while it will increase unfinished games, but considering theres long queue in PBE whats the point of continuing to play the game when you have an afker.
: Replying here since top is reached, but since spell vamps are unique passives and not named passives, they stack between items. Right now, you can reach 52% spell vamp.
how? Wota only gives you 20, rageblade situationally gives you +10 At most +30 spellvamp off items.
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: Don't like the removal of Mana Regen from WotA. Basically, Spellvamp works by converting your secondary resource (mana) into your primary resource (health). Therefore, it is stronger on champions not strongly restricted in their secondary resource (energy, health, no secondary resource). Hence, Spellvamp can be cheaper for mana users than non-mana users without being "broken" (Vlad, I look at you). So, why not fill up this cost difference by having WotA give mana sustain? Current (live) WotA prices 20% Spellvamp at 550 gold for mana-users and 910 gold for non-mana users. The item is gold efficient even without the mana regeneration. This PBE WotA, if Spellvamp has the same value (determined from Hextech Revolver), still prices the Spellvamp at 550 gold, the CdR at 317 gold and the AP at 1600 gold, leaving the item always slightly cost-inefficient. So, why not retain some mana regen on it, making it a more attractive purchase on mana users (due to the basic premise of Spellvamp).
While true, spell vamp is justifiable on some champs. Vlad and Morde have health costs in their kit and they are played as an ap bruiser.Kat need some form of sustain because she is a melee champ and need to survive to make good use of her resets. Rumble is also played as an ap bruiser. The only champion that abuses Spellvamp the most is Kennen, does he really need Spellvamp to play to his potential?
: Aether Wisp - AkA Riot has lost their minds
Sounds like the revival of Twisted Fate
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: Atlantean Syndra feedback
The spheres floating around her remind me of Will o Wisp. We need a Fox-fire Syndra!! I can see it now,"Bow before Syndra or burn in agony"
: Well, look at how many mid/top Karma buys spellvamp, and you may have an insight on to why I'm not seeing that as viable. Basically, yes it's nice on a RW, but if you RW, you don't RQ for massive damage and slow on both enemies or RE for massive MS and shield on your whole team. Also, if you actually max tether first, at level 11 with 80 AP and 30% spell vamp, against someone with only 30 MR you will be healed roughly 40 more hp. Let's assume you had no bonus hp and that you casted it from half life, you will actually gain 15% more hp. So in a pretty optimistic case, your healed back 15% hp more than usual. Elise would play very similarly to Morgana, where she tries to pull a stun before going fubar, and ~~Brand is pretty much Annie v0.8~~. Also, I would believe his passive procs 33% spellvamp since it's a DoT. Basically, it's not really that I can't see champions using it. It's that I don't see "regular" spellvamp useful in a laning situation while being healthy for the rest of the game. If we're looking at support items, referencing ones more like Zeke's and Locket (aka 2-3k items meant for supports' late game), then I simply don't see champions who would actually benefit well from spellvamp in the late game while also having some minimal pressure in lane. Lastly, I don't see a new spellvamp item being any reasonable as long as gunblade isn't modified, since if that new item has 18% spellvamp, that means you can reach 70% spellvamp. Try to imagine a Warwick coming at you healing for 24% of your maximum HP, with a minimum of 645 (pre mitigation) on a 3.6s cd. EDIT: was a bit harsh on Brand, since he doesn't play exactly like annie, but what I meant is that they both are aimed around the same goal. poke a little bit, and then incinerate them.
The spellvamp passive will be unique so obtaining 70% spellvamp will be impossible. Seeing as how their wont be an Spellvamp Aura item, there is really not a whole lot of champs that could benefit from a spellvamp item. In order to benefit from Spellvamp, they have to be a sustain mage, and so far we only have Morde,Rumble,Kat,Kennen,Brand,Ryze,Cass that benefit most from it. If a mage support get a spellvamp item that only benefits themselves, it wouldn't be an attractive buy because they are better off bursting down any champ that comes closer to their team.
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: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
Is {{item:3092}} in a good place now? Do supports that buy spelltheif upgrade to FQC, do they even keep it as their 6th item?
: Saying baron is bugged makes a less toxic game? LOL player logic
maybe they didnt care as much,knowing the game wont count if they crash it by attacking baron. or maybe theres the opposite spectrum,where they are really toxic and they can crash and not get reported.
: Night time Summoner's Rift
Welcome to DOTA, there a day time and a night time.
: Well, I did see Morg as a potential for this item because of the synergy with passive and how easy it is to safely proc vamp without stealing minions, but I seriously have troubles imagining the day where a spellvamp support exists. Like... apart from fiddlesticks and maybe morgana, I don't see how the others benefit from spellvamp. I checked a few sites, and the only champions that are actually played support that could be counted amongst the top 10 users of any of those spellvamp items were Kayle (which I seriously don't see her rushing), Annie (once again, I don't think you're aiming for sustain in lane on annie) and Fiddlesticks (this one I acknowledge could work, and would most probably be a toxic edge case on top of that given that early access to even more spellvamp can truly make a mean difference on him). The one pick which kinda made me wonder was Ryze, but I see him a bit in the same boat as Kayle where he has bigger priorities. Then again, it could be an "out of lane" item... In which case I have a few ideas of what it could actually look like, but I'm afraid of seeing it on an already tanky Mordekaiser for instance, or in the inventory of a SotSW-WotA Fiddlesticks. TL:DR the fear mang.
How can you not think of Karma? R+W plus spellvamp while shielding yourself pretty much negate any bot lane enages. * Brand, 2 spells and passive proc 100% of spellvamp * Elise can potentially comeback as a support
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