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: Azir gets vision of riuns, where he had summond a turret, even after the turret is destroyed (no matter if it gets destroyed or destroys itself). Is that intentional?
i got this too, but you dont actually get vision, the map just lights up as if you have vision
: Icons doesn't need to be tested.
still, all new content is meant to be 1 ip, and these are very cool icons. I think everyone without 250 rp will still want them
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: Guys,yesterday i logged first time on pbe,but still i dont have lvl 30,i played 3games with boots,im lvl 3 i played all the tutorials ,but nothin'...
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: hm i dunno about you guyz but i dont even use ward skins and if i would change this stuff i would change it like once and then never again so i realy dont see your point here ... nvm i am so busy in champ select picking ma champ selecting runes and making masteries that i dont find time to change the ward skin ... so i am not a fan but i see your point :)
Think about it, if you got a skin for a champion you would select it the first time, and then never change it again, so it is the same sort of thing with skins as with ward skins
: [Bug] - Baron and Dragon Doesn't attack
Same here, when I was playing the new caitlyn skin
: Any idea why? I can't seem to be able to find information about it..
They're probably adding something to the PBE or something like that, this happens all the time , but you probably just arent on when it happens usually
: I agree, we should really get some information considering when it is coming out, but I am guessing some months since it seems like a big project. Then again, most things seem finished for the VU judging from the video so it is really hard to tell. It is up to Riot.
i think it will be some months untill it hits live servers, but it said "hitting PBE soon" so i think it wont be months untill it comes to PBE
: i dont like this one... just because everyone should have the same chance to earn summoner icons or skins there are a bunch of friendly people out there just because riot randomly selected you doesnt mean you deserve the icon/skin more or less
Maybe they could give out the same skin each year, so even if you didnt get a chance this season, you could still get it.
: I agreed with you. A nice Summonericon would do that too
I would like the idea of a summoner icon, but I was thinking that people would treasure a skin more, and if they just did a summoner icon, I would still treasure it, but not quite as much. Think, if you saw someone with a special icon, you would not be that bothered, but a skin would make people take notice
: Just do an Icon an everything's fine :3 A skin would need testing again, if it were this easy to create one, we wouldn't need to test them in first place.
oh yeah, an icon could work, I quite like that idea. I was not thinking that they just give you a skin without testing it, but test it on PBE, and then give it to the people who have tested on PBE to say thank you, as a reward to treasure.
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: Hi Brainy Striker, There is no information about that icon at the moment. Also, you made a discussion in bugs Sub-community, try to avoid that next time, because it's for bugs only.
I accidentally put it in bugs, sorry, and i was just curious to see if anyone knew about the icon
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: [Skin concept] Pool Party Zac
If you look in the pool party renekton {{champion:58}} splash art, you will see a blue zac, similar to what you said, but I still really like your idea [Pool party renekton splash art](
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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
I don't know if anyone else has had this, but when I was playing, it kept on pausing, but continuing standing animations, and then after a while it suddenly went back to where I was. Also, there was no voice in the game, even though all the sound options were on. This includes saying "fist blood", "pentakill" etc. and Xerath talking. Would this be just a PBE bug, or something to do with the Xerath rework?
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
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: Karma
I think that the most recent champions are 10 RP each, and some of the skins released slightly before the most recent ones are also 10 RP. Also, all of the old Snowdown skins are 1 RP each.
: [Minor] Smite Damage Display
I have had this with Flash and Smite, with Flash displaying a number similar to the damage on smite, and the number on smite going up once around every 40 seconds.
: Mundo's cleaver feels off.
I was playing against a TPA mundo earlier, and the hitbox seemed bigger that normal mundo's cleaver, and I had played against a normal Dr. Mundo the game earlier. This was also slightly the case for Pulsefire Ezreal's Q compared to normal Ezreal.
: Sounds like Lissandra got the quest to kill you and she got an assist or kill when you died. Does not feel like a bug to me... Was there anything else you noticed like... You killing Ashe and not getting the icon that you defeated Ashe? ~~How long ago was this? (I'd like to see the rofl file)~~ Oh yeah... the bug... I forgot about it...
The quest is always between 2 people, so if I did not have a quest to kill Lissandra, they cannot have had a quest to kill me. I did not notice Ashe with the Debuff, but they were in the quest.
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: Ezreal/ Squishy early Game
That doesn't sound right. most champs have 600 health at lvl 1 and even if you had a bf sword at level 1 you would not have 300 AD. When you had enough for a bf sword, they would have more health by that time. I would be interested to see an mf with a bf sword 2-hit an ezreal
: [Visual bug] Lunar Goddess Diana Q animation
I have had this problem with Morgana's {{champion:25}} tormented soil , as sometimes when I cast it on a slope, only half of the circle actually appears.
: Before the preseason 4 rework Hiatus, Xerath's rework seemed to be in it's late stages. In the last few weeks I remember seeing a red confirm that his proper ult particles were either being worked on, or had already been completed. There won't be any PBE updates until Jan 5th, but I wouldn't be surprised if Xerath rework hit the PBE within a month or so of that. There's always a chance that one of the other reworks, such as Rengar, could snag the PBE timeslot, but it depends on how far along they were. There was also mention of an early 2014 Shaco rework, so if it's just a light rework it could fill up that slot as well. Although I suppose they could have 2 or 3 reworks for vastly different roles out at the same time. TL:DR, I'm guessing Xerath rework will be here anywhere from a month to 3 months from now.
Ok, thank you. That is very helpful information. I am quite annoyed though, as I am a Xerath player, and was looking forward to the rework. :(
: [PBE only] [SHOP] RP & PI pack
I think that Riot do not want you to save all your RP, and if you spend a lot, then you get more at the end of the week. This would be nice, but in my opinion it is not completely nescessary since you already get more IP and RP. However, I do think that Riot could make it that whenever you are running low on RP/IP you get some more, instead of once a week.
: [Snowdown] Execution counted as Kill
On the showdown mode, an execution is counted as a kill for the enemy team, but I do not see why you would need to get executed, as you can recall.{{summoner:21}}
: "Re" ping
I generally find it easier to say ss and re, but I also use the enemies are missing ping. This could be a good idea, and I think that I would actually use it and like it. {{champion:17}}
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: [Summoner's Rift - Flash + Smite] - Weird Counter on top
I am also having this, it seems to be that my counter on flash is the damage that smite does, but my smite counter is going up every 40 seconds

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