: Updated Summoners rift - MINOR BUGS
Here are some more bugs from a game at 12:00 CST Right-clicking to move sometimes crashed game Random lag during engages Inhibitor has a blue square as its portrait
: Turrent shots and when I play as {{champion:81}} and I fire my q i get the blue squares as well.
It happens as Ezreal? That is strange. Only your Q?
: The cannon minion bug happened to me as well. At first I thought I was going crazy and exited the game (custom game just to check out the new SR) and remade it as red side and it continued happening.
What I find strange is that it only occurs on the red side. I know it was not on purpose, but what in the code made only the red side be affected?
: Turret shots are appearing as blue squares for me as well. Also, fog of war is completely purple and hides the map.
How much of the map? And is it just the minimap or the whole map?
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