: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Good work dudes. I'm excited to try this out once it hits live!
: Brackhar, would it be possible to arrange this mode via a custom teambuilder setup? E.g. no lane positions, just 10 people queueing up for say, Urgot, and all playing a match as Urgot?
Unfortunately not at the moment, though I agree using Team Builder is the next obvious evolution of the mode. Perhaps that'll be the next version that comes out if this does well. :)
: Are the servers broke for some people and not others or?
We're having some issues with the PBE at the moment, so we're restarting a few services.
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: After playing my first game in Hexakill, there are a few things I'd like to discuss about my initial thoughts and experience with the game type; My first impression of hexakill is that it is a very fun and enjoyable game mode to play because of the hectic nature of the team fights and the added danger of having another enemy to worry about during laning phase is a very cool experience and encourages extra thought and a more tactical approach in the early and mid-game. Also the amount of different combos and team compositions that can created is quite exiting. Now here’s where I explain some of the problems I personally found during the game we played (and it seemed like everybody else on the team struggled with this too) first of all, I was mid playing as Ahri {{champion:103}} against an Orianna{{champion:61}} , which was fine early and mid-game, I managed to hold my own and our lane phase ended in a bit of a standoff until the enemy team overwhelmed the lane with numbers, which wasn’t a problem. The issue came late game during the team fights where, because of the mass amount things happening on screen at once, it became nigh on impossible at times to see where Orianna’s because it was buried under all the other things on screen, which resulted in her getting some quite hilarious multikills that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. I feel this is going to be a similar experience with most champions who have some form of hard AOE, and that a lot of people aren’t going to be able to see the indicators for them in the huge 6 vs 6 teamfights, so maybe finding a way to make indicators a little bit more visible would help I think.(this could also just be due to lack of experience in the game mode, and may become a non-issue once adjusted to the game mode) Also, during a few parts of the match, I kind of felt like a spare part, like I didn’t have anything to do because the rest of my team had everything covered and I was just wondering around not doing much until the teamfights, which is probably to do with the role I chose. TL;DR – fun game mode, AOE’s can sometimes hard to see, especially ones like Ori’s ball, also felt a bit useless in some instances. PS. Sorry for wall of text, just wanted to get my opinion in :)
Yeah, the visibility issues will definitely be a problem. That's partly why we added the circle under the player's champion so at least its a little harder to lose yourself.
: I looked through but I'm not sure if anyone else has brought this up (if they have I apologize), but on my match history the Hexakill games I played are being displayed as "Summoners Rift (normal game)" instead of "Summoners Rift (Hexakill). I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but with one for all and showdown it displayed the game modes title instead of just "normal game". I just thought I'd ask!
Thanks! We should have this fixed soon.
: We got a HEXAKILL ["on tape"!](http://youtu.be/j_s6JU7cFdI) The game was A LOT OF FUN!
: Hey Rioters, just wanted to give some feedback for Hexakill, which I just tested. I can totally see the big potential this gamemode has to offer. The main reason for that being the big changes it should bring to the meta. However, I believe for a temporary gamemode it just can't keep up with One for All or even Showdown. It lacks the twist those two provided to the gameplay. If Hexakill is meant to be a permanent mode like 3v3, I can see potential and I would agree with giving that a try, because I can only imagine this to work if players have loads of time to actually make sense of all the meta changes. Otherwise it's just like 5v5 with a license to troll. 6v6 can spontaneously be good if you have a team that corresponds well, but that's not garantueed obviously. The other temporary game modes were fun regardless of the other teammembers. These are my thoughts on Hexakill so far.
Thanks for the feedback dude! We expect this to appeal to a different set of people than O4A or Showdown did, most likely people who traditionally only play normal SR games. We'll see how the popularity plays out, and it'll help inform us what to do next.
: You should bring back the old map! It would bring back some old memories, and freshen up the gameplay.
It could be fun to do as a featured game mode, sure. 5v5 TT on the current may also be a viable option. We wanna do a game mode on TT at some point for sure, and there are a number of options also beyond just changing the player count.
: Does anyone know if an announcement is made for a possible hexakill in this mode? Seems highly likely? Also, I had trouble getting into a game. I received a 'had trouble recieving message from server'(about 3 or 4 times till the game kept up) type notification :(. I have to restart the client each time because the client is "blank" after it.
Yes, there is a new announcement.
: That was the thing that made it fun on TT. 6v6 TT had lots of stuff happening you don't know what's going on anymore.
Yeah, but the new TT is half the size of the old TT. It just doesn't work.
: Hi Riot, i just played 6v6 for first time and let`s talk about it. First of all the lag on PBE server or this game mode is unplayable. - CC team is undefeatable - Need new CC counter items - New map for only 6v6, maybe two jungle or new lane - `BUG` every where i can`t even explain it. - And finally level 1 AFKs, not suprise at all thoese people should be removed from this server and replace with new players. I love the idea of 6v6, it sound fun for all and can`t wait for future release.
You'll probably see a lot of different metas pop up. CC was really popular in season 1 until it was beaten by AoE, which was popular until it got beaten by bruisers, which was popular until it got beaten by double jungle, etc. etc. There's probably going to be a little microcosm of a bunch of these metas replaying for a bit.
: Any chances of us being able to test Team Builder for Hexakill in the next few weeks?
Unfortunately the UI doesn't support 6 players. :(
: Got in one game, felt crowded, but still a lot of fun. As everyone else said "its still a little glitchy", but i can see alot of people playing this and even prefering it over normals sometimes. It feels like a faster paced mode, kinda like you took the fast paced of the twisted treeline and added a larger map. Also, just a FYI,{{champion:17}} shrooms do not last very long with this foot traffic heavy of a game mode.
It's probably fine that SR's not a shroomfield. ;)
: So I was able to play a game, it's really interesting for not being the most different featured game mode. It ended up being 2 top, 1 jungle, 1 mid, and 2 bot as an unspoken agreement for us. I want to play a game later and see if this changes, but with the queue issues I can't really do that now. It will be interesting to see how this develops, and also kind of ballsy of Riot to do such a simple idea of a game mode. Also I had a ring around my character, and talking to other players that played previous games, they said that they didn't have the ring in the previous games. Also what is the surrender limit? 4 to 2 or 5 to 1? Because I feel like a 4 to 2 can be exploited by duo-groups, but a 5 to 1 might be too much.
The ring is something we added for this game mode to help you distinguish yourself in team fights. As for surrender I believe it's 5-1.
: Dear all 6v6 twisted treeline fans our dream has finally happened but on the wrong map but still pretty awesome.
We tried 6v6 on TT, but with the new, smaller map it was too crowded.
: same problem here, and now i cant join other queues.. :(
I'm talking to the release team to find out what's going on. Edit: Updates in the OP.
: Showdown announcement shows variable name
This should be fixed now. Thanks for the report!
: Yes, this fps drop does indeed also occur in ARAM matches.
Yeah, it's likely an issue your PC has with Howling Abyss as a whole, sadly. It is one of our more demanding maps.
: Dear Riot, I have found that in Snowdown Showdown matches, my FPS drops substantially both on game start (When the pillars of the iceborne guard item shop rise up), and on rare occasions when minions die. The fps drops to the point that until it repairs itself (Approximately 2-3 seconds later) the game has completely stopped from my perspective. Thank you.
Do you experience the same thing when you play ARAM?
: I would hope so, and thank you. All things considered I have faith that Riot will deliver because there is no way I am the only person who feels a bit cheated with the current victory/defeat animation, or lack of I should say. I've also been thinking a bit more into this mode since I've been playing, here are some of my thoughts: **Champion Select** I understand why the champions are revealed after locking in, it's only fair that we get the opportunity to change any runes/masteries accordingly. But consider this instead (I don't doubt it was talked about internally, just want to publicize the idea), why not make it like normal drafting? Obviously we would see picks this way as opposed to after picking blindly but maybe it's because they want to keep "counter picking" out of this mode, and that's fair. But I am concerned because it seems what will happen instead is people will blindly counter pick themselves accidentally, then have a bad game. At least if it was a normal drafting mode, getting hard countered being first pick isn't as bad because your teammate will get to pick after seeing both enemy champs. Similarly being the second pick team, you get a guaranteed counter and a decent opportunity to balance out the 2 man comp to handle whatever last pick will be. Overall I'll be content with however champion select ends up. **Load Screen** I enjoy the unique background, I really do, however there's something I can't quite put my finger on about it that bugs me slightly. It's definitely not a big deal at all, but something..hmm. I'll get back to you. **Howling Abyss Features** Okay so I'll just start by saying I am highly disappointed with this mode being on Howling Abyss. I'm not going to complain that it isn't Magma Chamber, because somehow I feel Morello wouldn't let it happen anyway...but more importantly because it would make no sense with "Snowdown Showdown", being that it is Magma themed. But honestly Riot, couldn't you have simply **Freljordified** the "Magma Chamber" map to be more snowy instead of re-using HA? I mean...cmon. All bias aside, let's discuss the settings/features. **Spawn** - I kind of wish it was like Howling Abyss and Dominion, level 3 yada yada. The extra starting gold with that setting is nice, it allows for more clever starting builds and as it stands I find myself trying my best to not go back before 6 anyway. The games end quickly I hardly ever have the time for items, so starting with the extra gold would be great. I feel like Riot was trying to include early level 1 laning into this mode, especially because of the 100 cs objective. But would it really be different otherwise? If anything it would simply give us more interesting options to start, the games end fast anyway how often do people even reach 6? It's kinda lame but I digress. **Health Relics** - I truly wish these were enabled for this mode, think about it! It's supposed to be a fast paced 1v1 or 2v2 showdown, health relics don't just heal people..they add for interesting play! You can bait with them, steal them and make close plays because of them. Without them the game feels empty, not to mention Riot used Howling Abyss so surely enough the relic locations are still there taunting you. Anyway I simply think these should be added, hands down. **Extra Map Assets** - I mean really it doesn't take a genius to realize that we have to deal with a nexus, extra turret...and all of that walking distance between the fountain and outer turret..just...facepalm so hard no joke. It's highly inconvenient and in some ways lazy, sorry to be so blunt but there it is. If Riot truly wishes to use Howling Abyss, I genuinely believe they should give a movement speed buff that decays over time so running back isn't as horrible. Maybe it'll be worth it to actually b without worrying you'll miss too much time running. **Aand yeah those are my thoughts for now, despite everything I appreciate the mode Riot! It's fun and I cannot wait to see what other kind of mini-modes you have in store for us. =)**
This is good feedback dude, thanks. :)
: Aw I'm a little disappointed at this. I was really hoping it would be something players could use to practice their laning, and learn how to be better at playing mid or top in Summoner's Rift, but there are way too many differences for it to apply, instead it just feels like I'm playing Aram with one person. The brush and the distance between the towers, as well as the landscape mean it doesn't work at all like a scrim queue, like how I'd want it to be. I had high hopes of being able to practice mid in Showdown before a ranked game to warm up. Or to queue for Showdown on its own for some tense 1v1 duels against worthy opponents. But I can't shake the differences and it feels like I might as well be playing Dominion for all the good it's doing me. If the map was just a cut-out of the middle lane of Summoner's Rift that would be fantastic, then there would be real competitive 1v1 duels that would matter just as much as tournament mid lanes. It's fun, but it's fun like Dominion's fun. It's way too different to Summoner's Rift and I think players that are looking for something more competitive are gonna be disappointed that this wasn't a practice mode and was instead some disjointed mix between ARAM and SR.
We went with this because of some of the feedback we received from the all-star event, and also because so many 1v1 tournaments were being run on HA instead of SR. As for the lane layout, consider this perhaps more like dueling in top lane than mid, since the brush play makes for a more similar experience.
: I completely agree with the guys down here. Bring back Magma Chamber. That map is what the millions players were waiting for all these months.
The rules between this map and Magma Chamber are the same, save Magma Chamber was a direct copy of the mid-lane layout for SR. Is that the feedback then, that you prefer SR's layout to this?
: **Overall** My opinion of this game mode is that, as mentioned before, it is not as satisfying to win as other established maps like SR and HA ARAM. Even if more animations were added to a win, I don't think that HA SS is comparable in entertainment with the other maps or even One for All. **Champion Select** The time given to select a champion after the bans is incredibly too short to strategize with the parter you were matched with. **Gameplay** The most successful Duo Showdown combo is definitely an ADC and a support (esp. Sona). It really is almost too easy, or my PBE MMR doesn't match my skills. But the ease of winning also adds to the unrewarding feelings at the end of the game. If instead of getting 2 kills to win, it should be that you must have 3 kills total, but also your team must have 2 kills more than the other team (like tennis or volleyball kind of). This will make the game last a little longer, but I think it will bring more of a challenge for tight games as well as give the losing team a chance to make a comeback with champions that are better late game. **Summery** Not even close to as fun as One for All. Too dominated by ADC champions. Should consider alternative methods for increasing competitive game play.
Yeah, this mode hits a much different demographic than One For All, so I expect for a number of people who enjoyed O4A this will not be as entertaining. However, for really competitive folks this should be a pretty good win.
: Champion select is way too long. Pick/Ban time is good but after the pick we have to wait 60 sec to start the game. Since most of the time our masteries and runes are set, it is just boring to wait. What I suggest is that make a ready button so that once we are done, click the ready button instead of just waiting 60 sec
We'll see what we can do to cut it down, thanks!
: WhY isent it there on PBe?{{champion:103}}
The testing window has closed for the moment. We've been trying to check out if our automated on/off scripts work as expected.
: In my opinion One for all is a great fun game mode.It brings a little variety to the game.But i think every team should have more bans and of coures more{{champion:119}} :)
The bans should hopefully work out a little better on Live where not everyone has access to all champs.
: I think the One for all is a great gamemode, I would like to see this game on the normal servers too :)
: that would take the completion of team builder, and then applying it to this mode but's that's an awesome idea, I'd like the same myself. It's probably not doable any time soon though, team builder isn't finished yet.
Yeah, once Teambuilder is in a good place I'd love to explore using it.
: wouldn't you consider 40% majority though as long as a different champ is not 40$ or higher though because you're never going to get a 60% very often
40% is a plurality, not a majority.
: [One for All/ARAM] Champion Tuning
Yeah, nasty champs are much more difficult to counter on HA than on SR. It's a definite problem.
: So I tried it out, and everyone on my team just picked different champs from each other {{champion:39}}, [me], {{champion:39}} , {{champion:85}} , {{champion:105}}. Time was running out, 3 secs, so I just picked twitch. I was the last person to pick a champ. Then everyone's champ changed to twitch so someone dodged the game. My next que someone locked in {{champion:22}} so when time ran out everyone's champ changed to Ashe.
Yeah, in the case of no clear majority of votes the choice will be random amongst the votes cast.
: Guys please i'd really like to try it again but i can't because of the unexpected platform error so please reset all masteries :( this is a common problem and lots of people are having this bug Take a look at here for more info http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/ZlfP9rw2-client-major-client-not-logging-account-in
Just passed the thread on to the appropriate peeps. Thanks!
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: Should consider making it like the teambuilder Q. Should also put the option of it being played on other maps in Q, everyone forgot what map it was being played on so we thought it was aram map (5 blitz vs 5 lux was hard). 10 Anivias is very computer heavy so should think of the casual players without a good gaming rig. Also in the end game stats, there were no items shown Either than that it was really fun! Edit: just got a glitch where the character name for wukong was displayed as "game_character_skin_displayname_MonkeyKing_5" edit 2: I think the character name when they ping is useless in this q, we all know that we are the same champ already, in fact it's confusing to know if they talking to me or someone else
Once Teambuilder is released I definitely want to explore using part of their tech for featured game modes. Modes like this and a bunch others would benefit a lot imo.
: One suggestion: **Number each player.** Generally it's easy to refer to each individual player by their champion, but obviously that isn't something you can do here. What I propose is that a number be added to the end of each player name in chat, above their health bar, and on the leaderboard. * Above their name, it should be as simple as **[#] Playername**, similar to how team tags are shown. * In chat, it should appear after the Champion name, eg: **Playername (Ziggs #): Message** * On the leaderboard, it should appear the same way: **Ziggs #** Pretty simple change that would resolve a lot of confusion that seems to be happening.
This isn't a bad idea. A few tech hiccups prevented us from getting it in for this weekend, but we'll keep the idea around when/if One For All cycles back.
: Great, Looking forward to see more game modes and maps. Really want to see some 6v6 game or 4 teams fighting together and alliance to fight other teams.
Yeah, I think 6v6 on SR has some promise.
: yeah how much time ?
I think we're targeting a 3PM turn on time. All target times are flexible regarding the PBE though, so please don't string me up if it's not there on the dot. :)
: know what day one for all come back?
: Im glad to hear a response but unfortunately, Im not satisfied yet. It disappoints me that youve played the 10 man mirror matches on HA and still think its not a good trade. Of course we can still play it in custome games but the problem is, that we can't see the enemies picking and also the bans arent necessary in these games. As suggestion i would say: Normal Queues for SR and HA. Leave SR as it is. Its a good concept but this doesnt work for HA. In the HA normal queues there shouldnt be bans, there should be one chat for all 10 players (not 2 single chats for the team), you should see the picks of ur enemies and the champ that has been picked the most should be played for example 3 Jarvans, 4 Lee Sins, 3 Rivens -> everyone will get Lee Sin. If there are 4 Jarvans, 4 Lee Sins and 2 Rivens its 50:50. I think thats a better way for HA. On SR its ok. 1 Viktor, 2 Ahris, 2 Oriannas -> 20% chance for Viktor, 40% for Ahri and Orianna. Well im pretty sure I won't get a response for that but maybe at least u will read it and think about it. Thats just how I think about One for All and HA but I know that im not the only person thinking this way. When I played the old One for All on the live servers, my subscribers (At least 4500+) liked it as it were and thats how it should be again. Greetings from Germany ;)
Well, the question here isn't so much if it's better or worse that One For All on SR, but if we'd be willing to delay the game mode for a month (and maybe more given conflicts with Snowdown and Lunar Revel) to get it out for play.
: Just a simple question, when u released the one for all to the original server, it was working fine why do we need to test any longer if there is no problems with it? i mean the HA one for all.
Most of the issue comes from the work in champion select, actually. We wouldn't be able to alter the voting system in time to show you what the enemy team is voting on and make the results unified across both teams.
: Great topic, any chance that there will be a queue for One for all on dominion? I think it would be an amazing game mode and it would be so much fun to have 5 Yi's running around at 800 speed on Dominion, or possibly 10 Rammus power balling and taunting everything xD
We're generally trying to avoid having multiple queues up at a time just to make sure that each queue is healthy in its own right. You can still do Dominion via custom games though.
: guys when we wil play again one for all? :/
: I'm very happy that the default for One-for-All will remain on Summoner's Rift and will stay 5X vs 5Y. While many of the posters seem to want One for All be a silly ridiculous bloodbath, I'm drawn to it as a way to explore unusual strategies and hone the skill of countering. Sure, these one-off modes can be light and silly, but they have lots of potential to make you see the game in a new way. I'm copying my post from the main One for All thread as it's directly about HA vs SR: I am surprised to hear the calls against Summoner's Rift for this game mode. I wouldn't play it on any other map. For me, the key concept is you're playing a regular game but with five of the same champion on your team. One for All makes you think outside the box and experiment. Can we have a jungler with five Lux? What if we group mid early to make it hard for enemy Rengars to pick us off? Can we prevent Shaco ambushes by putting pinks freaking everywhere? I've seen Sorakas rush Spirit Visage while their opponents rushed Morellonomicon. I've seen the strangest champions build support and tanks, AP and AD -- not for lulz, but because the team needed those roles and they had to make do. One for All allows new levels of strategic counterplay and counterbuilding. I'm learning so much about matchups and item choices and seeing new builds and strategies and roles. And what better way to teach players to build MR than by pitting them against a team of 5 Annies. All this would be lost on Howling Abyss. It would become a game of exploiting the imbalance of a one-lane map multiplied by five. With no jungle, no objectives, and no laning phase, you're severely limited to what you can innovate with five of one champion. One Nidalee is frustrating -- but five is downright ludicrous on a map where you can do nothing but all stay in one lane. Of course letting you play five of one champ will lead to imbalanced strategies, but figuring them out if half the fun, but there's no point doing that on a map like Howling Abyss which is already designed to be imbalanced.
Yeah, we think the HA version definitely has value, but as you alluded to, the SR version has value in its own right as well. It's just different, and fortunately we have the capability of doing the HA version in the future. :)
: **The main problem with playing this on SR is a combination of gametime and blindpick.** * Summoner Rift games include the farming phase and as such lasts 25+ min * Blindpick means its becomes more susceptible to counterpicks. Normally in ARAM you can get a really bad hand, or the enemy team gets a really good hand and totally counters your team. Its sorta fine though because you know it will just take **10-15** min and you can go for another game. When you play All for One on SR its not only easier to get hardcountered seeing its really just one champ vs another champ. But the ramifications of it also means you are stuck with it **20-30** minutes. Trying to farm in a 2v2 lane where the enemies already killed you several times and are still outzoning you is a whole another level of annoyance compared to Howling Abyss where you always got enough friends around for a teamfight. That being said, **as long as you dont get totally counterpicked I actually find the SR One for All games more fun than the games on HA** Mainly because SR gives you the option to actually try some weird builds in what is a somewhat normal environment. Less action, more strategy, tactics and itembuilds. *I predict that once the gamemode goes live, we are gonna see an proportionally large amount of people who simply leave the game at 15-20 minutes.* *Thanks for the extensive reply BuffMePlz*
Yeah, the counter picking issue is unfortunate for sure. I do think SR allows a little more wiggle room than HA at least since there's more room for strategic variance, but whether that's a good tradeoff for the longer game times is a matter for discussion.
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: One For All - Champion Select
Yeah, I agree an approval voting system would be better for us to implement than what we currently have. We likely won't be able to get that done for the first release of the mode though; maybe in a follow up version?
: ## TL;DR * Works very well on both maps; the main problem is the very significant minority of users who are unable to adapt to SR environment making the experience less peasant. * Unlike with Dominion, the map is the same so too many players still feel the same meta and try to follow that meta. * Some people have no clue on how to use champions they didn't play before so they make many mistakes or they have fantasies about how strong a champion is. * Try team builder on this, we may get a good surprise on how this gets better. The nº of players that cause this is about 2-3 per team, according to my testgames. ### How I think it is: In both SR and HA the game is **VERY** fun to play but seems like there's a significant percentage (about 3 players per game) that just don't know how to cooperate and work as a team where each one has his own role and each one does its own job. So the problem here does not seem to be players that are ok with breaking the meta in the therms of what each champion should do but actually the opposite which is something that is rare to get in the whole 5 member team (there's always, at least, 2 (usually 3) that are against going against the meta for that character which makes the game not that amusing for the others. ### Well... Is it viable? Although this mode is very fun to play, as fun as the normal mode I wonder how viable it actually is. The main problem is that finding a game where everyone actually cooperate and try to help and participate is a rare event. It is as hard as normal mode but as all champions are the same it's hard to have each one doing a different role in the game. I think this will work well just like hide&seek, dodgeball and other alternative game modes work to play from time to time in addition to blind and draft soloq. ### Why this works better on HA On Howing Abiss, it's a every champion on full attack mode or some on attack and some on defense. There's no jungler, usually there's no "real" support the support is there to support and attack. There can be a tank but no prob with that as it's straight forward on how to take that role in HA. I think that this is good for all maps it's just that too many people have problems dealing with the changes in mindset required to work with this. ## Bugs None that hasn't been reported yet found ## Special suggestions Some but most have already been suggested and I voted +1 on them. Here are some examples of the best ones 1. Numbers in names 2. Make also a mode where every single champion is the same, not just 5x and 5y. The problem with this is that teams can become very unbalanced easy **Note**: Requires more testing if the bans can be used in favor to get around that. #### An idea I had that I wasn't able to found requested elsewhere I think a team builder here would be an awsome test! It would some many of the issues I encountered when dealing with deciding champions and deciding positions. This means that there would be less fighting for where each one would go and each one would "do". Same as for normal games, it would also make it take longer but it should also be worth it. Try it, it should solve this queue just like it "solves" in blind pick. ## Champion select 1. If I have to select the masteries it's too little time as I won't have time to discuss with my team. 2. It's hard to work with the team (just like in normal games in soloq except it's worse because there's no meta)... **One final note**: There's still the leavers that make games become 4v5, 3v5, 4v3, etc.. (I even got one 3v3!). So I think the PBE effect still reflects here some effects on people and some reactions will still include that negative view due to people not really caring for this being PBE.
: I had a **bug** where I ended up **using a skin I had not selected AND did not own**. I put Heimerdinger up for vote, several others chose Lux. The game automatically picks Lux for me after the vote and the highlighted skin is Steel Legion Lux (what I used the last time I played her) so I just change masteries, runepage and summoners. When arriving at the loading screen, I notice I suddenly am using Commando Lux. Two others do have Steel Legion Lux, the remaining two players are Classic Lux. Yet I have not bought Commando Lux on the PBE. The only skin I unlocked for her is Steel Legion Lux. Now, I originally voted for Heimerdinger. I have unlocked three skins for him. The skin I used for him the last time I played is Piltover Customs, which is displayed third (after Alien Invader and Blast Zone). Commando Lux is listed third by default (after Sorceress and Spellthief). So basically what happened: **the game picked a skin based on what I voted for, the skin selection was not based on the champion that ended up winning the vote**.
Thanks! We've tracked down the base issue here. :)
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