: There will not be RP compensation this time around. We know this is a different approach, but we wanted to offer a way for existing owners to be recognized in-game and honor the moment in our history that her initial launch represents. Thus, the added crown, particle and custom loading screen border that is only available for those who originally owned the skin.
RP ? How many RP will the skin cost ?
: How Can i get a low ping in na pbe servers please help fast[PLEASE HELP ME RIOT]
There's not really an easy way to lower your ping,if you live far from California,since the PBE servers are there. But there's an option somewhere,near Auto Attack ( I think it's name movement prediction) that will help your movements a bit
: Ranked?
Think about it,PBE is just a testing server,not a server you should take as seriously as you take the server that you mainly play on. Remember,you are here mostly to test things and tell RIOT your opinion.
: Suggestion's to Reports and Dealing with Trolls
Wouldn't be a really smart move now,would it? Since RIOT is trying it's best to improve the game,Toxic people will always exist,trying to ruin games. There's always a mute button,and the End game report buttons,that will send people straight to the tribunal. RIOT has already introduced a way of punishing people,with chat bans and low priority queue. Your idea might not be the greatest,because you would not want to play with a person with a high report % would you?
: Bots are not new custom game Feeling?
Really confused just from the title,some tweeking would be nice
: Match Times
Ranked on PBE is not worth it. PBE being a testing server people join so they can test things and report them to RIOT,not really play most of the times,so a serious queue in PBE would be a bit of a nuisance.

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