: umm @riot what was the design ideas influences to give such a strong q? i guess ill have to see it in game but with the ferocity stacks and full ad it did plenty of dmg, i dont see how the range on an ability like that could become part of his balance?
Makes kinda sense. 2.4 bonus AD hits as hard as Khazix evolved and isolated Q. So technically, they are even in that regard (if that didnt got changed though)
: So you're telling us there WAS a difference between the skins all along? How come you guys, after every Yasuo main complained about the clunkyness of PROJECT Yasuo ever since the skin came out, said there's nothing clunky at all and all the skins were the same?
They already talked about it once. The damage always occured at frame 8, so aa canceling etc was all the same. It was just visually that the classic yasuo sliced seemingly faster
: An Update on Chromas
Wait, didnt Riot say before that chromas were put on hold, since the current shop didnt allow to a comfortable purchase of them and that they always had a technically difficulties to implement them? Did that change or is it still the same issues?
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
I got a question regarding that champ selection. So if everyone choses 2 roles, how does the game mix them together at the end? Is it trying to get at least one marksman, one support and a mage together or can that be completely random? In other words, is there some sort of enforcing of the current meta?
: It may be. I'm really excited to see what everyone's opinion on this guy is given his pretty stark strength/weakness profile.
But the 5.0 attackspeed is then his cap on the W right? Cant get higher then that i guess
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
So the stealth reset on twitch is just the cooldown then and he still has a 4.5 second delay if he gets attacked right? Because I am having trouble thinking how a reset benefits him because: * in a 1v1, it doesnt matter if he stealths afterwards since nobody is here * if he gets a reset in a 2v2 or 1v2 to snipe away an enemy from stealth, he will after blowing the squishy up get attacked immedeatly afterwards so he has the delay anyway on his stealth so he cant escape again. *in teamfights, he is usually focused first + even escaping with his regular stealth in a 5v5 is pretty hard (not to forget his teamfight potential is getting smaller with the ult duration nerf :P ) So is it a cd reset only or does he actually enter the stealth afterwards automatically? Maybe you can elaborate your thought on it because I dont quite get it and im sure there is some reasoning behind it.
: Yasuo Wind Wall not working for Viktor's AA
Yes it is. Everything with traveltime is considered a projectile and thus is stopped by the wall. After his Q, his autoattack becomes a mini-instant-laser though, kind of like azir and velkoz autoattacks which also can't be blocked by the windwall. So yeah, this is indeed intended
: I agree, its certainly a much needed buff, now if they increased his lv1 hp by 20 that would boost his lv 18 base to 1700, which feels like a compromise that feels good to the community.
HP per level just got upped by 10 in the last pbe patch
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: The yasuo nerfs..
Further explaination why you think that way? His damage is still the same and for a hypercarry, his early isn't really on vayne-level of weakness
: Cassiopeia, Texture and Gameplay Update
A friend of mine analyzed the whole changes and came to the result that this is an overall nerf and turns down her powerlevel quite a bit except ultra lategame maybe. I'm by far no game designer but he did the math and compared the new and live values ; Maybe its somehow useful to you: http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2es9c4/a_detailed_look_on_the_upcoming_cassiopeia_changes/
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix
I'm quite surprised by this one and I really like the idea of a scarab kha'zix. I haven't seen it ingame yet since buggy and so on but as far as I can tell from the screenshots on surrender@20: The wings are magnificent! It feels like once he has it, shit gets serious! The emerald claws also look really cool and the overall golden touch give him a majestic look. The only thing I would change are his legs since they should ofc be darker because shadows are on them and whatsoever but they still feel to be a bit too dark and take away some of his majesticness especially his feet. Don't lighten it up too much, just a little bit to make it seem like it is still shiny. If you compare the arm-gold with his foot-gold the contrast is pretty strong: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SST2fFAaYaA/U_5YF1kdrCI/AAAAAAAAWpg/va5Oldyg78c/s1600/ksss.jpg For his evolved ult I can't say much, the model viewer screenshot looks quite blurry and I don't want to judge now ;) Still, pretty cool skin, great work
: [experimental] manamune and muramana changes (2014.07.02 - 2014.07.??)
I see the reasoning behind it (I guess) but still, why whould I want the mana, when my Autoattacks get stronger and thus I don't use the spells? A bit contrary stats that it gives
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: Can Kha'zix get some QoL buffs?
Would agree, thats his main problem atm. His new assassin style still has his bruiser nerfs that are keeping him away from what he should accomplish (45% winrate atm) The ult delay was in order to give a window of time where kha can be fought back, makes also kinda sense to me, the bigger problem is his increased isolation range which makes it basically so, that you can't find anyone isolated in a teamfight which gives him a lack of power in the mid-lategame
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: Kha'Zix's Q spell :(
Here is a excel calculation of the damage he loses. Needless to say that he loses pretty much: http://uploaded.net/file/n1414qas Base Damage or AD Ratio, one of those should be kept as it is on live imo
: He's really only strong if he is left to q farm, deny him that, and you have very few issues with him.
But becomes problematic because whenever you damage him, he heals it back in no time and continues to farm
: Rengar Savagery Bug
Could be a bug that came wit the accidental part-upload of his upcoming rework
: Kha'Zix Changes
If anybody is interested, I created a excel sheet where you can calculate Kha'Zix new Damage after the nerfs: http://uploaded.net/file/n1414qas
: Kha'Zix Changes
From what scaricard once said was, that they want to keep his best-case scenario (means isolated dmg is still the same) but probably shift the power from his non isolated but evovled Q to somewhere else. Since they already nerfed the base, ad ratio and evolution % damage, why not increase the Isolation damage? That would make his damage against non isolated targets less while still keeping his best-case-scenario up?
: [11/23/13] List of currently known Yasuo Bugs
Dont forget about the little spell description mistakes. His E shouldn't show the "If cast while dashing.." since its already on his Q. Additionally, in his tips, it mentions an ability called "Storm's Edge" when it clear should be "Steel Tempest"
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: Spirit of the Elder Lizard's current state
Actually, thats what I was wondering too. What reason do I have to use this item if the other versions are much better?
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: I tried out Spectral Wraith on jungle Karthus. It's not nerfed. It's worse for fighting enemy champions, true. But I gained health and mana from clearing camps — with E. The item basically means that clearing jungle no longer costs resources for any spell-based jungler. Old Spectral Wraith healed comparable amounts, but it didn't also keep you topped off on mana. More viably than jungle Karthus (though I would say it says something that he could be clear so fast and easily), junglers like Amumu, Diana, and Evelynn will pretty much always be topped off on both health and mana coming out of the jungle. That's powerful for fights. Also note that every jungle item now grants little in the way of combat stats. Wriggles grants attack speed rather than AD and also gives less armor. Ancient Golem no longer grants nearly so much health. Elder Lizard lost AD in exchange for a smaller boost of damage to the passive, and making that passive no longer apply in most of its current use-cases. Spectral Wraith doesn't seem so bad now, does it? Of course, in exchange for making the jungle items a lot weaker at PvP, they all gained solid, or in Wriggle's case ridiculous, gold passives. It doesn't take too much jungle farming to make up that difference in combat power. This is what Riot intended, for the jungle items to lose their appeal to laners, and grant power that's accessible only by a dedicated jungler.
I still think that in terms of gold gain, wriggles is far superior to its counterparts. Also, I like the spectral wraith mana gain passive. Too bad the AD casters like Kha'Zix still have to suffer from running oom :/
: Jungle Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
I like the fact that AP Junglers can use their abilities now to clear the camps when they buy their specific item. It makes them totally independent on the blue buff. But what about the AD casters? I would realy like it if my Kha'Zix Jungle could use his abilities to clear as well.
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: Make Heimerdinger load 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 turrets
I don't know how heimer should be able to place a half of a turret :/
: PBE Tester who don't have a live account
Whats the sense of testing a game if you don't really play it? Also, I don't think that there are so many people who dont have a live account and only have one on the PBE. I would suggest you create another account on one of the main servers
: about the new gold text
Yeah I feel the same, Its easier to see your gold and the new cash sound is really nice. It somehow gives you a bigger "Damn, I did that good"-feeling when you cs
: Quinn Questions/Bugs
Guess this is inteded. Vi follows also when someone flashes or leaps further away.
: [Heimerdinger] Tons of damage!
The rockets are for sure too deadly if you use it with the ultimate. Lowering the damage is for sure something that should be done. Additionally, the new turrets are quite okay. If he got 3 around him, you nearly cant take him out but I guess he is supposed to be nearly unkillable if he fights near his turrets
: I believe if you rework Galio you should also rework Rammus in someways since they are similar being direct counters to auto attacking and mage champions.
Rammus gets a texture update next patch
: A Warm Welcome from Relaunch!
If Relaunched includes a visual upgrade, I would like to get one on Cho'Gath, one of the most classic champions has to offer.
: It is a wise decision to max and evolve W to clear waves and farm if you are way behind and dont wanna be pushed 9and you play passive ofc)... If you are ahead you should evolve Q for duels then E to dive in and out with the resets. If you jungle him and you want to max and evolve Q then it's your choice, sorta proves hat you dont have to max W and evolve W in the jungle and that **W is no longer an overwhelming evolution**. I think he's in need of no buff or nerf, he's fine as he is now, without having any of his evolution overwhelm the others. R is still great against high burst aoe dmg (xerath) **The AOE slow is already the perk** and as an assassin it surely helps you to slow more ppl so you can catch up to all of them after u get your resets.
Imo, Khazix Evolutions now are equally good with W being the exeption since every other ability gives a secondary component, just his spikes not. * Q: Dmg + Range * W: Range + ... * E: Range + Reset * R: Dmg Reduction + 3 Stealths Theoretically, you can either give your abilities 6 advantages or only 5 if you chose to evolve W. A little mistake in the core design of khazix of having evolutions give him advantages. The 30% slow is nice to have on the Evo but somehow is so...unnoticalbe if you know what I mean. I don't know if this is maybe a bug where the internal numbers aren't correct but somehow it doesn't feel like 30% to me. I will check the movementspeed of the slowed enemies on my next test to check this
: [VI] officer art
I actually find it quite okay
: (Feedback) Jinx's Q
There are already jinx nerfs on the pbe. IF she would need another nerf, my suggestion would be to make her attackspeed stacks to fall off all at once if she doesnt can keep it up. But it should still proc on towers since her Q is handles as her "default" gun
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