: Why do you do Draft Mode on PBE Riot
what? they removed bans in draft on pbe like 2 weeks ago... lol
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: I Tried to buy Taliyah's skin, it's for everyone, be patience, it will be back soon :P
: They don't get disabled based on how old they are. Arcade Ezreal has been unavailable since shortly after he was released, for example.
Yeah, maybe it was intentionally. Thank you for the help!
: I might be wrong, but it could be connected to this: > We actually do de-activate some content as it gets older and more feedback on it gets deprioritized. This helps to de-clutter the store and keeps the visible priority on the content that needs feedback the most. [Riot LoveStrut](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/ld7Eik6x-dark-star-thresh-is-unavailable-to-buy-from-the-store?comment=0001)
But other contents older than those champions's skins are available, for example Nunu skins.
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: Thanks Riot!!
Também estou muito feliz com a oportunidade que a Riot nos deu. Espero que os brasileiros (e os outros novatos) possam contribuir para um melhor APT e que não usem suas contas apenas para brincar de comprar skin. I'm also very happy about the opportunity that Riot is giving to us. I hope brazilians (and the other newbies) can contribute for a better PBE not just using your accounts to buy skins. VALEU RIOT. <3 THANK YOU RIOT. <3{{sticker:sg-kiko}}


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