: Kai'Sa Bug PBE Bug Thread
idk if its the right place to ask but does/will she have different visuals when she "evolves" her abilitys (thinking like Kha Zix{{champion:121}} )? and a voice filter when she has her mask on? i think that would be really cool ty shes a really cool champ i cant wait for her to hit live {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Rengar Changes Feedback Thread
some stuff i wanted to point out gameplay-wise not VFX or SFX (for that see other comments(stuff that hopefully happens with vfx and sfx)): 1. the ult dmg feels very high. plus the more movespeed and the short radius for the target notification could get problematic. 2. in the jungle u lose alot of health. basiclly need to avoid raptors and krugs. for sustain have u guys tried reverting the grey health nerf and bring it back from 75% against monsters to 100%? or bumping up the lvl1 Q from 10 to 30? 3. empowered Q doesnt consume the ferocity if you press Q only if you hit someone. leading to casting empowered E instead of empowered Q ty for reverting rengar {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Particles and sounds that are still missing: * Sound when reaching full ferocity [Example](https://youtu.be/S3d0Gocp_U8?t=82) ; * Glow on hands when at full ferocity Examples: [1](https://i.imgur.com/s7Oe6r4.png) , [2](https://i.imgur.com/GxjkmH9.png) ; Animations/particles: * Tiamat animation after Q doesn't repeat the Q animation. [Video for reference](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlWNvEi7nCY) . AA+Q+Tiamat feels akward because of that; * Jump with the Q active has a mismatched animation/particles.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Xayah!
Hio! i like the skin but i feel like its missing a few things and stuff that could have been done better Basically [THIS](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DTHNWdbXUAAoOCr.jpg) gives an overall better feel for the skin and [THIS](https://i.imgur.com/aE9ZztI.png) gives way more details like the hearts on her top/dress and stockings she needs to keep her piercing for the VFX her Q is very hard to see when it comes out. this needs some tweaks just my opinion to make this skin better for this awesome champ thx RIOT {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God Staff Jax!
Sad that its not a legendary but i think it definetly should be I would take the patch without a skin if its then going to be a legndary one And for vfx i think his six arms coulda been used more(maybe R and E) Besides skin looks really cool
Rioter Comments
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
could safecracker eve get more VFX? would fit way better and a big thank you to the art designers. Eve just looks amazing. cant wait to play her on live
: Yea the more i look at it the more i feel the same. It would be cool with horns-like demonic head gear rather than the current, it's so big!
yeah something a little more subtle would be great
: So with the big differences in in game models and splash arts, will they get changed?
also maybe something about shadow eves headgear http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170927/fc8j39za.png atleast maybe something thats a little more subtle?
: We have something in mind. I think that's too much but agreed it's pretty good :)
i gotta be honest i really dont think thats too much its just perfect but ill patiently wait what you will show me :)
: Heads up on new Order and Chaos themed content
> or a loot-exclusive skin shard. doesnt this make the loot exclusive skins VERY easy to get? besides the skins look very cool and everything else sounds also nice
: Galio Feedback Thread
i have to say im alaways happy/impressed with the VGU-reworks. With my favorite beeing Warwick, Ryze, Gangplank and then Yorick. i really like the new Galio but i have just some tiny things that would make him better/thematically more fitting beeing an **anti-mage Mage** **1.** i really liked the old passive(not saying that you should bring it back) **2.** how about more MR-scalings on his abilities that way he would feel more like anti-mage mage (Ryze also has Mana-scalings on all of his abilities) **3.** have you thought about giving him his speed-up from his **old E** to his **new Q** back **4.** how about more damage on his ult considering how hard it is to land it on enemys thats just some thouhgts i had. Props to the Splasharts. They all look very good and the models ingame are also great. I really love the **Gatekeeper** {{champion:3}} have a good one _old_ Galio. Lets make the **new** Galio a worthy successor
: Yeah, I had considered that one as well. Breaks the recall ring a little too much. :c
ahwww what a shame that would have been so **sick** :c
: Adding Simple Recalls- Now on PBE!
have you thought about using {{champion:69}}Cassiopeias Taunt as her recall? i think it would fit her perfect
: [ULTIMATE SKIN] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread - Elementalist Lux!
Wondering if the icons change your banner/profile(new client) like they did with sona/udyr/ezreal
: [6.22 Alistar changes] Context and feedback thread
Heyo i just wanted to give some feedback to the new E (hopefully you read this) just some cosmetic changes i would like to see: 1. an animation when you start the E. it feels weird when you activate it and its just there 2. could he use his crit-animation for the empowered auto-attack everything else is fine and i really like it :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Glaugan,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=maO0tyub,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2016-08-05T22:29:50.480+0000) > > IMO a black with golden/silver details Zed would be better instead of a full yellow. Something like this: http://imgur.com/gallery/mujdE They have to be careful about black colored skins for gameplay clarity sake. I believe they stated it somewhere but I can't remember the source location.
but isnt there a black lee sin chroma as well?
: IMO a black with golden/silver details Zed would be better instead of a full yellow. Something like this: http://imgur.com/gallery/mujdE
DAMN I would really like to see this or even play with this
Does she have a special crown for the Event/Quest **"Battle for Freljord"** ? If she doesnt why she doesnt? And a special interaction or animation with {{item:3085}} would be perfect for her! Apart from that the skin is awesome i really like it
: [SKIN UPDATE] Underworld Twisted Fate
I really like the look of the new cards but i really dislike it that the cards fly the same way as the standart TF skin (havent seen a video/animation yet) i really prefer the animation from Underworld TF's Q than the from the standart one but the new cards look pretty sweet
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
With the new items you are bringing on summoners rift: what if you bring "The Lightbringer"{{item:3185}} into the rift?
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
{{champion:236}} > Lucian > > * Change Goals > Open up non Attack Speed based item builds, and make The Culling's damage output feel more consistently meaningful throughout the game. > * R - The Culling > No longer scales with Attack Speed > Now fires 20/25/30 bullets based on rank what if the R could crit? would that be too much?

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