: Honestly if your data becomes skewed, most likely more towards the support role just do things to give incentive playing it more instead of making it a chore. Hey you don't main support or even want it as an alternative role? Have +1lp in a ranked game for it or an additional 50 ip in norms if you win the game. It's small but will make people actually try instead of just throwing the role out the window as a chore.
Certainly something we considered: we didn't think IP was a really engaging incentive for ranked players and with LP we couldn't give you a meaningful amount without causing negative side effects. There's also the meta side effect of giving people extrinsic rewards for doing something can make it feel less intrinsically rewarding. What are your thoughts on this?
: you guys need to make it so we dont need to lock in. i get you are probably thinking afer time we will get used to it, but it wil always deter us from making last minute changes. for people like me who have all the champions it is really hard to find what i wanna play right away especially if im counter picking. so if i last second switch i will get booted and everyone waits in 10-15 minute ques again.
We're keeping a pretty close eye on this. Dodge rates from not locking were initially high, but we've seen it settle down to almost pre-release numbers. We dislike letting people just afk and wait till the end of the turn to lockin, that means you're forcing 9 other people to wait when you've already made your decision. Unfortunately, that does make last minute changes riskier. However, it actually sounds like you're saying you don't have enough time in your turn to select a champion. We don't want you to feel like you need to make a last minute change. To that end we're working on allowing you to bring up the champion grid when it is not your turn so you can spend more time browsing there (if you want).
: Your name is that a reference to the Simpsons? Homer yelling "boo" " Boourns"
: Hmm what I am concerned the most is: Sometimes the pick- ban phase becomes too laggy and sometimes I get kicked for not banning, now with the reduced timers, will be harder to play (aka the reason I do not play in rankeds this season).{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
That was definitely a problem in the first couple weeks, but lag in champion select should be reduced now
: I think this is okay, I think pick intent could be reduced to 15 seconds though since there is no risk of getting kicked and allies still know which lane you are going to be. It's nice to see this change. Assuming one play 100 games a year that's potentially 5 hours less of waiting!
We actually tested within our team at 15 and it felt too rushed to think about and select a champion. Especially if you were responding to something your team mates did.
: That seems very reasonable and very clean. Pick intent being 15 seconds less makes champion select alot more faster. Resolution should be also 20 seconds only, since when all picks are locked, people should trade their champions instantly (if necessary).
We also wanted to give some time for final rune selection/masteries/summoners for the last pick. Mostly in case they had to make a big change for a final counter pick or need some final tweaks.
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: Just have it starting screaming LOCK THE F*** IN at like 10 seconds c:
: I know that when you have to accept the game the league window will be at the front of all the others which reminds you to accept, maybe you could do something similar when there are 10 seconds left.
: Picking Champion at Last Second in New Queue
Give us some suggestion on how we could make this more obvious. Right now we play a countdown sound, change the lock-in button appearance, and show a warning message. In the future we're also going to have a big orange background in the bottom part of the champion grid behind. We know this is going to be a change for players and we want to make it as obvious as possible that you need to lock-in without going completely overboard.
: New Ticker on PBE!
BTW, it's not obvious yet, but when you get a serious (red icon) message in the ticker it will automatically expand on login or when the message is put up. For the other two classes of messages we have we elected not to make the messages so in your face. Also we only show the ticker button when there is a message available.
: **Feedback on the landing screen:** * The first screen isn't very helpful at all. It contains no information whatsoever and doesn't even explain that this is a tutorial or that you can click the arrows on the sides. The artwork used also somewhat implies that the game might be PvE focused. * You should be directed in one direction at the start instead of being given the option to go backwards. On top of this, there should be a brief overview of the key goals of gameplay. Going directly to 'turrets' or 'community' isn't helpful (however, I do agree that if a player was only to see one screen, it is probably best that it be 'turrets'). * There is absolutely zero mention of player behaviour, the Summoner's Code, or the Tribunal. Instilling the fact that negative behaviour will contribute to a loss early on is an opportunity that is being lost here. * Why on earth is [this video](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IjVvkR3zag) not used? :) * There should be direct links to 'next steps' at the end - namely the tutorial or battle training. * There should also be a way to get the landing screen back after closing it.
Great feedback, thanks! Unfortunately you folks are not seeing the full new player experience. One of our sister teams made that video for the download page, so new players actually have an opportunity to watch it before even getting to this landing screen. However, we should probably have it here as well! I'd personally like to change the art on the landing screen for the reasons you outline. However it is deliberate that we don't have any specific information there because we actually want to push people towards playing (that's the best way to learn, really).
: Updates made to the client's frame
Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming. What we put on PBE was mostly under the hood improvements. It wasn't one of our goals to change how things look, so please let us know if you see visual differences that Azmodius didn't call out!


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