: I added more content about this bug here. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/4e9rPZUE-ascension-returns-for-testing?comment=0002
<3 this! Thank you so much!!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: As BombshellKel posted before here: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/bAKbH7qV-ascension-rammus-bug This bug still happening with Rammus in this mode. 1. Start to capture the cristal. 2. When he is getting the crystal start to cast the Q (just works with the Q) 3. Move far from the crystal, he can fight using WER after the Q or even go to another crystal and still capturing the one before, leaving a light path behind. 4. It cannot be interrupted with any kind of CC or damage, he will finish to get the crystal, just stop if he die. 5. When you move with Q and finish the capture, when the light path was gone, sometimes he start to walk limping/moving with dificult. (the most visible was when he received damage of Teemo's R with ARCANE COMET Rune, after started to roll with Q). [RAMMUS Q BUG - Ascension - 11/06/2017](https://youtu.be/EzM1VYNCk-w) With GHOST, RUNES and MOVEMENT SPEED ITEMS he can capture almost 2 crystals at the sametime! ======================================================= UPDATE 11/072017 * At one match I've played against an URGOT, and for some reason my Q was disable with his Q and the ( capture > Q) bug "sometimes" isn't working.
Thanks for leading me here :) I appreciate it! I'm glad I am not the only one this has happened to. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: soon(tm) {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Why isn't she in the store?
: Why do you do Draft Mode on PBE Riot
Even when bans have been on Ascension, I haven't been in any games where the new stuff has been banned. I played last night and no one banned any of the champs with the new skins. But I am sure some trolls do. I still like draft though as long as people are respectful of the pbe and the fac that it is meant for testing new things.
: Not on that team, but that's the goal afaik :P she won't be in our mode though! hehe
So when will this game mode be enabled to play on?
Rioter Comments
: Report notifications only appear if a player was punished from a report on that very game. This means there are a lot of reports you never get notified about, because it was one of their earlier offenses. The report system only works if people use it and believe in it. Riot can't magically ban toxic people our look through *every* single report on the PBE or any server for that matter.
They have to wait to ban someone I'm sure based on if that summoner has an extensive pattern of poor behavior in games. I have seen teammates say they are reporting another teammate for inting when that person in my opinion was not inting it seemed like they were just having a poor game. However if that person does have a pattern of inting in games and gets reported each time then obviously Riot would take care of that situation and punish the summoner, but if it turned out to be just a bad game and Riot automatically banned them that would be unfair. So you just have to have faith that one of your reports will eventually amount to something even if you don't get a notification when that summoner is punished.
: No In some cases they do but Not always
I do think it depends on how many times they have been reported before. Because sometimes people get reported once for inting and they were not inting it was a bad game or bad connection or whatever. I think Riot checks them based on if they repetedly been reported for inting. They need to know if the person displays that pattern of behavior often.
: Do we get notified if the ppl you report gets deleted?
They don't usually say they have been deleted, they typically just say that they were "punished". Same idea though.
: Yeah, but the fact he got onto the pbe in the first place....really? i thought it was only for people with a sportsmanlike reputation
A lot of people got a PBE account and thought it was like a free for all and they could do whatever they wanted. That isn't the case so they are finding out swiftly that reporting does work and they will be punished. So they very well could have been quiet normal people on live servers and thought this was an opportunity to do whatever they felt like sadly. It is unfortunate, but rito will fix this. We just need to remember to ignore the trolls (they are just seeking attention, so if you ignore them they usually stop eventually) and report them post game.
: vulgar doesn't mean toxic.
Typically the two do end up going hand in hand though.
: how you supposed to test anything in this environment?
Well simply said testing doesn't necessarily mean winning, so if they are being disresepctful in chat the best thing to do is to mute them and not give them any attention. Test what you are there to test and report them in the post game screen and tribunal will take of it. You just need to remember to report them and don't feed their ego by responding to them, all it does is fuel them more to keep up their behavior. Play your game and test the best you can. Normal servers have the same issue of feeders/trolls/ and toxicity and people still play. Just do the best you can to ignore them and report them, eventually karma will catch up to them and they will lose their PBE accounts.
: Same problem here, game just disbands as it never existed.
I haven't had thi shappen often, but within th e last week it has happened to me once. It was really bizarre.
: Hey, are you guys planning bring back URF really soon? Should have made it permanent.{{sticker:cass-cry}}
It takes a while to balance test urf for the new champs and reworked champs as well, so I am sure that is a factor in why urf isn't quite as often other modes. Plus next time they do urf they will have to account and test how that all will work with the new runes as well. A lot of modes like Ascension and Hexakill don't affect how a champion works too much since it is basically the same as any old game mode.
: Bring back auto lock in if champ is selected
I understand this perspective, however I have seen a lot of people who afk in these modes as it is. I feel like by not having it auto lock it cuts back on players going afk in these games because they were obviously there in champ select to select the champion they wish to play. I think overall even though it is inconvenient it is for the best that it does not auto lock. However I wouldn't be mad if they were to revert that and implement auto lock. There are pros and cons to both.
: You forgeting they just re-released Eve as a litteral sex demon that flays people alive? You don't get much more adult than that.
And kled is pretty recent, he swears up a storm. Again more of an adault appeal. As a girl I am so happy there are some cute girlie champs that appeal to my feminine side, while I like most all champs the girl champs appeal way more to me. ( I know this isn't the case for all girls though.)
: the best mode <3
: Black Minimap
Someone in a game I was in recently also had that problem. I didn't but it seems common.
: New Icons are never in the Pbe shop for some reason unless they come with the skin like the star guardian ones.
Oh I guess that makes sense. Good to know. Thank you :)
: Do you have the Mecha Kha'Zix chromas?
Nope. Just Mecha Rengar and Mecha Malphite chromas.
: Yeah I really wanted to get the new icons but it wasn't in the shop sadly D: it'll probably be on there soon unless it's some sort of mistake?
Yeah I hope so! I want them so much! D: I hope it wasn't a mistake. I'd be so sad. Glad to know I am not the only one who has been wondering . :)
: 10/24 PBE Thread - Current State of PBE & My Learnings
Hey there Banfammer :) I have a question and I apologize if there is a board out there or response on this thread about it, I tried to find one but couldn't. However it is possible I overlooked it. On Surrender @ 20, I saw that there were new icons and wards skins also coming out this patch. I went to the store and they are not in my shop. Am I the only one? Or are they not being released to later in the patch? Thank you so mcuh. Sincerely, BombshellKel http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/10/1024-pbe-update.html#more
: If his Gift Pool is not large enough that means that he pretty much owns all skins ^^ He bought all the skins that can be gifted :3 Not enough friends: you have to be friends for 2 weeks in order to gift skins Must be level 30: captain obvious, either one of you apparently isn't level 30 for the system yet (any of you just registered?) Friend max gifts: someone get only get x gifts a day, but I don't know how big that number is exactly (around 5). If he already got x gifts that day, he can't get another gift that day :3
Is this still the case? I am new to the PBE as of week or so now, and I went to gift a friend but it would not let me? If this is still the case it makes sense why it didn't work haha!
Rioter Comments
: Heya- I don't want to ban people based upon why they are here (unless it is because they are negative players). It is too hard to judge why a person is doing something. In addition, some days I play on PBE because I want to see new content. Some days I play because I love the PBE community. We all have different reasons, and I am accepting of our different types of players. No matter what, I'm going to smash all of you in-game anyway. :)
Riot Banfhammer thanks for always having the awesomest of comments. I am constantly cracking up while reading the PBE boards. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Update about players who had more than 20K BE when set the BE to 20K. We have been unable to find a way to identify all the accounts in that condition, and restore the BE amount. I'm sorry for the bad feels. Best I can do is a cookie {{item:2054}}
That is okay. We still love ya! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: I am newer to PBE and would like to THANK Riot for the opportunity to help identify problems, contribute ideas, thoughts etc on this game.....as for problems with the amount of IP RP they receive that so many complain about, i am just greatful for the opportunity to test so many things here....and it doesnt cost one penny to do so......All that is required of us/me is a little patience as Riot deals with the mass influx of new accounts since opening up signups to more people...Riot again THANK YOU for this opportunity...its FUN to have access to all the champions and skins, this is the icing on the cake ... BUT what i am most greatful for is the ability now to contribute how best I can in helping this great game become better and better....
I am so glad there are other newbies who feel the same as me. I have been waiting so long to finally be accepted to the PBE, and it makes me so sad that many new PBE players are squandering away such an amazing opportunity to give such personal feedback on skins, champions, and gameplay. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the PBE and have so many opportunities to report bugs, and give feedback on incoming changes. I am so happy to contribute to the amazing game of League Of Legends. I really am so happy to be apart of the PBE and contribute appropriately.
: * Last year I felt like Teemo made more appearances, it wasn't as hard to summon him. This time around I feel like I have hardly had any interaction with Teemo at all. * This actually hasn't changed. Teemo just spawns at 15 minutes, no matter what :P * There needs to be more clarity on the Udyr camps and their spawning * Agree! We have plans for this next run :D * I haven't seen when we vote for difficulty like we did last year, maybe that is missing on purpose or I am just blind. * We removed it in June (last time the mode ran). We found from data that people generally either played the base difficulty, one more difficulty after that (50 or so) and then played 100 almost exclusively. We didn't see the need to keep the voting experience now that the first run was done. So the 2nd one defaults to level 100.
Thank you for clarifying. I understand about the voting thing, definitely makes a lot sense to do away with it. With the Teemo thing I mean I have found it has seemed harder to actually make it to the fifteen minute mark to summon him. I feel like last year it was not as hard to make it to that fifteen where this year it seems to be much harder. Now this could be because we are on pbe and people are lagging and maybe having other issues so maybe on live servers it wouldn't be like that. Again thank you so much for taking time to repsond to this. I know you guys are super busy. Keep up the amazing work. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Doom Bots available for testing!
My initial thoughts on doom bots: - Last year I felt like Teemo made more appearances, it wasn't as hard to summon him. This time around I feel like I have hardly had any interaction with Teemo at all. - There needs to be more clarity on the Udyr camps and their spawning - I do agree there needs to be more bot options, however its understandable there wasn't tome to work on that this year. Its been a busy year for rito. - I haven't seen when we vote for difficulty like we did last year, maybe that is missing on purpose or I am just blind.
: Hey MungoGeri! These are good ideas. I think if we look at doing a balance pass, we will definitely take this feedback into consideration! As for the "shield symbols", sorry I know these are kind of unclear. :( The Udyr Bot hunts jungle camps and marks them with that shield. If you kill the jungle camp before he gets them, you can take it for yourself! If he gets it, it will come into your lane.
I was so confused and finally caught on. Glad this was clarified here and I can know that is what is up for sure. Thank you!
: Is there a posibility to solve the runes cost, because the runes are so expensive can we get more BE or lower the price of the runes to 10 or less BE. Thanks
I kind of figure I can just do testing on Co-Op vs AI or sandbox mode while the old runes are up, it is such a short time frame that investing BE into them seems like a waste. Plus Riot already has a lot on their plates getting the new runes ready for testing again, dealing with all of the bugs, the new PBE players, and store/loot crashes, that them fixing this I think would be a waste of time for them. I would rather they work on other things. It won't be too hard to wait till 10/24 then all will be well and we will have the new runes back. Riot is working so hard I think we can cut them slack here and just wait for next week and do our best till then.
: why are there so many trollers and flamers?
Because they recently opened the flood gates for PBE sign-ups that have been closed since March/April, there is an overflow of people whohave been accepted just Honor 3 and above. Some of the summoners new to the PBE think that they can do anything on the server and it will go unpunished, so there is a lot more toxic players. At somepoint I am sure summoners who are being toxic and trolling will be weeded through and will no longer be allowed on PBE, but that will take some time. So I would recommend muting them in game, don't give them the time of day, reporting them post-game and then blocking them when the game is over. You can screenshot their conversations as well and send them to Riot support I believe. I could be wrong about that but I am also new to PBE so I am just learnign how to report those kinds of things. I hope that it all improves soon. Best of luck! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: How Is This Allowed?!
I am sorry that this happened to you. Unfortuantely all you can keep doing is reporting it at the end of game screen and contact Riot support with your screen shots. I hope they rectify the situation. I would recommend muting them in game so you don't have to hear it, and block them post game. I know that it seems unsatisfying, but sometimes ot takes time for the tribunal to take care of reports. Just givie it time, and some point they will be reported enough that they will get caught and banned.
: Ashe's 2015 rework and her old skins visual
I agree, however Angel PBE also makes a good point. I think all they could do is update in game models, and that is extremely unlikely. I think if they ever do fix her skins including spash arts and in game models I would imagine it wouldn't happen till after the new season perhaps.
When they opened the PBE signups, a ton of people logged in and went to the store and tried to buy everything they could. Since there were so many people doing this it caused the store to keep crashing. So in order to make it so the store wouldn't just stay down they changed everyone's RP to 3300 and 5 BE that way all the summoners can buy they skins and champs they want to test that day without the store constantly crashing. The amount of RP and BE will reset every day, it does not stack overtime. I hope this helps! Have a good day! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: why do i only have 3000 rp and 5 BE ? when i saw Brofresco he has like 99999999999rp and BE
When they opened the PBE signups, a ton of people logged in and went to the store and tried to buy everything they could. Since there were so many people doing this it caused the store to keep crashing. So in order to make it so the store wouldn't just stay down they changed everyone's RP to 3300 and 5 BE that way all the summoners can buy they skins and champs they want to test that day without the store constantly crashing. The amount of RP and BE will reset every day, it does not stack overtime. I hope that helps explain more. have a good day! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Depending on the time zone your in, it probably won't reset till noon or 11 (can't remember for sure) PST. Mine has not reset either.
: Camille 1 rp
I also saw this, I am assuming it was a mistake.
: I think Electrocute should have a more clear visual or audio effect when proced
I agree. i feel like alot of the other runes have more stand out effects and you know easily when someone procced it. Electrocute just doesn't show up as well.
: blue essence and rp
They aren't giving out the 99999 Rp and BE since too many summoners rushed to the stores to buy everything and it kept crashing the store. So instead they will be giving you 3300 RP and 5 BE each day (it does not stack from the day previous). Eventually when they come up with a way for the store to stopcrashing from so many purchases then I am sure that will change. At the top of the PBE boards home, there is a pinned post that explains that all. I am sure you will get it all soon, Rito just has had a lot going on this week. Hope that helps!
: Runes on champion selections have red exclamation mark on icons.
I had this bug earlier today as well. Not sure why it only happens to a few of us.
: Skins missing from the Store on PBE.
I also noticed the other day that while I could buy Hextech Annie and saw Lancer Zero Hecarim in the store, they did not have Soulstealer Vayne anywhere, seemed inconsistent. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: I'm a big fan of you and the way you've been communicating with all of us! It feels very nice for us players to be included and kept up to date with the process of fixing things. Thank you for not keeping us in the dark :) Keep up the amazing work! <3
I agree with you Amy. It has been so nice to be able keep logged onto the boards and get consistent and continuous updates about what has been happening. I love being in the know and amount of time Banfhammer spends on the boards satisfies my impatience really well. When do you ever rest Banfhammer?? You work hard. Thanks for keeping us all updated and working hard!!!
: They will reset it to 3000K RP, 5 BE, at 12:00 PM (west coast time)
: Sorry for that, there is a bug where the BE value showing in the client is many times wrong. If you either relog or try to purchase some content, you will see the actual balances. When I looked at my balances this morning, I had 99999bazillion BE. When I went to purchase content, I had 5 BE. We have it logged as a bug.
I used my RP and BE yesterday, but when I logged in this morning it still has not been reset. I have relogged a couple times and nothing has changed. Is this a bug as well or am I just on too early??
: What is the reason I have 0 riot points and 0 blue solutions now (hope is true translation.)
I have the same problem my RP and BE didn't reset today {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: I havent any RP/BE on my account
I have the same problem as well. Hopefully it will get straightened out soon. It seems like there have been a lot of bugs with RP and BE today already and Riot isn't even the office yet, poor rito. :(
When I logged on today my RP and BE haven't been reset to 3000RP and 5BE. Is this a bug, or am I just being impatient???
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