: Unfortunately, asking people not to blame Riot, for something that is directly their fault, isn't going to happen. It is their own fault for even giving out a tentative beta date to bring players hopes up. It is their fault if a bug occurs and they aren't able to fix it in time for their tentative date. And it is their fault that their PBE server may crash because it can't support the same amount of people as the normal server. If they can't handle heat from their fans by now who are giving negative feedback in hopes of a great product then they need to get a thicker skin. Hope all goes well Riot, good luck.
This. Sure, there are bugs, and we all know that Riot is not the best when they release something new. No one came here expecting a perfect game mode. But they came here because they were expecting a game mode. Because Riot told them they can play it today. It's fine, if you screw up something, and have to delay it a few days / weeks / decades (as with Clash). It happens. The solution is... You don't give an exact date on when they can play it, unless you are 100% sure they can play it that day. It's not that hard.
: About Arcane Comet in interaction with Ahri's Charm and about Phase Rush.

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