: I googled trypophobia to see what people where complaining about. I only looked at the google image page for like 15 seconds and got pretty grossed out.
90% of those are lotus plants photoshopped onto body parts and someone's knees after kneeling on frozen peas....
: I can't look at it, I avert my eyes immediately. If I force myself to, then I become overcome with revulsion and I can't help thinking about the images for hours afterwards. Try googling "maggot infested hand" and see if you are "just" grossed out or _truly_ disgusted. If you overreact to it (and I'm talking about _physically_ wanting to stop looking at the images before you even get a good look at them), you probably have the phobia.
Why would you bother googling it if it's that much of an issue for you? That'd be like someone with arachnophobia googling "pictures of giant spiders eating things."
: Phobias are not built-in biological responses.
Right. S/He's saying that the medical community has determined that "trypophobia" is a built-in biological response as opposed to a true phobia. I don't think that it's a biological response, nor do I think that it's a true phobia. However- I'm neither a doctor nor a psychologist, so what I think doesn't matter (it's not flattering to the people that "suffer" from it, though).
: There are a lot of phobias that aren't recognized by organizations, not because they think they "aren't real" but because they're just unaware or haven't updated their official lists yet. If someone has an _abnormally_ intense fear or revulsion of something then it is a phobia, it doesn't need to be "recognized". Then again, it's not a phobia that dominates one's everyday life but personally when I see something that triggers it I _will_ go out of my way to avoid it, the reaction is very clearly way too aggressive compared to other unpleasant things. For example, I have absolutely no fear of blood, and although I would probably look away if I happened upon a bloody scene of some sort, I wouldn't get the "must **NOT** look at it, MUST ***NOT*** LOOK AT IT" reaction along with the fight-or-flight symptoms. But of course it's not something as apprehensive as a deathly fear of stuffed pillows where the subject just drops everything and runs, but it's rather like the fear of spiders or clowns. You feel extremely uncomfortable and disgusted by looking at it, and you want to just destroy what you're seeing or go away - just to stop having it around you. When I see something that triggers it, whenever possible I physically destroy its form or the part of it that includes the cavities that disturb me.
You must be going through a ton of monitors with all the Malz being played, then.
: The separated emblem on Malzahar's hood is causing my friend's Trypophobia insanely hard. It's an AMAZING splash, don't get me wrong but it's making her sick and it's making her feel bad for it making her sick. I hope this is something that could possibly be looked at? Have a wonderful day!
The rips in the hood do it, but not the model or the voidlings in both the splash and game? I call shenanigans. If they were to change that, then they'd (logically) have to change every splash and in-game model to accommodate every player with a phobia or anxiety toward something, at which point things would just get out of hand. Arachnophobia? Bye bye Elise. Dogs make you nervous? Bye bye wolf camp, Warwick, Nasus, and devourer spirit. Depressed? Too bad, Amumu- looks like you'll never find a friend, because you don't exist any more.
: This skin is super cute I love it and I'll probably start playing him again once it's out! My feedback is... His root still has roots wrapping around the victims... If you haven't thought about it already but I think yarn would be better suited to wrap around the person in this skin. His ult I feel like needs more vibrant bright colors... Like a brighter neon purple ect. Also would be cool if the green was all together taken out of the ult. Other than that this skin is pretty on point!
I was *just* about to suggest updating the root fx to something other than tree roots (probs more rainbows) because the tree roots take away from the skin, but then I see this. Your idea's better. Yarn root ftw! Well played.
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: Hexakill: Twisted Treeline Bug / Feedback Report Thread
To be honest, the only real feedback I have is that 12 champs on the Twisted Treeline is too much. While I enjoyed Hexakill on the Summoner's Rift for the strategy change-up and overall relief of stagnation, Twisted Treeline is too small of a map to make this mode enjoyable. I get that the point of this mode is for people to get in a quick game with more choice than an ARAM (and let's face it- these games are QUICK) while bringing back a mode with favorable feedback, but the gameplay is incredibly chaotic and difficult to focus on. It's just too much packed into a such a small area. Maybe that's just me (I'm hardly a pro-level player), but figured I'd let you guys know. I realize it's difficult putting out new game modes or finding homes for old ones with the map selections that are currently available (without exhausting one or the other), and that the last several game modes have utilized Howling Abyss (Winter 1v1's), Summoner's Rift (One 4 All, URF, Hexakill, Doom Bots of Doom) and Dominion (Ascension)- so Twisted Treeline was definitely due, but maybe putting One 4 All on this map would be better? Or moving Hexakill to Magma Chamber (which I know nothing about because I just started playing at the end of season 3)- but I have friends that keep telling me about how awesome the map was, so you could kill two birds with one stone... I think?

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